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15:00:17 <Jeremy_Rand_Talos> Hi!
15:00:25 <boklm> hi!
15:00:29 <GeKo> o/
15:01:34 <richard> o/
15:01:38 <sysrqb> hello hello
15:02:47 <sysrqb> Pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
15:05:59 <sysrqb> richard: ?
15:06:05 <richard> yes?
15:06:06 <sysrqb> oh, hi, you did wave
15:06:13 <sysrqb> all good
15:06:22 <richard> I didn't sleep in this week :eyes:
15:07:00 <sysrqb> these things happen.
15:07:03 <sysrqb> alright
15:07:19 <donuts> woops i'm here, got distracted in #cakeorpie
15:07:19 <sysrqb> richard: did you try building a macOS package last week?
15:07:37 <richard> hmm, i don't recall if it was last week or the week prior
15:07:54 <richard> tried to manually update to 10.15 (so before any of your 10.12(?) fixes)
15:07:55 <sysrqb> okay, if it wasn't last week then you didn't try my branch
15:08:00 <richard> yeah no i didn't
15:08:07 <richard> i yolo'd it and surprisingly it didn't jus twork
15:08:19 <sysrqb> yeah. surprise
15:08:37 <richard> if that's ready I can give it a go and make donuts an up to date build w/ the current UX fixes
15:08:57 <donuts> yess that would be fantastic, I can do a more in depth design QA
15:09:24 <richard> (you don't have another OS available right donuts?)
15:09:37 <sysrqb> boklm: i'll assign you tor-browser-build!342 so you can begin reviewing that, too
15:09:56 <sysrqb> it needs some more work, but it builds packages, at least
15:10:17 <boklm> sysrqb: ok, I started looking at it
15:10:28 <sysrqb> ah, okay great
15:10:29 <sysrqb> thanks
15:10:30 <donuts> richard: unfortunately only the macs made it across the atlantic, sorry :(
15:10:30 <richard> that's a surprisingly large patchst to get macOS working
15:10:42 <donuts> hrm actually
15:10:48 * donuts is thinking
15:11:02 <donuts> I could set up a VM and do windows
15:11:40 <richard> yesss, join the VM crew
15:11:59 <richard> alright I'll first try out sysrqb's branch, then spin up a windows build if that fails
15:12:06 <boklm> I have a branch for building windows, but didn't test if the browser is running
15:12:19 <donuts> is virtualbox still the foss platform of choice?
15:12:28 <donuts> sounds good :)
15:12:55 <richard> donuts: for Linux and Windows VirtualBox is probably easiest to setup/configure
15:13:12 <sysrqb> virtualbox usually works. i know parallels is more common on macOS
15:13:22 <donuts> I have an older mac that's still intel, should work
15:13:25 <sysrqb> but that might cost $$$
15:13:29 <donuts> but ram etc. is a bit of a bottleneck on that machien
15:13:36 <donuts> *machine
15:13:49 <richard> I personally use qemu on Linux but uh, no idea how well that translates to other OSs
15:14:03 <richard> if you run into any issues I'd be happy to help :)
15:14:29 <donuts> great, okay this sounds like an acceptable plan B ^^
15:16:10 <sysrqb> Jeremy_Rand_Talos: at this point, unfortunately I'll need to say yes. We won't have any capacity for reviewing patches until after the 91esr transition is complete
15:17:00 <richard> oh wow ARM would be dope
15:17:06 <Jeremy_Rand_Talos> sysrqb, ok, that's what I expected.  Primarily my fault for taking so long to get these patches cleaned up anyway.
