17:00:05 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting, 3rd of may 2021
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17:00:07 <ahf> hello hello
17:00:10 <nickm> woo! hi!
17:00:15 <ahf> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2021.1-keep
17:00:18 <ahf> is our pad!
17:00:30 <ahf> i missed the s61 meeting, but got a brief from mike about it. sorry about that
17:00:44 <ahf> first meeting of the month today, so let's get going
17:00:45 <dgoulet> yello
17:01:03 <nickm> hihi!
17:01:26 <ahf> how are folks dashboards looking? see: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:01:49 <dgoulet> beautiful
17:01:58 <ahf> that is the spirit, dgoulet!
17:02:05 <ahf> full of colorful labels
17:02:18 <dgoulet> so many Next and Backlog :P
17:02:29 <ahf> yes :-/
17:02:43 <ahf> i have a bit stress about that too, but will hopefully get some of that down this week
17:04:07 <ahf> are we just the three of us?
17:04:18 <nickm> that is a possibility...
17:04:24 <dgoulet> asn is afk
17:04:29 <ahf> ah
17:04:50 <ahf> how are things looking with releases?
17:05:12 <nickm> I want to do an 046 and an 045 this week
17:05:14 <ahf> tor#40375 is new and unassigned
17:05:23 <gaba> o/
17:05:27 <ahf> hello gaba
17:05:47 <ahf> looks like the ticket is being debugged though
17:05:48 <nickm> We should get somebody assigned  to tor#40312 for 0.4.7
17:06:12 <ahf> i just took that one before the meeting began
17:07:01 <nickm> great
17:07:28 <nickm> for 046 and 045, I would really like us to have #40373 done this week.  Is that possible?
17:07:35 <nickm> it's just a log message, right?
17:07:52 <nickm> we could do releases early next week instead if that's not possible
17:08:03 <nickm> but no later, since we want to hit the TB release
17:08:38 <ahf> tor#40373
17:09:00 <dgoulet> I think it is quite simple, if asn can't, I can go for it
17:09:52 <ahf> cool
17:09:59 <nickm> that would rock, excellent
17:10:32 <ahf> now that we are at it, is our https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/wikis/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases looking right?
17:11:24 <nickm> I think so yeah
17:11:52 <nickm> In 42 days we can throw out 0.4.4
17:12:06 <ahf> woh
17:12:09 <nickm> we're aiming to have 046 stable on Jun 15
17:12:33 <ahf> the active release list will be short then
17:12:35 <ahf> jep
17:12:38 <ahf> yep*
17:12:40 <nickm> I should move 047 up to 'current' since it's WIP
17:12:55 <ahf> yeah, but is future right now. i am thinking of backport work too
17:13:35 <nickm> One thing that came up at the S61 meeting that we should all think about is whether we delay 047 if needed for congestion control.
17:13:42 <nickm> We're going to try not to, but we should keep the possibility in mind
17:14:04 <nickm> Also, depending on arti funding, we should consider whether we want to reduce the frequency of Tor  release series
17:14:06 <ahf> is congestion control work also include the conflux work that dgoulet have started?
17:14:08 <nickm> but that's also in the future
17:14:17 <ahf> or is it the things mikeperry is focused on "purely" on actual CC
17:14:23 <nickm> ahf: it includes packed-cells, but not necessarily conflux, afaik
17:14:26 <ahf> ok!
17:14:34 <mikeperry> I will try to use packed-cells in CC, yes
17:14:37 <nickm> IIUC conflux is a stretch goal
17:14:41 <mikeperry> yeah
17:14:45 <ahf> i think mikeperry have said the CC parts are not going to be a huge change the last time we spoke about it?
17:14:54 <ahf> hey mikeperry
17:15:05 <mikeperry> yeah CC is relatively simple compared to conflux
17:16:00 <mikeperry> in both tho, much tuning and experimentation will be required. I hope to get stuff working in shadow for CC as soon as I can
17:16:13 <ahf> sweet. are you diving into that alone or are you paired up with someone? maybe i am asking question you already discussed in the other meeting, if yes, then i can just ask in after this meeting
17:16:25 <ahf> cool!
17:16:38 <mikeperry> nickm offered to help with negotiation and protover stuff
17:17:06 <nickm> I'm glad to be a rubber-duck with the other stuff too.
17:17:16 <mikeperry> I could also use help with figuring out how onion services announce support
17:17:20 <ahf> :-)
17:17:36 <ahf> announce support?
