16:00:31 <ggus> #startmeeting Outreachy meeting - 20 april 2021
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16:01:00 <championquizzer> hello everyone \o/
16:01:09 <ggus> hi all, please update the meeting pad and then we will talk soon :)
16:01:12 <ggus> https://pad.riseup.net/p/outreachy-agenda-2021-keep
16:01:16 <udoka> Hi championquizzer
16:01:26 <likeanushkaa> Hi everyone!
16:08:41 <ggus> please update the pad with the work you've done last week or what you're doing. doesn't need to be PRs :)
16:08:47 <ggus> https://pad.riseup.net/p/outreachy-agenda-2021-keep
16:11:08 <ggus> ok, let's start.
16:11:43 <kulsoom_z> sure
16:12:17 <ggus> next week you will need to register your final contribution. how things are going? do you need help with?
16:13:19 <kulsoom_z> by final contribution do you mean final application?
16:13:26 <ggus> yep
16:13:49 <IK_09> Things are going great! I would be grateful if someone could review my PRs
16:15:15 <ggus> IK_09: i checked your PR, and you will need to create a PR for each new term you're suggesting. i will add a longer comment after the meeting.
16:15:23 <kulsoom_z> ggus: Ohh, I started drafting it. I want your feedback on it. Can I send it as an email?
16:15:25 <likeanushkaa> Things were going great, untill I tested Covid positivešŸ˜•
16:15:44 <ggus> kulsoom_z: yes, please send to my email and i will review
16:15:54 <ggus> likeanushkaa: oh no :(
16:15:56 <IK_09> ggus: Sure, understood
16:16:09 <kulsoom_z> likeanushkaa: Oh, sorry to hear that. Wish you speedy recovery
16:16:21 <IK_09> likeanushkaa: take care :(
16:16:32 <Burnleydev> oh
16:16:46 <likeanushkaa> Thankyou so much everyone. It means a lot. Have suffered a backlog, but will recover soon!
16:17:24 <championquizzer> likeanushkaa: get well soon! take care
16:17:31 <Burnleydev> a quick recovery to you @likeanushkaa
16:17:38 <likeanushkaa> Thankyou championquizzer !
16:17:45 <likeanushkaa> Thankyou Burnleydev !
16:18:23 <likeanushkaa> I've just managed to connect IRC with Element- thanks to championquizzer for helping me out
16:19:47 <udoka> Likeanushkaa: Take care
16:19:56 <IK_09> ggus: Can you give a few general pointers on your expectations from the final proposal?
16:20:25 <ggus> my recommendation for you all is to check your final application and review what's needed. there are +10 applicants, and answering +10 people is a lot of work.
16:20:44 <udoka> ggus: regarding the final application, I made a draft for it and I'd
16:20:50 <likeanushkaa> udoka : Thankyou!
16:21:38 <udoka> ggus: I'd like to share it with you
16:23:05 <ggus> IK_09: my expectations for the final application: 1. user feedback report done, 2. timeline of your internship, 3. FAQ answered and submitted to frontdesk@torproject.org, 4. Some Git work showing that you feel comfortable using our git workflows.
16:23:51 <udoka> noted, thank you
16:23:52 <likeanushkaa> ggus : What is the meaning of internship timeline?
16:24:03 <IK_09> +1
16:25:00 <championquizzer> likeanushkaa: how you see your work panning out in the next three months (the duration of the internship)
16:25:15 <IK_09> noted
16:25:29 <IK_09> ggus: Thanks for clarification on expectations
16:25:47 <ggus> yes, what championquizzer said. and you will need to share a draft with me with this planning
16:25:54 <likeanushkaa> Oh thanks, championquizzer !
16:25:57 <udoka> Championquizzer: I sent in an MR
16:26:17 <udoka> ggus: like a google doc link?
16:26:21 <likeanushkaa> ggus : does that need to be some sort of project?
16:26:41 <likeanushkaa> Working on a particular project^
16:26:42 <ggus> udoka: no, you need to paste on the outreachy form
16:27:04 <championquizzer> udoka: will review asap
16:27:57 <udoka> ggus: on the Tor project page?
16:28:35 <udoka> Championquizzer: alright
16:29:24 <ggus> likeanushkaa: no, it doesnt need a particular project, it can be: improving onion services documentation on Support portal in May, in June update Tor Browser user docs after Tor Browser 10.5 release, etc
16:29:55 <championquizzer> udoka: no. that's on the outreachy application page. on their website
16:30:28 <ggus> udoka: https://www.outreachy.org/outreachy-may-2021-internship-round/communities/tor-project/help-tor-project-support-our-users
16:30:28 <likeanushkaa> Okk ggus ! Thanks. I'll start preparing this draft:)
16:30:48 <udoka> ggus: yes this
16:30:54 <udoka> Okay
16:32:26 <IK_09> Also, from your list of expectations, 1.  user feedback report done - does this correspond with task 4? If not can you explain what this means?
16:33:03 <IK_09> Sorry task 3*
16:33:35 <ggus> correspond with this task that we have on the Outreachy page: > 4. Monthly user feedback report. Write a monthly report collating any common user issues found throughout all of our support channels.
16:34:26 <ggus> Task 3. Observe discussions on IRC (irc.oftc.net) #tor, reddit.com/r/Tor, and try to identify major UX pain points for Tor users and submit a concise report by email to frontdesk@torproject.org. (Don't worry about spelling & grammar -- write freely)
16:34:30 <ggus> You will monitor our bug-reporting channels, IRC rooms, and social channels to get a sense of what new bugs appear in our software, and where users have problems connecting to and using Tor.
16:35:16 <IK_09> Oh alright, understood. Thanks a lot
16:36:07 <ggus> IK_09: i just updated the project's description so people don't get confused. but yes, it's the User feedback report.
