13:59:45 <ggus> #startmeeting Community team meeting
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13:59:49 <ggus> hi hi
13:59:59 <championquizzer> hello ggus
14:00:04 <nah> hello
14:00:08 <championquizzer> o/
14:00:12 <ggus> Community team weekly meetings are back! (yay!)
14:00:26 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2021-keep
14:01:12 <ggus> please update with the work you're doing this week or done last week. and please add your topics into discussion section
14:01:56 <ggus> emmapeel: are you around?
14:02:05 <ggus> hello championquizzer nah o//
14:02:26 <donuts> I'm lurking but in another meeting at the same time :)
14:05:13 <ggus> alright let's get started
14:05:21 <ggus> - Share team updates (new team member, OKRs)
14:06:05 <ggus> championquizzer is joining our team now as part time user support specialist!
14:06:22 <donuts> woo! \o/
14:06:50 <championquizzer> :) \o/
14:06:51 <nah> yay!
14:07:09 <ggus> if you see tor users needing help somewhere in the interwebz, you can point them to championquizzer. :)
14:07:32 <championquizzer> anytime!
14:08:26 <ggus> the next team update is about OKRs and i wished emmapeel was around to talk about it.
14:09:01 <ggus> in 2 weeks, we will need to present our team OKRs to other teams
14:09:39 <ggus> i will start an email thread so we can start putting together our objectives and key results we want to achieve in 2021
14:11:04 <ggus> this is all for this topic. let's move to the next item
14:11:14 <ggus> - Tor Forum moderation policy:
14:11:30 <ggus> i've started to work on the moderation policy
14:11:39 <ggus> and you can find it here:      https://forum.torproject.net/t/welcome-to-the-tor-project-forum/7/2
14:12:14 <ggus> at the moment it's the tor project code of conduct + a rust-inspired moderation guideline
14:12:46 <ggus> a better #link https://forum.torproject.net/t/welcome-to-the-tor-project-forum/7
14:13:44 <ggus> if you have any feedback, please share here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40038
14:16:21 <ggus> questions about the moderation policy?
14:17:49 <nah> i'll take some time to read it and give feedback
14:17:55 <ggus> thanks, nah!
14:18:07 <ggus> i will move to the other topic
14:18:14 <ggus> - Tor Forum moderators group:
14:18:15 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40036
14:18:19 <ggus> gaba: you around?
14:20:29 <ggus> As part of Dicourse trust level, I thought of making every core contributor (selected by email *@torproject.org) part of the group 'staff'. and if i'm not wrong, it also make you moderator (i need to check this).
14:20:50 <ggus> that would be helpful, but for some sections
14:21:05 <ggus> we will need to have dedicated moderators, eg, user support and user feedback
14:21:39 <emmapeel> hello, sorry im late
14:21:43 <nah> are you going to have an open call for moderators?
14:23:21 <ggus> nah: i thought about that, and for the soft release, we probably won't need. and in official release, when we embed the discourse in the blog, then we could follow the current policy of "if you're the blog post author, you need to moderate the comments".
14:25:19 <emmapeel> i can check if you can subscribe to a topic or something more sofisticated
14:26:40 <championquizzer> i remember we discussed about publicising the forum on r/tor and tor stack exchange. maybe we can invite the moderators from those platforms as well? but yeah, adding them as 'staff' wouldn't be a good fit
14:26:41 <ggus> i have checked other privacy related discourse forums, and they don't get too many topics per week. but who knows.
14:27:31 <emmapeel> ggus: on the moderation policy you mention the 'Tor Project standards of conduct' is that different than the code of conduct?
14:27:49 <emmapeel> if it is the code of conduct maybe we can change the name and add a link?
14:28:28 <ggus> it's the same thing, i can change to code of conduct
14:28:55 <emmapeel> i think is better to stick to one name, to prevent confusion
14:28:55 <ggus> done
14:28:59 <emmapeel> thanks!
14:30:42 <ggus> nah: donuts: for the new UX forum section, you would be in charge of the moderation. is that okay?
14:30:57 <donuts> that's fine with me, for syre!
14:30:59 <donuts> *sure!
