15:57:58 <ggus> #startmeeting Outreachy meeting - 13 of April 2021
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15:58:08 <ggus> hello
15:58:13 <championquizzer> hello! o/
15:58:18 <kulsoom_z> hii!
15:58:19 <ggus> starting now, meeting with outreachies applicants
15:58:29 <ggus> who's around? :)
15:58:38 <kulsoom_z> Me kulsoom zahra
15:58:54 <championquizzer> ggus: do we have a pad to track questions, etc.?
15:58:56 <ggus> hey kulsoom_z!
15:59:08 <ggus> we do, here's the meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/outreachy-agenda-2021-keep
15:59:12 <kulsoom_z> ggus: heyy! :)
15:59:14 <championquizzer> kulsoom_z: hi \o
15:59:30 <IK_04> Hi Ishika here!
15:59:43 <Shreya> Hi, I'm Shreya!
15:59:52 <ggus> hello IK_04 Shreya, welcome! o/
16:00:00 <udoka> Hi
16:00:13 <championquizzer> hello, hello \o/
16:00:22 <udoka> I'm Udoka
16:00:49 <IK_04> Hello Udoka!
16:00:55 <ggus> Please add the work you're doing in the pad and then we can start: https://pad.riseup.net/p/outreachy-agenda-2021-keep
16:01:21 <likeanushkaa> hi! I'm Anushka Jain. I'm from India
16:02:22 <ggus> hello, likeanushkaa and udoka!
16:04:29 <Burnleydev> Hi everyone. Glad to be in this meeting.
16:04:41 <championquizzer> hello Burnleydev
16:05:58 <Burnleydev> Hello championquizzer. Please have the meeting started?
16:06:06 <ggus> Burnleydev: hi, please add your updates and we will start in some minutes: https://pad.riseup.net/p/outreachy-agenda-2021-keep
16:06:24 <championquizzer> yes! everybody is busy updating what they have been working on here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/outreachy-agenda-2021-keep
16:07:30 <ggus> let's give more 5 minutes, then we can start.
16:10:23 <udoka> Hi ggus
16:12:54 <ggus> ok, let's start :)
16:13:29 <ggus> first, i will ask everyone to register your contributions on Outreachy page, so we can close this project for new applicants.
16:14:03 <ggus> You will need to record a contribution that you've made to the project
16:14:27 <ggus> for example, if you already submitted a pull request, you can record that link on the page
16:14:49 <championquizzer> (it can be a issue opened, work-in-progress pull request, merged PR, etc.)
16:15:19 <ggus> i will close the project today @ 2100 UTC.
16:16:14 <kulsoom_z> ok sure
16:16:53 <Shreya> Thanks for mentioning the contribution guide, Joy! Really needed it
16:17:08 <championquizzer> np! :)
16:18:07 <udoka> ggus: I created the github gist file for Task 4 and I have added it as a contribution..
16:18:29 <likeanushkaa> Thnakyou!
16:18:40 <likeanushkaa> Thankyou!*
16:18:57 <ggus> btw, championquizzer is helping me to review your contributions. He was our outreachy intern during December-March 2021.
16:19:04 <ggus> udoka: great!
16:19:14 <udoka> I also sent it via the email stated in the Task.
16:19:24 <ggus> Let's review your tasks:
16:19:25 <udoka> ggus: Thank you
16:19:32 <ggus> 1. Read Tor documentation
16:19:44 <IK_04> Had a doubt, is it okay to share the google drive link of the document having the answers? Or is it preferred to have a github link?
16:20:11 <udoka> I think ggus said any of the two works
16:20:16 <ggus> this one is very important because during the internship you will need to review outdated and improve user documentation
16:20:24 <ggus> IK_04: both works
16:20:39 <ggus> review outdated docs*
16:21:17 <ggus> so you need to get very familiar with all the questions we have in support portal, all the known issues listed on tb-manual.torproject.org, etc.
