17:02:37 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting 12 July 2021
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17:02:41 <nickm> not sure if we have asn
17:02:45 <nickm> ahf and dgoulet are out
17:02:51 <nickm> I see mikeperry and gaba
17:03:15 <mikeperry> yep. thanks for the congestion control review!
17:03:36 <nickm> glad to help! It's not complete but I want to remove obstacles whereever I can
17:03:50 <nickm> I'm going to try to get through all of ahf and dgoulet's pending reviews this week too :)
17:05:55 <gaba> can i remove all the topics from line 93 to 104 ? they are all old stuff
17:07:07 <nickm> no objection here
17:07:54 <nickm> Are there any of the "every meeting" items we should do?  There are not a whole lot of them that seem to apply :)
17:08:25 <nickm> (yes i am ok with my kanban)
17:09:14 <gaba> check issues from other teams?
17:10:27 <nickm> There's tor#19162.  I've taken review on arma2's tickets there; they currently need him to revise and write some specs and tests
17:11:14 <nickm> tor#33669 has seen recent activity; that one will go better if ahf does it, even if we have to wait
17:11:26 <nickm> that's all the ones from other teams I see with recent activity
17:11:38 <gaba> yes, and they may not be so urgent
17:11:59 <nickm> One thing I want to suggest is that we just delay 0.4.7 by at least 30 days, possibly 60.
17:12:04 <nickm> s/suggest/discuss/
17:13:04 <gaba> to dec 15?
17:13:15 <gaba> sounds reasonable to me
17:14:01 <nickm> I don't know of any urgent reason to stick with the old schedule, and I think that an august 15 cutoff won't do any good
17:14:30 <gaba> yes
17:14:47 <gaba> feature freeze on september 15 and stable on december 15
17:14:51 <mikeperry> ok. 30 days is a good start. will give us more time to test congestion control in shadow before picking befaults, etc
17:14:56 * nickm edits the page.
17:17:55 <nickm> there
17:18:00 <nickm> do we have anything else for today?
17:18:28 <gaba> mike with anything from s61
17:19:00 <mikeperry> yeah, I put up the spec and branch for review; nick got it. I will be doing fixups and tests this week
17:19:07 <mikeperry> (for congestion control)
17:19:40 <mikeperry> I think that's all that's going on. geko just started vacation, I think juga too (or will soon?)
17:19:58 <mikeperry> I might be late/miss the meeting next week. another dentist appointment
17:20:12 <mikeperry> it is beforehand but again not sure how long it will run
17:20:41 <mikeperry> I think that's it
17:21:16 <gaba> ok, I'm writing the report this week as a priority so please add anything to the pad
17:21:29 <mikeperry> ok
17:22:35 <nickm> gaba: "report" == "s61 report"?
17:23:38 <mikeperry> pretty much the only thing I am aware of is congestion control
17:23:41 <mikeperry> so it will be easy
17:23:42 <gaba> yes
17:23:43 <mikeperry> just a couple lines
17:24:07 <mikeperry> and we have a couple more weeks to make it sound nice
17:24:12 <nickm> great
17:24:17 <mikeperry> so I will knock that out right now
17:31:21 <gaba> nickm: remember to close the meeting :)
17:34:37 <nickm> #endmeeting