15:59:55 <meskio> #startmeeting tor anti-censorship meeting
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15:59:59 <meskio> hello everybody!!
16:00:05 <dcf1> hello
16:00:10 <meskio> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
16:00:20 <meskio> feel free to add what you've been working on and put items on the agenda
16:02:40 <meskio> I see there is one point about a go.mod warning
16:03:18 <dcf1> yes, that's mine
16:03:46 <dcf1> This user with go1.15 on CentOS gets a warning message when trying to "go build" Snowflake
16:04:16 <dcf1> I thought it might be because of a missing go.mod file in goptlib, but I added a go.mod file last week and apparently it is the same
16:04:26 <dcf1> Have you seen a similar warning message before?
16:05:02 <meskio> it says 'unkown v1.1.0'
16:05:10 <meskio> does goptlib has that version?
16:05:35 <dcf1> That's the version of the goptlib dependency in snowflake's go.mod file
16:05:48 <dcf1> v1.1.0 doesn't have its own go.mod file, but v1.2.0 does
16:06:14 <dcf1> however "go get ...goptlib.git@v1.2.0" should update the dependency version in snowflake's go.mod file (I will follow up with the reporter to make sure that worked)
16:06:39 <dcf1> Also we have not had any other reports of this from other users, so it may be something peculiar to the environment
16:07:20 <meskio> I see, maybe we should update the version in the snowflake repo? I haven't seen that problem before
16:07:53 <dcf1> Actually this is the first time I've seen it reported at all, and there are many programs other than snowflake that use goptlib
16:08:26 <meskio> yes, is weird, I also use go 1.15 in my development env (debian sid)
16:08:30 <dcf1> I'll check to make sure the version update actually worked for the user. Otherwise I'm the same, I don't know what to do.
16:09:15 <meskio> great, let's see if it does work for them
16:09:24 <dcf1> Okay, thanks, that's all for this topic for now.
16:10:40 <meskio> great, thanks for keeping an eye on it
16:10:49 <meskio> anything else to talk about today?
16:11:24 <dcf1> what is the "censorship snapshot"?
16:12:09 <meskio> the idea is to make a json file with the list of countries and the methods that work on each of them to connect to tor
16:12:26 <meskio> moat will provide this json
16:12:50 <meskio> and also an API endpoint that will answer with the method you can use in your location (based on the geolocation of the IP address)
16:12:57 <dcf1> Ok, I think I see, download the json at runtime, that way it doesn't have to be a static file in the distribution
16:13:05 <meskio> so tor browser will be able to configure the right plugable transport automatically
16:13:14 <dcf1> Neat, thanks
16:13:40 <meskio> we are working also with onionshare and orbot to use the same mechanism everywhere
16:14:12 <meskio> yes, is neat, I think it will improve heavily the usability of pluggable transports
16:15:07 <dcf1> that's all I have to talk about
16:15:13 <dcf1> reminder reading group next week
16:16:11 <meskio> yes this is the paper for next week: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3473604.3474564
16:16:51 <meskio> I'll wait some minutes before end the meeting
16:19:31 <meskio> #endmeeting