14:31:20 <ggus> more specif. this one: https://forum.torproject.net/c/feedback/5
14:31:46 <emmapeel> ggus: i like the moderation policy! especially the last paragraph before the code of conduct
14:33:00 <ggus> yeah, it's based on rust community docs. they are very nice.
14:33:04 <nah> ggus: yes, it's fine by me
14:33:39 <emmapeel> i will take care of https://forum.torproject.net/c/feedback/localization-feedback/8
14:34:12 <ggus> tbh, i'm not expecting a lot of work during the soft release phase
14:34:16 <emmapeel> (i will keep my mind open for more translators to moderate, if they want)
14:34:46 <ggus> ok, let's move to the other topic.
14:34:57 <ggus> - Tor Forum soft release:
14:34:59 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40039
14:35:57 <ggus> i think there's something missing there. it's about the topics short description that we have talked with you, championquizzer.
14:36:01 <nah> ggus: how do we change the category description? should we send you a new one?
14:36:20 <ggus> nah: if you have an account, i believe you can edit
14:36:21 <championquizzer> ggus: this on my plate for this week!
14:36:29 <nah> (maybe i just don't have the privileges to do it)
14:37:08 <ggus> nah: let's check after the meeting
14:37:22 <emmapeel> nah: do you see a little pencil on the date at the top of the category?
14:37:33 <emmapeel> oops sorry
14:37:34 <nah> nop!
14:37:46 <nah> ok, after the meeting
14:39:16 <ggus> checking the task list, i believe we can soft launch next week
14:39:26 <ggus> what do you all think?
14:40:53 <emmapeel> what about the mod training?
14:41:14 <ggus> we can schedule this week or next week.
14:41:22 <championquizzer> what exactly is the audience for the soft launch and where are we going to make the announcement? (i see social media post and blog post on the checklist?)
14:42:59 <ggus> the audience is our community: mailing lists and social media. for social media, we can say that we're testing this new user support forum and that in the future, it will replace our blog comments.
14:44:25 <emmapeel> ggus: sorry if this is already covered on some of the tickets, i skimmed thorugh and didnt find: will be easy for people to join the forum then?
14:44:53 <ggus> emmapeel: there's this item here -
14:44:55 <ggus> Include Discourse logo on the site footer, like we have for GitHub and other channels (need a ticket)
14:45:26 <emmapeel> as we got added by lava mind
14:47:08 <ggus> emmapeel: there are some examples of discourse embeded in static blogs. i dont have a link right now
14:47:23 <ggus> but people will see that they need to create an account to comment on the blog
14:48:07 <emmapeel> ggus: ok, cool. so anybody can create an account now?
14:48:31 <ggus> not now, but they will after we do the soft release.
14:48:54 <ggus> we need to do the soft release so people can create accounts and lavamind can embed the discourse into the blog
14:50:40 <emmapeel> oh, i see. i want to invite translators to use the forum, but for that i need them to be able to create an account. or maybe i can create their accounts?
14:51:21 <ggus> i guess wait for the soft release, then they will be able to create by their own
14:51:53 <ggus> emmapeel: but hey, you will be able to use the forum during the localization hangout in october
14:52:05 <championquizzer> long term, are we planning to moderate the account creation process (like for gitlab.tpo)?
14:53:46 <championquizzer> ggus: if we announce while keeping it invite-only, I am expecting to receive a lot of comments on 'how to sign up'. Something we definitely should be mentioning in the announcement post
14:54:20 <emmapeel> i feel it would be good that people can create an account when they want to comment on a ticket, wihtout waiting for approval. but if they violate the code of conduct they need to go.
14:54:26 <championquizzer> i.e mention how to get your account, e.g. ping this person, etc.
14:54:32 <ggus> championquizzer: i need to check, but i think discourse has some features for approving accounts, which wasn't the case of gitlab. and the idea is to have the forum publicly open.
14:54:48 <championquizzer> right
14:54:52 <emmapeel> yes, i agree with championquizzer that we should only announce when people can create account
14:55:08 <ggus> they will be able to create accounts during the soft release
14:56:44 <ggus> ok, anything else for today?
14:57:25 <emmapeel> no, i wait for the OKR thread. i will open some tickets about weblate etc
14:58:18 <ggus> oks :)
14:58:26 <ggus> have a good week everyon! talk soon o/
14:58:31 <ggus> #endmeeting