17:17:43 <mikeperry> yeah in their descriptors
17:17:49 <ahf> ah, that they support it
17:17:53 <ahf> makes sense
17:18:05 <nickm> if that's the only hard part I can probably figure that out
17:18:08 <ahf> i could imagine david or george having opinions about that too
17:18:14 <nickm> yeah
17:18:26 <ahf> super exciting with this
17:18:31 <dgoulet> yeah shouldn't be hard to do
17:18:57 <ahf> okay, we have a pretty big backlog of backport tickets. i think we missed march with it since i think dgoulet and i were supposed to look at it right after the time where i went MIA
17:19:06 <ahf> and i tink we missed our first month meeting in april
17:19:16 <mikeperry> there are some bits in both cases wrt what hapens if the endpoints have consensuses that advertise different params, because of a recent consensus change that both endpoints may not share
17:19:27 <ahf> i *think* i might be annoying and say we spend up to half of our thursday meeting on that :-)
17:19:34 <ahf> unless something more urgent suddenly appears in the week
17:19:49 <ahf> that list sucks more and more the longer we wait with doing it
17:19:57 <dgoulet> fine by me
17:20:28 <ahf> nickm: is this OK with you too?
17:20:40 <nickm> thinking for a second...
17:20:51 <nickm> I think that's ok.
17:20:58 <ahf> ok, if something else comes up then this is low priority
17:21:16 <nickm> except that if we find significant 045 backports on thursday that might make a friday release harder.  But I hope we won't.
17:21:27 <nickm> What could go wrong, thursday is probably fine :)
17:21:54 <nickm> oh, i have a short informal announcement to add, let me know when it's time
17:22:17 <ahf> ugh, that is true... thursday is a bit late for that
17:22:40 <ahf> nickm: tomorrow you and i could put our heads together around this time and maybe go over the list quickly and see if something impacts releases on friday?
17:22:45 <ahf> i only hvae one meeting tomorrow
17:22:50 <nickm> ok, same here
17:22:59 <ahf> shall we do that? 17 UTC ?
17:23:10 <nickm> sure,, 1700 UTC works fine
17:23:13 <ahf> excellent
17:23:55 <ahf> i don't see any new team issues, and i think the ones we talked about a while ago is still not in a state where we are going to dive into them with all the other things going on right now
17:24:17 <ahf> ok, and nothing new from other teams it seems!
17:24:19 <ahf> OK!
17:24:21 <ahf> that was the big list
17:24:36 <ahf> [3 May] Tor archaeology: Nick and Roger are working on identifying "implicit knowledge" in the codebase and updating documents to reflect it. Keep an eye open!
17:24:40 <ahf> seems to be from nickm?
17:24:44 <nickm> yup, just added
17:25:07 <dgoulet> what "documents" ?
17:25:09 <ahf> which document might a question to ask?
17:25:10 <nickm> last thursday Roger and I went over circuitbuild.c and made a huge list of stuff
17:25:20 <ahf> cool!
17:25:29 <nickm> we're going to try to turn it into tickets, spec patches, etc
17:25:53 <nickm> I'm mentioning here so that if you see anything labeled "tor archaeology" you'll know what we mean
17:26:02 <dgoulet> ok
17:26:17 <gaba> nice
17:26:27 <ahf> this is something roger have been so interested in for so long that i can remember when we have talked about alternative tor clients
17:26:33 <ahf> super cool
17:26:54 <nickm> yeah, I am hoping that this results in actual progress being made :)
17:27:03 <ahf> ya
17:27:21 <nickm> my motivation is that arti is now, so having some of this info now is better than all of it in 5 years or whenever
17:27:24 <nickm> ;)
17:27:28 <ahf> the CC and 0.4.7 we already went over right? i think the agenda item was discussed earlier
17:27:30 <ahf> yes, for sure
17:27:50 <gaba> are you documenting this in some public place or it will be only in tickets?
17:27:50 <dgoulet> nickm: very good idea
17:29:16 <nickm> gaba: it will be tickets or spec patches.
17:29:24 <nickm> all of it will be in the spec eventually.
17:29:34 <nickm> ahf: I thinnk that's right
17:29:50 <nickm> gaba: at some point we should do a spec rewrite for clarity
17:30:13 <gaba> sounds good
17:30:15 <ahf> amsi - a markdown spec implementation
17:31:09 <ahf> 2021-05-03, nickm, let's plan our releases this week.
17:31:22 <ahf> i am unsure what this means and who it is from? it is a different color than the others
17:31:25 <nickm> I think we got to that -- I mentioned 045 and 046 releases happening
17:31:27 <nickm> that's me
17:31:28 <ahf> ok!
17:31:39 <ahf> then i don't think we have anything left in the meeting
17:31:54 <nickm> (let's try to get stuff for 046 and 045 reviewed and merged on the early side if we can)
17:32:28 <ahf> yes!
17:32:47 <ahf> sounds good folks, this was a bit longer as our first monday of hte month meetings always are
17:32:58 <ahf> does anybody else have anything else we need to talk about?
17:33:03 * dgoulet is good
17:33:14 * nickm is fine
17:33:19 <gaba> everything ok
17:33:40 <jnewsome> 👍️
17:34:40 <ahf> thanks folks!
17:34:42 <ahf> #endmeeting