15:59:57 <dcf1> #startmeeting anti-censorship team meeting
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16:00:08 <cohosh> hey everyone!
16:00:18 <cohosh> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
16:00:21 <agix> hey
16:00:23 <meskio> hello o/
16:00:47 <cohosh> the first item on the agenda is to welcome meskio \o/
16:01:01 <dcf1> hello
16:01:06 <meskio> thanks, I'm happy to be here
16:01:56 <cohosh> if you look at the pad you'll see we have an agenda and then space where everyone typically adds what they've been working on and what they plan to work on
16:01:56 <agix> welcome meskio :)
16:02:14 * meskio goes to look
16:04:33 <cohosh> okay the agenda is pretty sparse today
16:05:07 <cohosh> i don't have any new discussion, just an action item to remind everyone about default branch changes and to comment on anti-censorship/team#6 with any comments
16:05:41 <cohosh> anyone have a discussion item they want to bring up?
16:06:35 <dcf1> do I understand right, a bunch of stuff is currently pending on snowflake!31
16:07:14 <cohosh> yep
16:07:25 <dcf1> I'll make !31 a priority then
16:07:36 <cohosh> okay that would be great, thanks!
16:08:12 <cohosh> if we're assigning reviews now, i was assuming you'd want to do that one and also snowflake!36
16:08:48 <dcf1> yes
16:09:22 <cohosh> i'll wait a bit for the others since i think i'll rebase snowflake!35 once !31 is merged
16:09:53 <cohosh> the leak is very slow and takes a few weeks so if it's not merged by next week i'll reconsider
16:09:58 <meskio> I can start reviewing !35 if it doesn't have any takers, so I start understanding snowflake
16:10:10 <cohosh> yup i was thinking that'd be a good one for you to review
16:10:22 <meskio> great :)
16:11:11 <cohosh> anyone else have something they need help with?
16:12:29 <meskio> I'm good, or too many questions to be able to produce a concrete one
16:12:37 <cohosh> :)
16:13:55 <cohosh> okay cool. i'm happy to end the meeting early
16:14:27 <dcf1> i'll wait 2 minutes before ending
16:16:32 <dcf1> #endmeeting