16:00:36 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health
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16:00:51 <GeKo> okay, let's do some network-health meeting :)
16:01:09 <GeKo> i read last week was very short
16:01:32 <GeKo> we'll see whether that's the case this week as well
16:01:45 <GeKo> irl is afk for the meeting
16:02:01 <GeKo> who is actually here?
16:02:22 <GeKo> no need to just meet with myself...
16:03:55 <gaba> hi!
16:04:09 <GeKo> hello!
16:04:18 <GeKo> might be another of those very short meetings :)
16:04:41 <gaba> yes, i see that this week mostly you are going to document bad realys processes
16:05:20 <GeKo> we'll see
16:05:28 <GeKo> there is a bunch of s61 for on my plate, too
16:05:43 <GeKo> and thu is a public holiday here
16:05:58 <GeKo> and thus, the week short :)
16:06:22 <gaba> ok
16:06:29 <GeKo> but, yes, if i find time besides bad-relay work and future network-health planning
16:06:42 <GeKo> then i document the bad-relay scanners
16:07:25 <GeKo> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/network-health/team/-/wikis/Criteria-for-rejecting-bad-relays is ready for wider review
16:07:40 <gaba> i will be afk thursday and friday too
16:07:41 <GeKo> so whoever is reading the backlog let me know if there are changes to be made
16:07:49 <GeKo> (or maybe just do them)
16:08:05 <gaba> was this criteria brought up to the relays operators mailing list?
16:08:10 <GeKo> that document in its current state is supposed to document what we are actually doing right now
16:08:26 <GeKo> no, that's essentially documenting what we are currently doing
16:09:47 <GeKo> okay, that's all i had
16:10:02 <gaba> short meeting again :)
16:10:08 <GeKo> i think i'll send an email to the tor-relays list mentioning those criteria
16:10:13 <GeKo> so everyone is on the same page
16:10:15 <gaba> thanks!
16:10:16 <gaba> yes
16:10:24 <GeKo> and then we can collect input from the relay community, too
16:10:30 <GeKo> and adapt where needede
16:10:31 <gaba> sounds good
16:10:33 <GeKo> *needed
16:10:45 <GeKo> alright, yay, short meetings
16:10:55 <GeKo> have a nice week (everyone) :)
16:10:57 <GeKo> #endmeeting