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14:00:11 <antonela> mmm
14:00:12 <dunqan> o/
14:00:20 <antonela> oh the sleepy bot
14:00:21 <antonela> haha
14:00:25 <antonela> hello!
14:00:37 <dunqan> it has the tuesday blues ^^
14:00:50 <josernitos> Hola :)
14:00:54 <antonela> its rainy here so i can relate !
14:00:57 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
14:01:02 <antonela> hey josernitos o&
14:01:07 <antonela> o/
14:01:11 <thurayya> o/
14:01:20 <antonela> oi thurayya
14:01:26 <dunqan> hi josernitos & nah!
14:01:45 <antonela> please feel free to add any topic in the agenda
14:02:32 <antonela> so we have a major release at the end of the month
14:02:47 <antonela> tor browser 10.5 will release on stable channel
14:02:59 <antonela> we are waiting for the last alpha to share with tor-qa
14:03:10 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/issues/41
14:03:17 <antonela> here is the plan
14:03:59 <antonela> i think that is me
14:04:04 <dunqan> what's going out in the last alpha?
14:04:14 <dunqan> (e.g. feature-wise?)
14:04:20 <dunqan> or is it just fixes in this one?
14:04:33 <antonela> v2 onions deprecation warnings + s30 Connecting to Tor improvements
14:04:51 <antonela> all what pospeselr has been working on will make the alpha
14:05:00 <pospeselr> o/
14:05:00 <dunqan> ah gotcha, awesome!
14:05:04 <antonela> hi dear
14:05:07 <antonela> yes
14:05:19 <pospeselr> just waving
14:05:31 <pospeselr> carry on
14:05:34 <antonela> we will not have time for major changes for the stable release BUT we can take notes of bugs reporting and user feedback
14:05:35 <antonela> haha
14:05:48 <antonela> next item (sorry i switched them to go with the mood :)
14:05:50 <antonela> is snowflake
14:06:02 <antonela> we will release snowflake in stable also on 10.5
14:06:20 <antonela> dunqan did an amazing job with that survey research and reporting
14:06:29 <antonela> and we finally published it a few weeks ago
14:06:39 <dunqan> (thanks!)
14:06:48 <antonela> anything around it?
14:06:58 <dunqan> I need to work on the blog post – hopefully next week
14:07:13 <dunqan> any thoughts on which stats I should pull out specifically from the report?
14:07:22 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/raw/master/reports/2021/public-snowflake-survey-report.pdf
14:07:31 <josernitos> (I haven't had the time to read it yet. But congrats!)
14:07:36 <antonela> all what you have highlighted at the top of each page is relevant
14:07:51 <dunqan> ah ty I was just digging it out :)
14:08:02 <antonela> :)
14:08:24 <dunqan> great, that makes things easy
14:08:43 <josernitos> Silly question. How are the cycles of release? Are they monthly and then one that's yearly? Or how does it work?
14:09:35 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/wikis/Release_Schedule
14:09:42 <josernitos> Awesome
14:09:51 <antonela> here is the link, we usually have two major releases .0 and .5
14:09:59 <antonela> yearly
14:10:53 <josernitos> Thanks
14:10:57 <antonela> dunqan: do you want to move to the next item?
14:11:09 * ggus is on another meeting.
14:11:13 <dunqan> oh that's me too, ofc
14:11:35 <dunqan> so as folks are probably aware we're working on a redesign of https://donate.torproject.org/
14:11:55 <dunqan> which you can find all the tickets for here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/milestones/22
14:12:01 <antonela> ggus: is good o/
14:12:32 <dunqan> so far we've picked apart what works and doesn't work with the current donate portal, and designed new user flows and wireframes aimed at improving the donate experience in general
14:12:53 <dunqan> the wires can be found here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/donate-static/-/issues/26
14:13:13 <dunqan> and the user journeys here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/donate-static/-/issues/24
14:13:55 <dunqan> I'm currently working on the high-fi mockups for the new front-end and have an initial, WIP visual that's open for feedback
14:14:35 <antonela> dunqan: it looks great! i know alsmith is following it closely. I wonder if devs gave any feedback at this point or if everything sounds doable
14:14:49 <dunqan> as development is starting on Wednesday, my hope is that we'll have the core UI designed by the end of the week – and will pick up the extras (thank you pages for example) and drip-feed them into development over the course of the month
14:15:06 <dunqan> if anyone would like to review/feed back on the designs please feel free!
