13:59:54 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team November 08 2021
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13:59:57 <championquizzer> hello! \o/
14:00:01 <ggus> hello everyone
14:00:07 <emmapeel> hello!
14:00:11 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2021-keep
14:00:13 <hackerncoder> Hi
14:00:30 <ggus> please add your updates and then we will start the meeting
14:01:24 <emmapeel> wow ggus those pull requests are ... thick
14:01:50 <ggus> yeah
14:02:40 <Buchi[m]> Hello everyone
14:02:50 <Shreya> hii
14:03:11 <Shreya> can I get the meeting pad link?
14:03:20 <emmapeel> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2021-keep
14:03:25 <Shreya> ty
14:03:28 <emmapeel> nw
14:04:45 <nah> o/
14:05:38 <ggus> alright, let's get started
14:05:49 <ggus> * Forum update and pending tasks
14:06:21 <ggus> last week we've launched officially the tor forum https://blog.torproject.org/tor-forum-a-new-discussion-platform
14:07:09 <ggus> some ppl were unhappy with the change (ie, creating an account to comment), but we're getting good contributions on the forum
14:07:55 <ggus> there are some pending issues: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40046
14:08:49 <ggus> championquizzer: do you have an estimation when we will have this task done?^
14:09:17 <championquizzer> yes, by this week. I refrained from doing anything to the web repo last week :p
14:09:36 <emmapeel> hehehe
14:09:51 <emmapeel> wise move!
14:10:24 <championquizzer> i will need help with adding the forum links to irc and matrix
14:10:33 <championquizzer> but we already have on RT!
14:10:58 <championquizzer> and i already pointed some users to discussions on the forum from frontdesk :)
14:11:17 <ggus> cool! did they get back to you?
14:11:34 <championquizzer> none so far
14:12:47 <ggus> championquizzer: one thing we should test is fwding emails from RT to Discourse and see how it looks like
14:13:12 <ggus> so others from the community can answer the user
14:13:26 <ggus> it would be nice if we could remove their private email, though
14:13:38 <championquizzer> ggus: yes, but we will have to be careful because folks email frontdesk with the idea that it's confidential by default
14:13:42 <emmapeel> we should be careful with making emails and comments users send in private, public
14:13:48 <emmapeel> exactly!
14:14:09 <emmapeel> not only the email, alos other information and the way they write, etc
14:14:35 <championquizzer> exactly. Reason why we never discuss details of the email in public
14:15:04 <ggus> that's why i said *test* and not *do* :)
14:15:16 <championquizzer> ggus: but i get the idea. i have started poining users to discussions on the forum
14:15:23 <championquizzer> *pointing
14:15:41 <championquizzer> next i am looking at some way we can have a auto-reply
14:15:45 <ggus> cool! let's see how this approach goes and we can adjust in the next week/months
14:16:02 <championquizzer> like, "we have received your ticket, also checkout the forum"
14:16:39 <ggus> championquizzer: it's possible, but i never did that on RT. maybe we can ask lavamind
14:17:17 <ggus> alright, anything else you want to share about the new forum? :)
14:17:49 <championquizzer> first week has been super busy with moderation
14:18:07 <championquizzer> but I am happy with the quality of posts we are receiving!
14:18:18 <ggus> +1
14:18:37 <emmapeel> +1
14:19:39 <ggus> i will move to the next topic
14:19:44 <ggus> > * Community presentation - State of The Onion 2021 and rehearsal
14:20:07 <ggus> next week we will have SOTO live stream
14:20:16 <championquizzer> it's that time of the year! :)
14:20:25 <ggus> and this week i need to put together the community presentation
14:20:45 <ggus> it's a 5 minutes long presentation about what we have accomplished this year and what's next
14:21:33 <ggus> i will create a pad, so you can add stuff about localization, emmapeel, and you can add user support stats, championquizzer
14:21:50 <championquizzer> ack! will do
14:21:50 <ggus> + anything else you would like to highlight
14:22:11 <ggus> it was a quite busy year!
14:22:17 <Shreya> let me know if there's anyway I can help with, like documenting, design etc
14:22:28 <emmapeel> ok
14:22:32 <ggus> thnak you, Shreya!