15:18:22 <sysrqb> hopefully the 91esr transition isn't too difficult
15:18:28 <Jeremy_Rand_Talos> Hopefully I'll get them rebased on top on ESR91 before the next ESR transition :P
15:18:36 <sysrqb> heh
15:20:40 <sysrqb> my last update is that I have a testing update infrastructure setup, and the updater is mostly working for 91esr, i think
15:22:07 <sysrqb> i'm hitting a signature verification error right now, despite the fact that i overwrote the secondary public key with my test key
15:22:35 <sysrqb> but the full mar generation and update-responses seem to still work
15:23:05 <GeKo> you might have overwrittn the wrong secondary key
15:23:10 <sysrqb> hopefully the signature verification is a mistake i made
15:23:15 <GeKo> that process is a bit hairy
15:23:30 <sysrqb> i have this in the build file
15:23:31 <sysrqb> +  cp $rootdir/marsigner.der toolkit/mozapps/update/updater/nightly_aurora_level3_secondary.der
15:23:44 <sysrqb> where marsigner.der is the new test key
15:24:32 <sysrqb> i build two nightly packages, using TORBROWSER_NIGHTLY_VERSION=testbuild1 and TORBROWSER_NIGHTLY_VERSION=testbuild2
15:24:41 <sysrqb> so they should both have the correct key (?)
15:24:57 <sysrqb> and then i tried updateing testbuild1 to testbuild2 using the updater
15:25:05 <sysrqb> *i built
15:25:15 <GeKo> you are building a nightly build or test build or?
15:25:37 <sysrqb> nightly, like 'TORBROWSER_NIGHTLY_VERSION=testbuild1 make nightly-linux-x86_64'
15:25:52 <sysrqb> sorry, i know naming it as testbuild is a little confusing
15:26:49 <sysrqb> this could be a problem with my configuration, so I should probably look closer at that before we try debugging it together
15:27:13 <sysrqb> unless you see something obvious :)
15:28:02 <GeKo> sysrqb: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/26045#note_2649163
15:28:08 <GeKo> is what i ran into back then :)
15:29:33 <GeKo> so you might hit the same issue
15:29:48 <sysrqb> yeah, that looks similar
15:30:05 <sysrqb> i'll try applying the update directly, too
15:31:40 <sysrqb> ah
15:32:30 <sysrqb> and i'll check the code and make sure the name of the key files didn't change
15:32:50 <sysrqb> i see now https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/26045#note_2649163
15:33:58 <boklm> I think we set the channel to nightly now
15:34:40 <sysrqb> i think we do, too, but i'll review the code to make sure we didn't miss a change Mozilla made that would affect us here
15:35:00 <GeKo> yeah, i did not look closely
15:35:16 <GeKo> but that ticket came to mind because i remember dealing with that one was painful
15:35:28 <GeKo> maybe it helps
15:35:44 <sysrqb> yeah, thanks for finding it
15:36:15 <GeKo> heh, yes, was hard to convince gitlab presenting it to me
15:36:45 <sysrqb> i believe it
15:37:11 <sysrqb> now i have a better direction than simply:
15:37:14 <sysrqb> ERROR: Error verifying signature.
15:38:37 <GeKo> sysrqb: do you release the stable mobile this week, too?
15:38:50 <sysrqb> yes
15:38:54 <GeKo> i am a bit confused about where we are currently lagging in our release cycle
15:39:08 <GeKo> but i think that one is affected, too
15:39:09 <GeKo> ok
15:39:50 <sysrqb> richard: i want to talk with you about that one, too
15:40:05 <GeKo> and the first esr91 alpha is supposed to happen on 10/05?
15:40:25 <sysrqb> i'd like to prelease one earlier
15:40:35 <richard> mk
15:40:42 <sysrqb> but at this rate, 10/05 is a good default
15:40:51 <GeKo> well, 10/05 means building next week
15:40:51 <sysrqb> *release
15:41:01 <GeKo> and we don't have nightly builds yet
15:41:07 <sysrqb> yes
15:43:43 <sysrqb> okay, i don't see any other topics for this meeting
15:43:49 <sysrqb> thanks everyone, have a good week
15:43:54 <sysrqb> #endmeeting