16:59:51 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 19th october 2021
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16:59:53 <ahf> hello hello
16:59:59 <dgoulet> o/
17:00:01 <nickm> hi everybody!
17:00:07 <eta> o/
17:00:12 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2021.1-keep
17:00:58 <ahf> let's start by looking at our team dashboard at https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:01:15 <ahf> eta: here we all just take a look at the board for ourselves and often use the search function to limit the board just to our own stuff
17:01:36 * eta nods
17:01:43 <ahf> so for example, searching for Assignee = ahf and then i check if everything is alright
17:01:55 <ahf> once you start being assigned to tickets you will quickly get into the flow here
17:02:12 <ahf> does everybody's boards look OK?
17:02:20 <dgoulet> good now
17:02:35 <ahf> dgoulet: i added Doing to a few things earlier for you in my triage session with gaba
17:02:39 <ahf> based on our earlier release meeting
17:02:40 <nickm> yeah, I think so.  We're going to have to rearrange all the tickets for arti 0.0.1, but that is probably best done at the arti meeting tomorrow
17:02:49 <dgoulet> ahf: I just moved one thing, it is all good
17:03:06 <ahf> nickm: sounds good - have you told eta about the arti meetings? i don't think access to nextcloud is there yet
17:03:17 * eta has not been informed about this
17:03:46 <ahf> eta: we have a bi-weekly (i think it is) sync on everything arti where we also sometimes have some external parties in
17:03:53 <ahf> let me find the time tomorrow
17:04:16 <ahf> is at 15 UTC
17:04:25 <eta> ack
17:04:33 <ahf> PM'ing you the pad for it
17:04:38 <eta> ...is there an ical feed I can import with these, ooi?
17:04:56 <ahf> yes, when you get access to nextcloud
17:04:57 <ahf> :-/
17:04:58 <eta> ah right
17:05:04 <ahf> then all of the orgs meetings are in different calendars
17:05:07 <eta> neato
17:05:18 <ahf> yeah, it is sometimes a bit chaos, but usually it works well
17:05:19 <nickm> btw, we have been doing the arti meetings as recorded video calls that we post on youtube.  We've been doing them that way, but now that the team is expanding, we can change how we do it if you want.
17:05:52 <ahf> ya, good point
17:05:59 * eta doesn't really mind that
17:06:08 <nickm> ok, we'll keep it up
17:06:31 <ahf> ok, that was boards
17:06:50 <ahf> release status
17:06:58 <ahf> dgoulet and i are working on preparing tor.git releases for next week
17:07:07 <ahf> went over some issues and MR's today with backport labels on
17:07:16 <ahf> i think david got his things merged, i am missing one issue and one MR
17:07:29 <ahf> otherwise i think we are OK there
17:07:42 <nickm> what's your timeframe on the changelogs?  I'd like to suggest doing the 047 changelog first, then getting it edited, and only then doing the changelogs for older releases
17:07:55 <nickm> that way if there are fixes on the 047 entries you don't need to backport them more than once
17:08:02 <ahf> maybe we'll dive into it this week, maybe we'll dive into it on monday
17:08:12 <nickm> ack
17:08:54 <ahf> ya
17:08:57 <ahf> not very strict there
17:09:04 <ahf> ok!
17:09:16 <ahf> we haven't gotten anything new in for our tables from any other teams
17:09:29 <ahf> EXCEPT from health team where there is an issue with metricsport and dns handling that dgoulet is onto
17:09:36 <ahf> which is part of the work for next week's releases
17:10:22 <ahf> ok, we have no announcements for today
17:10:23 <nickm> do you think that will be difficult/risky and/or need testing?
17:10:35 <ahf> it will need some testing with an exit node i think
17:10:46 <ahf> dgoulet: ^^
17:11:11 <dgoulet> not risky, testing yes
17:11:16 <nickm> It might make sense to have a continue/defer decision on thursday or friday then.  You might decide to delay the release if needed.