16:22:42 <ggus> it's a lot of docs, written by many people over years. so, if you pay attention, you will find some issues.
16:22:56 <kulsoom_z> ggus: sure
16:23:19 <udoka> ggus: thank you, noted
16:23:31 <IK_04> Understood, also thanks for clearing the doubt
16:23:40 <ggus> And focus on user support documentation: https://tb-manual.torproject.org , https://support.torproject.org , https://community.torproject.org
16:24:23 <likeanushkaa> ggus: ok sure!
16:24:50 <ggus> okay, moving on. the second task is pretty simple, it's just to use IRC regularly. Join the tor channels and see what people are working on (#tor-dev, #tor-meeting, #tor-project), or discussing (#tor).
16:25:35 <ggus> i recommend using an IRC client like hexchat, element or something better than OFTC's webchat.
16:25:46 <likeanushkaa> ggus: What is the channel #tor-www for?
16:26:17 <ggus> likeanushkaa: #tor-www is being used for website issues and also outreachy's support
16:26:30 <ggus> so, if you have a question, ping me on #tor-www
16:26:59 <Burnleydev> been active on the channels
16:27:07 <likeanushkaa> ggus: Ok sure. Also, I couldn't understand how to use element as an IRC client?
16:27:22 <udoka> ggus: noted. What's #tor-south for?
16:28:55 <championquizzer> udoka: for all things Tor in the Global South (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_South) ;)
16:29:14 <ggus> likeanushkaa: https://element.io/ if you choose element, you will need to follow their user support to set your IRC configuration. But basically following championquizzer guide, you will be able to connect: https://championquizzer.gitlab.io/blog/2021/04-13-first-contributions.html
16:29:53 <likeanushkaa> ggus: thankyou. I'll configure this once :)
16:30:30 <ggus> And the task 3, "Observe discussions on IRC (irc.oftc.net) #tor, reddit.com/r/Tor, and try to identify major UX pain points for Tor users and submit a concise report by email to frontdesk@torproject.org. (Don't worry about spelling & grammar -- write freely)"
16:31:15 <ggus> you will need to read and listen to tor users, and identify usability pain points.
16:31:45 <Tunji> hi guys!!!
16:32:01 <Tunji> Sorry I'm very late.
16:32:04 <ggus> you only need to send one final report during the contribution period.
16:32:14 <udoka> championquizzer: Thanks
16:32:14 <championquizzer> Tunji: hello. the meeting pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/outreachy-agenda-2021-keep
16:32:39 <championquizzer> Tunji: please update what you have been working on, q/a, etc :)
16:33:18 <ggus> i also recommend reading the Tor Browser blog posts, because users report a lot of issues there.
16:33:24 <Tunji> My ISP wouldn't allow me join irc any channel, I had to use TOR browser to re-route
16:33:29 <championquizzer> one note about the email. consider putting everything in the body of the email i.e not in attachments
16:33:36 <ggus> example: https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-105a13
16:33:51 <Burnleydev> Great
16:34:12 <ggus> ok, questions about this task?
16:35:29 <Tunji> Hi, I joined the meeting late, is there a way I can get a re-cap, please?
16:35:41 <IK_04> One more doubt, what if we realize later that there is something that we would want to edit in the previously sent mail? Is it allowed to send another mail? Or the original one is final?
16:36:04 <udoka> ggus: Does "<ggus> you only need to send one final report during the contribution period." mean we would have to delete other contributions or choose just one contribution as the final contribution?
16:36:32 <ggus> IK_04: you can send another email
16:36:45 <IK_04> okay, thank you
16:37:48 <ggus> udoka: it means that you will compile this report and send to frontdesk@ only one time. you shouldn't send an email for every new UX pain point that you've identified.
16:39:02 <ggus> more questions about this task?
16:39:09 <udoka> ggus: Alright thank you.