14:15:15 <dunqan> this is the ticket for the high-fi mockups: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/donate-static/-/issues/27
14:16:05 <dunqan> antonela: Openflows seem confident with all the logic, but I'm conscious that they may not have had the chance to do much digging yet
14:16:21 <dunqan> their big concern was lektor integration
14:16:27 <antonela> right
14:16:55 <dunqan> I'm hoping to be in a place to present some designs to the devs and wider group on Thursday though
14:17:00 <antonela> i'd recommend to dont try to make everything customizable with the lektor cms, that was a big fail in the past
14:17:10 <dunqan> at this point it'll require all new CSS for the front end, although the header/footer and grid are all the same as usual
14:17:17 <dunqan> oh okay ty for the heads up
14:17:23 <dunqan> I'm going to create a separate ticket just for lektor
14:17:30 <dunqan> emmapeel had some concerns about how it was done in the past too
14:17:42 <antonela> i think that'd be smart to select exactly what we want to be changed frequently (which honestly is not too much) and focus on that stuff at the cms
14:17:46 <dunqan> so I'll loop everyone in and we can discuss there before giving Openflows more firm requirements
14:17:48 <antonela> then going plain html will be the best
14:17:56 <antonela> sounds like a good plan
14:17:57 <dunqan> yep great idea
14:18:37 <dunqan> okay I think that's it from me in terms of updates :)
14:18:39 <antonela> im happy to leave this comment in the ticket
14:18:43 <antonela> genial
14:18:48 <antonela> thanks dunqan!
14:18:56 * antonela goes to sneak the pad
14:19:21 <dunqan> ty!
14:19:25 <antonela> josernitos: do yoiu want to go next with 5. Status update about Feedback Collection Fund?
14:19:30 <antonela> i'll talk about the roadmap at the end
14:20:08 <josernitos> Ahh sorry. I was reading everything because I went to look at the wireframes dunqan made. So cool!
14:20:29 <dunqan> thanks josernitos!
14:21:02 <josernitos> Yes. Is really small update. Jaja. Basically I've been trying to get participants for the interview. But it's been complicated. Although I have one today!
14:21:11 <josernitos> But that's basically it. Heh
14:21:43 <antonela> why you had issues finding participants?
14:22:55 <josernitos> They are the same participants. But I'm not sure why it's been hard to reconnect with them. Some don't reply at all. Others say they can't in the days I've been indicating but don't propose anything back
14:23:10 <josernitos> So I'm giving them time
14:23:14 <dunqan> that's a shame :/
14:23:36 <dunqan> good that you have one today though!
14:23:49 <josernitos> I've only started contacting last week. But I have hopes :)
14:24:14 <antonela> i see, let me know if there is anything we can do to help you on it
14:24:22 <thurayya> it happens a lot, unfortunately, josernitos. maybe we can see if we can get to send something to them, like stickers
14:24:37 <antonela> we dont have capacity to contact people but
14:24:39 <antonela> lol yes thurayya
14:24:50 <thurayya> fanzines, etc. not sure if it will help -- but, who knows :)
14:25:01 <dunqan> aha great idea
14:25:38 <josernitos> I'd love stickers myself jaja I've talked with internews from the start to set up a thank you gift
14:25:46 <josernitos> And there is one
14:25:53 <antonela> nice
14:26:06 <josernitos> About $20 so. I think is just their time and things they have.
14:26:44 <antonela> oh that is good
14:27:07 <antonela> josernitos: when your FCF ends?
14:27:15 <antonela> as, when is your last reporting?
14:27:15 <josernitos> July
14:27:21 <antonela> gotcha
14:27:24 <josernitos> So I'm a bit rushed
14:27:51 <antonela> right
14:28:03 <antonela> oki, feel free to email me if there is anything we can do to help you
14:28:09 <josernitos> But is all good. I think once I talk with one. Then the next would just follow. And then just analyze and create report
14:28:26 <josernitos> Thank you :)
14:28:42 <antonela> no problem
14:28:49 <antonela> last item is mine and is roadmapping
14:29:11 <antonela> i've been working with isabela and ggus on the ux team roadmap, i should update some stuff and i want to work on it before the month ends
14:29:49 <antonela> mostly, i want to check other teams roadmaps to see how they estimated deliveries so we can overlap on sponsor deliverables
14:30:52 <antonela> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1crkol5UqZ_UTIKDVDMOA8xeapbJw9doexi__enRg81w/edit?usp=sharing
14:31:55 <antonela> so, once it gets finished i aim to include it in your gitlab wiki or somewhere public
14:32:20 <dunqan> should we add dev.tpo in its own row?
14:32:24 <antonela> yes yes
14:32:27 <antonela> and we need tickets also
14:32:33 <dunqan> gaba was asking about the timings for it last week
14:32:34 <antonela> if you want to make edits, please feel free
14:32:47 <dunqan> yep I can create the tickets :)
14:32:56 <antonela> amazing
14:33:05 <antonela> okey i think we made it to the end of the list
14:33:08 <antonela> anything else people?
14:33:27 <dunqan> I'm all good, ty!
14:33:48 <josernitos> Nope, thanks
14:34:28 <thurayya> o/
14:34:33 <thurayya> all good!
14:34:46 <antonela> okidoki
14:34:53 <antonela> thank you people for joining this meeting today
14:35:01 <antonela> see you in the metaverse or next month here :)
14:35:06 <antonela> #endmeeting