17:11:31 <nickm> or not, if the risk is low enough
17:11:34 <dgoulet> once we get the patch, we'll be in that process
17:11:41 <nickm> great
17:11:41 <ahf> ya, for sure, we'll probably do a release status on our thursday meeting anyway
17:12:27 <ahf> ok, we have an excellent discussion item from nickm which is related to last meeting's discussion item
17:12:35 <ahf> 2021-10-19 [nickm] Maybe transition team updates to forum/blog? (Since nobody is reading this...)
17:12:44 <ahf> this is related to the status updates we sometimes do in this meeting pad
17:12:57 <ahf> last time we put in a small message at the bottom saying "if anybody reads this please prod ahf on irc"
17:13:07 <ahf> and nobody did, which either means people wont PM me or nobody reads the status messages except us
17:13:09 <nickm> yup.  Basically, we've been sending out copies of this meeting pad, along with links to this meeting log, to the tor-project@ mailing list.  (IIRC)
17:13:31 <ahf> we no longer sent out things to tor-project@ after i did the same thing with "please prod ahf if you read so far" in a few of them
17:13:37 <ahf> nobody reads them
17:13:44 <ahf> except for us maybe
17:13:45 <nickm> So those updates aren't doing a good job of keeping anybody informed about our activities
17:13:51 <ahf> i agree
17:14:20 <ahf> so, i think i have a pretty good idea about the technical stuff we do each week and i could gather this in a summary that y'all just approve instead
17:14:25 <nickm> We should come up with a better way to let everybody know what we're up to. I do find the pads useful for organizing my thoughts and todo lists...
17:14:30 <ahf> but what i'll miss from these updates is all the things people do that isn't "direct engineering"
17:14:33 <ahf> like if you go do a talk on tor
17:14:38 <ahf> or write a blog post about community things
17:14:43 <nickm> yeah
17:15:07 <ahf> nickm: what about we just keep a big list we add things to? or is the part that keeps you well the part where it's specific to you?
17:15:20 <nickm> I'd be fine with a 'big list' too
17:15:24 <ahf> we could do it per project? arti, tor, shadow, ...
17:15:28 <ahf> ok!
17:15:44 <ahf> how about i try to come up with a format for this and then we try something else, then we could do "This month from the network team" updates to ML's/blogs ?
17:15:46 <nickm> we could have a section that we edit, review, and post after the meeting?
17:15:50 <ahf> yep
17:15:56 <nickm> great; that would rock
17:16:03 <ahf> but where i try to pre-fill it with what i have observed maybe
17:16:09 <nickm> up to you
17:16:15 <ahf> ok
17:16:16 <ahf> excellent
17:16:25 <ahf> i think we should do that too, then i also think this may have some values for people other than us
17:16:43 <ahf> i'll try to get something ready for next monday then
17:17:06 <ahf> do we have anything else to talk about today?
17:17:17 <ahf> or does people wanna return to vim/emacs/vscode/... ? :-)
17:17:37 <eta> (intellij-rust, I'll have you know :p)
17:17:42 <ahf> !
17:17:44 <ahf> that is a new one
17:17:44 <nickm> quick note -- i've added a couple of items to the arti meeting pad for tomorrow
17:17:54 <ahf> nickm: excellent, i'll join it too
17:18:07 <nickm> nothing revolutionary, but important to figure out
17:18:20 <nickm> ( That meeting pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/arti-meeting-pad-keep )
17:18:34 <ahf> perfect
17:18:37 <nickm> and I think that's it from me.
17:18:42 <nickm> Also did we formally welcome eta?
17:18:46 <nickm> Welcome eta, formally!
17:18:51 <ahf> we have no s61 section of the meeting today
17:18:53 * eta is formally welcomed
17:18:56 <nickm> :)
17:19:27 <ahf> yes, welcome to the team, eta! feel free to prod any of us if you have any questions. we probably do things very differently from elsewhere, but we also open to suggestions for feedback on processes and pretty much everything :-)
17:19:46 <eta> ahf, noted, thanks!
17:19:49 <ahf> i am gonna call the meeting and we can return to what we were doing before :-D
17:19:52 <ahf> #endmeeting