16:59:42 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 2nd august 2021
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16:59:45 <ahf> hello hello
16:59:48 <dgoulet> o/
16:59:56 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2021.1-keep
17:01:23 <nickm> hello!
17:01:27 <ahf> hello hello
17:01:35 <ahf> how are folks kanban boards looking?
17:01:45 <ahf> mine needs a little refresh, but i wont get around ot do that until tomorrow
17:02:12 <nickm> mine is currently stalled with hiring and code reviews
17:02:13 <dgoulet> up to date now eheh
17:02:38 <nickm> but it does seem accurate-ish :)
17:02:48 <dgoulet> I'm a bit stalled on arti but I hope to unstall this week!!!
17:02:53 <ahf> very nice
17:02:56 <nickm> wooo
17:03:27 <dgoulet> (thanks to prop324 merged)
17:03:31 <ahf> i don't see anything urgent or bad that have arrived with any of our release milestones that we track right now?
17:03:46 <nickm> nor i
17:04:14 <dgoulet> nope
17:04:24 <ahf> ok good
17:05:00 <ahf> i saw you bumped the release deadline for 0.4.7 a month forward but otherwise we have nothing to do with the release wiki page, right?
17:05:56 <nickm> right.  I think we do need to reconsider our C policies at some point too, but
17:05:59 <nickm> that doesn't have to be now
17:06:02 <ahf> yeah
17:06:14 <nickm> (eg, do we still want to aim for 2-3 release series per year?)
17:06:28 <dgoulet> +1 on the reconsideration there
17:06:38 <ahf> this plays a bit in with the next item too, which is backports. david and i had a short sync earlier today where we talked about general release stuff including backports. i think we will be talking more about all of that in the next days/weeks on all of this
17:06:44 <dgoulet> maybe something we can figure out on Thu
17:06:59 <ahf> i haven't gone over our backport pile today, but i will try to get an overview one of the upcoming days when i am done with CV reading and emails
17:07:05 <dgoulet> yeah
17:07:24 <ahf> dgoulet: ya, the thursday meeting is a good place to kick off that conversation with more concrete steps
17:08:03 <dgoulet> I meant mostly for the C policy but sure we can extend
17:08:13 <ahf> tpo/core/team looks fine - nothing new. i have the arti website thing on my list again and will work with the sysadmins on that too. i think they did most things on their end so it is just pending me
17:08:14 <ahf> dgoulet: ya
17:09:20 <ahf> ok, no new tickets either from any of the other teams to us. i have my eyes on the s30 things that we need to do and i will coordinate that with anti-censorship probably this week
17:09:52 <ahf> i see no messages or discussion topics for today's meeting
17:10:16 <nickm> I have none.  I'm focused on reading all the applications before the meeting tomorrow.
17:10:18 <ahf> anything we need to discuss today? i have the feeling we are all a bit in hiring mode at least today and probably tomorrow
17:10:20 <ahf> ya
17:10:34 <dgoulet> not much on my side
17:10:49 <ahf> oki, let's call it then. we don't have the s61 part of today's meeting since we did that already in bbb
17:10:58 <ahf> thanks folks! is good to be back!
17:11:04 <ahf> we can continue chatting in other channels
17:11:11 <ahf> #endmeeting