14:23:18 <ggus> https://forum.torproject.net/t/state-of-the-onion-2021/284
14:23:58 <ggus> i will move to the next topic
14:24:09 <ggus> * 'Run a Bridge' campaign
14:24:18 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/24
14:25:01 <ggus> i still need to write a blog post and address some comments that geko and others did on the ticket
14:25:20 <ggus> the campaign should go online next week
14:25:34 <Shreya> and I need info about the spreadsheet
14:25:58 <ggus> Shreya: what info?
14:26:49 <Shreya> you asked me to create a spreadsheet in last meeting, is it designing rewards graph?
14:27:41 <ggus> Shreya: that spreadsheet is for the Outreachy contribution, no?
14:28:08 <Shreya> I thought it was for blog post
14:28:37 <Shreya> their might have been some confusion
14:30:03 <ggus> for the blog post we will need some images, if you have suggestions for the rewards graph, you can add to the ticket, but that won't count as part of the Outreachy application.
14:30:05 <Shreya> I have created the timeline if thats what you were going for
14:30:19 <Shreya> suree
14:31:00 <Buchi[m]> Shreya: it was actually the task three requirement on the outreachy page.
14:31:00 <Buchi[m]> You made a final application to this project right?
14:31:09 <Shreya> yes
14:31:34 <Shreya> oh
14:31:45 <Buchi[m]> Shreya: Alright, cool!
14:32:18 <ggus> emmapeel: do you want to go next?
14:32:33 <emmapeel> yes.
14:33:15 <emmapeel> just wanted to let you know that the jenkins demise has also affected the translation staging sites, and i am working on this now. i am not sure when it is going to be solved because i need help to fix it
14:33:48 <ggus> do we have a ticket for that?
14:34:24 <emmapeel> and i have decided to have a different approach to build this websites. instead of having a translations branch for each lektor, i now have a set of configuration files in the l10n repo, i download the master repo and add my files on top, and that is how we get the staging sites with more translations
14:34:36 <emmapeel> LOTS OF TICKETS! :D:D:D
14:34:50 <ggus> hah, add to the pad!
14:35:39 <emmapeel> ok, i will do.
14:36:01 <ggus> when is the next l10n hangout?
14:36:06 <emmapeel> on Nov 19th
14:36:22 <emmapeel> next hangout we are going to talk about the process to get accords about translation terms
14:36:57 <emmapeel> and i was thinking on doing something similar to what the ACT does with the reading group: to discuss an article about localization during each hangout
14:37:28 <championquizzer> emmapeel: yess! i was just about to mention the latter ;)
14:37:41 <ggus> emmapeel: cool!
14:38:10 <emmapeel> the ACT discusses proper papers, but we will discuss interesting articles, etc
14:38:30 <championquizzer> sounds great
14:39:04 <emmapeel> so if you have an interesting article about l10n, please ping me :D
14:40:22 <ggus> emmapeel: btw, we should add l10n hangouts on the SOTO presentation.
14:40:27 <emmapeel> yes
14:41:34 <ggus> i will move to our last topic
14:41:42 <ggus> > * User docs: Tor Browser 11 release
14:41:58 <championquizzer> happy to put this on my plate
14:42:00 <ggus> TB 11 release is coming out today
14:42:46 <ggus> we will need to update some screenshots
14:42:59 <ggus> and add some notes that v2 is fully deprecated now
14:43:40 <ggus> dunno, if TB 11 will have other features
14:43:48 <emmapeel> yes, yesterday reviewing translations i saw a string about 'v2 services will not work from july 2021'
14:45:19 <emmapeel> ggus: not sure if it is important, but we should maybe check the documentation about editing the website to see if there is anything to be changed with gitlab being the main rapo no
14:46:01 <emmapeel> i noticed donuts is preparing a post in tpo about the new tor browser, maybe he can give us more information about the changes
14:46:07 <ggus> championquizzer: let's open a ticket in tpo/web/support and tpo/web/tb-manual to track TB-11 update
14:46:23 <championquizzer> yes
14:46:44 <ggus> we might need to update TBA too
14:49:53 <ggus> anything else about TB-11 release?
14:51:59 <ggus> https://i.imgflip.com/5te9ua.jpg
14:52:10 <ggus> i will stop the bot :)
14:52:12 <ggus> #endmeeting