16:39:45 <kulsoom_z> ggus: no, thank you for the clarification
16:40:02 <ggus> And the next task is: Task 4. Answer common questions from Tor users (probably some of them you will need to do some research). Copy this file and submit the answers:
16:40:59 <ggus> this task is a good one because you will need to deal with user support emails during the internship.
16:41:16 <ggus> i recommend reading the user documentation first and the answering these questions
16:41:22 <ggus> *then
16:41:54 <Burnleydev> ggus: how do we reply to users review on playstore?
16:42:38 <ggus> Burnleydev: I think only Tor Browser Developers can officialy answer them and afaik i don't think they are doing this at the moment.
16:43:04 <ggus> so focus on IRC #tor and reddit.com/r/TOR
16:43:32 <Burnleydev> ggus: okay thanks.
16:43:52 <ggus> And the last task:"Task 5. Read our documentation and website open issues and submit a pull request to tickets open in our repositories. You can request new accounts for this instance at https://gitlab.onionize.space."
16:45:14 <likeanushkaa> ggus: for the last task, I find it really difficult to understand which issue should we work on?
16:45:15 <ggus> i will ask you all to check for the "First contribution", because many issues on our bug tracker aren't ready for work, and by that i mean: someone need to review first to see if it's really an issue.
16:46:29 <ggus> for this task is also important to know git and git workflow.
16:47:38 <Burnleydev> ggus: can we work on any project not tagged "First Contribution"?
16:47:45 <ggus> for this internship, the git skill is needed [GitHub workflow: fork-branch-PR: experience level: comfortable]. if you're not familiar with git, please dedicate some hours to learn it.
16:47:54 <ggus> Burnleydev: no.
16:48:13 <championquizzer> Burnleydev: recommended is to focus on the web repo
16:48:33 <championquizzer> web/support, web/manual, web/community
16:48:47 <likeanushkaa> ggus: can you mark more issues with "First contribution" tags?
16:49:59 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/support/-/issues?label_name%5B%5D=First+Contribution
16:50:11 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/tpo/-/issues?label_name%5B%5D=First+Contribution
16:51:08 <ggus> more questions about this task?
16:51:41 <Burnleydev> ggus: is there a particular duration for each issue?
16:52:09 <udoka> ggus: I request for a new account earlier today, how would it take before i gain access?
16:52:11 <ggus> Burnleydev: i don't think so
16:52:42 <ggus> udoka: moderators need to approve accounts manually; i will check that.
16:53:25 <udoka> ggus: okay thank you. There was a typo at request  **requested.
16:53:42 <ggus> more questions about this task?
16:53:59 <likeanushkaa> ggus: Do Lektor files need a specific editor?
16:54:41 <ggus> likeanushkaa: no, but you will need to install lektor on a virtual machine with ubuntu (or other linux) or macOS. it won't work properly on Windows.
16:55:59 <likeanushkaa> ggus: ok! I will check that. I've installed ubuntu on my windows
16:56:08 <ggus> likeanushkaa: that's great!
16:56:15 <ggus> ok, any other question people? :)
16:56:45 <kulsoom_z> ggus:no, all seems fine. Thank you!
16:57:20 <ggus> we can meet next week, same day & time.
16:57:29 <championquizzer> the contributing file can come handy if you're developing on the website: https://github.com/torproject/tpo/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md
16:57:32 <likeanushkaa> ggus: Thankyou for clearing the doubts!
16:58:21 <likeanushkaa> championquizzer: thankyou!
16:58:51 <IK_04> Yes, thanks a lot, noted the next week's meet
16:58:57 <udoka> ggus: Thank you for the clarifications
16:59:00 <ggus> alright. i think that's all for today. i will send this meeting logs to our mailing list. have a great day.
16:59:04 <Shreya> Thank you ggus and championquizzer!
16:59:12 <championquizzer> thanks all o/
16:59:13 <ggus> i will be available on #tor-www
16:59:16 <ggus> thanks! o/
16:59:19 <ggus> #endmeeting