16:36:42 <ggus> if you already submitted some pull requests, dedicate some time this week to write this report.
16:36:46 <likeanushkaa> ggus : will we strictly adhere to the project timeline we propose?
16:37:33 <IK_09> ggus: Thank you
16:37:44 <kulsoom_z> ggus: sure
16:38:15 <Burnleydev> ggus: is major ux pain point different from monthly user feedback report?
16:40:05 <ggus> likeanushkaa: well, depends. every month is expected to delivery a user feedback report. but the documentation that we will be working will depend on other parts of Tor Project. For example, if we release snowflake on Tor Browser 10.5, I will ask you to update the Tor browser User manual documentation. But if the tor browser team doesn't add snowflake, then we will work on other part of the user
16:40:11 <ggus> documentation.
16:40:13 <ggus> Burnleydev: it's the same thing.
16:40:42 <likeanushkaa> Okk. Thanks!
16:42:04 <Burnleydev> ggus: Must we write only at the end of the month or anytime within?
16:43:40 <ggus> Burnleydev: during the internship the intern will work answering these issues and collecting UX pain points, and then they will compile in a report at the end of the month.
16:44:41 <ggus> Burnleydev: for the outreachy application process, you need to submit before the end of contribution period.
16:46:00 <Burnleydev> ggus: thanks. the final application will be done only on outreachy website?
16:46:06 <ggus> yep
16:48:34 <ggus> more questions about the final application?
16:48:40 <Burnleydev> ggus: Can I still work on adding search engine to glossary list? Corrected my mistakes
16:48:41 <ggus> or other task?
16:49:01 <IK_09> ggus: Just wanted a feedback if my contributions are going in the right direction ( are actually useful )
16:49:31 <likeanushkaa> +1
16:49:38 <championquizzer> every contribution is useful :)
16:49:47 <ggus> Burnleydev: if you write using your own words, then yes.
16:50:33 <likeanushkaa> I'm contributing to open source for the first time. It's a little overwhelming. Although I'm learning a lot!
16:51:34 <Burnleydev> ggus: Thanks
16:51:36 <IK_09> Thanks championquizzer
16:53:03 <ggus> my assessment is that many of you are having some issues with git and git workflow. And that's fine, but please spend time to learn git.
16:53:41 <IK_09> Noted
16:54:11 <ggus> you can create a github project and try to fork, create a new branch, submit a pull request, squash your commits.
16:55:22 <ggus> using the web interface has some limits, for example, if you change a template file, you cannot see if you did a mistake and broke the website build. that is why is important to have a local build
16:55:30 <udoka_> ggus: can user pains be collated from the playstore for the Tor mobile browser?
16:55:36 <ggus> udoka_: yes
16:56:22 <ggus> important: please focus only on Tor Project products. I don't want to see user pain points from others (Guardian Project, OnionShare, etc)
16:57:16 <kulsoom_z> noted
16:57:26 <ggus> anything else? :)
16:57:42 <Burnleydev> ggus: Can one person send two emails if they made a mistake in the first one?
16:57:49 <ggus> Burnleydev: yep
16:58:06 <Burnleydev> ggus: Concerning ux pain points
16:58:42 <likeanushkaa> ggus : I wanted to know the tasks of the community team in a general basis.
16:58:58 <likeanushkaa> I cannot completely understand that
17:00:53 <ggus> likeanushkaa: community team is responsible to do user support, for example. and during the internship, the intern will help on that: communicating with users, tor browser developers and ux team. you need to help users so you can see where tor products are failing, so you can ask tor developers to change/fix something.
17:01:53 <kulsoom_z> ggus: The community at Tor is really helpful. Thanks for the welcoming gesture :)
17:02:08 <IK_09> +1
17:02:15 <likeanushkaa> Ohkk. That's nice:)  thanks for the clarification
17:02:30 <ggus> projects and goals that Community team is working this year: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/team
17:03:32 <Burnleydev> IK_09: What does +1 mean? Just curious..
17:03:33 <IK_09> Another small doubt, during intern time, is github used for PRs or gitlab?
17:03:34 <likeanushkaa> ggus :  Thanks for this! This would be very helpful
17:03:52 <ggus> the intern will be helping on user support (answering users, improving Tor documentation, and collecting user feedback).
17:04:10 <likeanushkaa> Burnleydev : it means Ditto, basically saying that I repeat what you said haha
17:04:32 <IK_09> Burnleydev: Sorry if it was hard to understand, it means that I am seconding what the person before me has said
17:04:55 <IK_09> likeanushkaa: That's right :)
17:05:00 <ggus> IK_09: github and gitlab both works. so depends on the intern preference.
17:05:16 <IK_09> Okay thanks
17:06:05 <Burnleydev> IK_09: Couldn't have figured it out.. haha
17:06:29 <Burnleydev> I thought you were giving points.. __
17:06:43 <ggus> haha
17:06:47 <IK_09> Burnleydev: ^_^
17:06:51 <kulsoom_z> lol
17:06:59 <ggus> ok folks, i think that's it for this meeting.
17:07:04 <ggus> let me know if you need help
17:07:16 <championquizzer> thanks all o/
17:07:28 <ggus> please remember that i don't work on weekends and i don't expect you to work during weekends on your internship ;)
17:07:29 <IK_09> Thanks!
17:07:40 <IK_09> That's great
17:07:53 <likeanushkaa> Thankyou everyone! And sure thing, ggus !
17:08:03 <kulsoom_z> Thanks ggus
17:08:05 <ggus> likeanushkaa: hope you get well soon! take care
17:08:08 <Burnleydev> Thanks a lot.
17:08:13 <ggus> #endmeeting