16:00:11 <cohosh> #startmeeting tor anti-censorship meeting
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16:00:19 <cohosh> welcome :)
16:00:25 <agix> hey
16:00:30 <cohosh> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
16:01:14 <cohosh> feel free to add things to the agenda for today
16:02:51 <cohosh> the first thing on the agenda is more workflow/git repo maintenance stuff
16:03:25 <cohosh> the git branch migration is wrapping up but there are a few outstanding tasks
16:03:29 <cohosh> like sorting out our mirrors
16:03:54 <cohosh> it seems like our existing snowflake mirrors are just automatically working for the new main branches
16:03:56 <dcf1> q: what is gitolite? Is it the git@git-rw.torproject.org SSH thing?
16:04:09 <cohosh> dcf1: yes it is that
16:04:53 <cohosh> i am a bit fuzzy on the details and so i'm not sure if gitolite also encompasses the https://git.torproject.org thing
16:05:51 <cohosh> when i was sorting out the issues with HTTPS being slow to update with anarcat it seems like they are separate
16:06:01 <meskio> git.torproject.org might be gitweb (so readonly/web only service)
16:06:03 <cohosh> and that a push to git-rw will cause the https to update
16:06:49 <cohosh> meskio: yeah that sounds reasonable
16:08:02 <cohosh> so yeah we're in a situation now where we have some gitolite --> gitlab mirrors (for e.g., snowflake)
16:08:31 <cohosh> i *think* we have or had some gitlab --> gitolite mirrors for e.g., gettor-web but i'm not sure
16:08:54 <cohosh> and some repos like bridgedb we were just remembering to push to both
16:09:11 <dcf1> and some that are only in one place or the other
16:09:20 <cohosh> yep :)
16:09:59 <cohosh> anarcat and meskio mentioned some rumblings that gitolite will be made legacy but afaict there hasn't been a public discussion about that
16:10:53 <cohosh> in any case, it'd be nice if we at least documented where our workflows differ
16:11:02 <cohosh> and if possible have all our mirrors going int he same direction
16:11:35 <cohosh> my proposal on the ticket was to have them all go from gitlab --> gitolite
16:12:03 <cohosh> but there was some discussion on the attack surface of gitlab
16:13:22 <cohosh> so my current proposal is to set up gitlab --> gitolite mirrors and then work on adopting a policy to sign some or all of our commits
16:13:43 <cohosh> any thoughts/concerns/objections/feedback?
16:13:48 <meskio> sounds good to me
16:14:15 <meskio> we just need to find a signing policy that we are all happy with
16:14:20 <cohosh> for repositories not on gitlab we can just set up the mirrors if/when they are migrated there
16:17:41 <cohosh> okay i'll take that as no more comments for now
16:17:48 <cohosh> and start working on setting up mirrors
16:18:01 <cohosh> dcf1: you want to move on to the next discussion item?
16:18:48 <dcf1> we don't have to discuss it during the meeting, but while writing comments on https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake/-/merge_requests/36 I realized I had a lot to say
16:19:07 <dcf1> it might be better to have some interactive discussion rather than long hacking followed by long review
16:19:46 <dcf1> we could schedule a time for interactive discussion of pair programming
16:20:22 <dcf1> *or pair programming
16:20:26 <cohosh> okay cool, and it would be great for meskio to be involved as well
16:20:41 <cohosh> since this has good background on how the broker is set up and what future work on snowflake will be like
16:20:45 <meskio> sure, I'll be happy to tray to follow you
16:21:44 <dcf1> I'm sure you two are the most constrained meeting-wise, so maybe you can suggest a time
16:21:44 <meskio> s/tray/try/
16:21:49 <cohosh> dcf1: thanks for the detailed comments on the merge request btw, i read them earlier today
16:21:53 <dcf1> we can also do the scheduling outside the meeting itself
16:22:25 <cohosh> my fridays and tuesdays are almost always free of meetings right now
16:22:41 <cohosh> and mondays for the most part
16:22:53 <cohosh> meskio would probably prefer before 17 utc?
16:23:33 <meskio> for me is better tuesday than friday
16:23:34 <cohosh> and i prefer after 14 utc
16:23:49 <meskio> but I could do most friday if needed
16:24:19 <dcf1> what about tomorrow, then, at 14utc?
16:24:36 <meskio> tomorrow I can't, but you can go ahead without me
16:24:48 <dcf1> I don't have a lot to say that's not written on the ticket, but we can maybe save a lot of future time by some shorter discussion now
16:25:04 <dcf1> okay tue 18 May at 14utc?
16:25:15 <meskio> sounds good to me
16:25:48 <cohosh> sounds good re tuesday
16:25:55 <cohosh> and yes let's do a bit of discussion now
16:26:07 <dcf1> okay let's budget 90 minutes for tue and see how it goes
16:26:41 <dcf1> by "now" I mean whever we have this discussion
16:27:00 <dcf1> the important thing for me is to keep the path open for other plans we have for the broker
16:27:33 <dcf1> and because I'll be doing AMP cache rendezvous in the near future that will probably use this facility
16:27:53 <cohosh> ah i see
16:28:04 <cohosh> (re th emeaning of now)
16:28:54 <dcf1> most of the broker code is effectively legacy code at this point, and we have that to deal with in addition to new design issues
16:29:10 <dcf1> weird to think that at one point our concern was decoupling it from app engine so it could run standalone on a vps
16:29:51 <cohosh> heh
16:31:04 <cohosh> hmm yeah you're right about the legacy thing
16:31:30 <cohosh> at first i was surprised and then realized that yes, much of the broker code is implemented as HTTP handlers
16:31:41 <cohosh> the actual proxy assignment is extremely simple
16:31:51 <dcf1> yeah that's partly vestigial from when it was only an app engine app
16:32:08 <dcf1> where you have to implement things that way
16:34:19 <cohosh> alright cool, let's continue discussion next tuesday and for now move on to our needs help with?
16:34:26 <dcf1> yeah
16:35:35 <cohosh> meskio: i think bridgedb32276 would be a good one for you to review
16:35:42 <cohosh> bridgedb#32276
16:35:56 <cohosh> i'll provide some links in the ticket with moat documentation
16:36:32 <meskio> cohosh: great, I'll look into it
16:36:50 <cohosh> there is not rush for this, so i'll let you decide when you want to cram more onboarding info into your brain lol
16:37:28 <meskio> :)
16:37:38 <cohosh> anyone else need reviews or have more discussion they want to bring up?
16:39:03 <meskio> I'm good
16:40:49 <cohosh> alright nice
16:41:01 <cohosh> i'll wait just anothe rminute or so before ending th emeeting
16:43:14 <cohosh> #endmeeting