13:59:44 <donuts> #startmeeting ux monthly sync
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13:59:47 <championquizzer> hello o/
13:59:52 <nah> hello :)
13:59:56 <Shreya> hii o/
13:59:56 <donuts> hey championquizzer!
14:00:01 <donuts> hi nah :)
14:00:05 <donuts> hey shreya!
14:00:22 <Shreya> this is my first ux meeting'
14:00:32 <championquizzer> welcome! :)
14:00:36 <donuts> welcome!!
14:00:46 <donuts> here's the pad we collaborate on: https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
14:00:47 <Shreya> :)
14:01:03 <donuts> There's an agenda in there we'll run through – please feel free to add anything you'd like to discuss there ^^
14:01:56 <donuts> okay, first up – TB11 has officially launched!
14:02:17 <donuts> I pushed the buttons on the blog and forum posts last night:
14:02:18 <donuts> https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-11-0
14:02:28 <donuts> and https://forum.torproject.net/t/new-release-tor-browser-11-0/504
14:03:00 <donuts> it looks like there have been a few comments since then, I'll be replying to them
14:03:19 <donuts> (we're trying a new strategy of deactivating comments on the blog, and redirecting them to the forum thread)
14:04:22 <nah> looks great, donuts!
14:04:33 <donuts> Hrm, I might have been a little trigger happy on the posts too – it doesn't seem like users are getting updates yet – I'll check in with the devs in a bit to see if everything synced correctly in the end
14:04:42 <donuts> thanks!
14:04:56 <championquizzer> donuts: the auto update seems to be now rolling out
14:05:07 <donuts> oh great, ty championquizzer
14:05:07 <championquizzer> in the past couple of hours
14:05:20 <ggus> o//
14:05:21 <donuts> I wonder why it took so long this time
14:05:30 <donuts> hi ggus!
14:05:40 <sweetcurator> Hi, Imauri here.
14:05:48 <ggus> great UI work, donuts!!
14:05:54 <donuts> nice to see you sweetcurator!
14:06:07 <ggus> hey Imauri o/
14:06:11 <donuts> thanks ggus! the devs did an amazing job with this release
14:06:13 <championquizzer> yes, this release has been great work!
14:06:40 <sweetcurator> Joined a couple meetings before. Have a little more capacity to support anyway I can.
14:06:53 <championquizzer> great. welcome, sweetcurator
14:06:54 <sweetcurator> Hey gus!
14:06:59 <donuts> one thing to note championquizzer is that we have some pretty big "known issues", some of which will hopefully be patched in 11.0.1 later this week
14:07:00 <Shreya> I'm actually amazed at how the UI looks
14:07:21 <donuts> thanks sweetcurator! looking forward to having you here :)
14:07:54 <sweetcurator> Happy to be here!
14:07:59 <championquizzer> donuts: yes! actually, we are getting reports about those on frontdesk too :)
14:08:26 <donuts> ugh, fun
14:08:42 <donuts> do you have any questions championquizzer, or are you good for now?
14:09:36 <championquizzer> i'm good, thanks
14:09:51 <donuts> okay, fantastic
14:10:01 * donuts checks the agenda...
14:10:26 <donuts> So as most of you know already, we published a new job role for the UX team last week:
14:10:28 <donuts> https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs/brand-designer/
14:10:33 <donuts> for a brand designer!
14:10:41 <nah> yay \o/
14:11:01 <Shreya> can I assist the next brand designer?
14:11:21 <Shreya> I have some experience and would love to improve my skills
14:11:43 <donuts> any help is always welcome shreya, of course! it could be some time until this role is filled however
14:11:47 <donuts> and then they'll need time to settle in
14:11:58 <nah> please share this opening in your networks :)
14:12:09 <donuts> yes! please do
14:12:14 <Shreya> sure thing! :)
14:12:25 <donuts> I'm going to submit it to opensourcedesign.net this week, and will do some tweeting/linkedin-ing too
14:12:49 <donuts> If I have time I may add a couple of images to the job description to make it look a little more attractive too
14:12:55 <donuts> as it's a bit of a wall of text atm
14:13:05 <donuts> antonela has also shared it with her contacts <3
14:13:39 <hackerncoder> Reddit could use another newsletter... I'll get it in there
14:13:52 <donuts> aha thank you hackerncoder :)
14:14:21 <nah> "a wall of text" to show how much we need this new person
14:14:32 <ggus> hackerncoder: we will add a new job post today, please hold the reddit newsletter :)
14:14:39 <Shreya> has it been posted in design buddies? thats kind of a big community
14:14:48 <donuts> yes, it really became obvious after I wrote down all the requirements :)
14:14:58 <donuts> no shreya I'm not familiar with that one, could you link me please?
14:15:16 <Shreya> sure, just a sec
14:15:27 <donuts> ty ty
14:16:20 <Shreya> they mainly operate on discord- https://discord.gg/uDVxd8fJ
14:16:52 <donuts> got it, thanks shreya!
14:16:57 <donuts> I've found their site too: https://www.designbuddies.community/
14:17:11 <Shreya> woo!
14:18:06 <donuts> next up in the agenda: we'll be live streaming 2021's State of the Onion on the 17th (???) of this month
14:18:22 <donuts> so, a week on Wednesday (!!!)
14:19:08 <donuts> We'll be coordinating our portion of the livestream with the applications team, in a bit of an applications sandwich
14:19:16 <donuts> here's the current plan for the talking points we'll cover:
14:19:19 <donuts> https://pad.riseup.net/p/rdiOaKhefDlMKhrrz6Y1
14:19:51 <donuts> essentially applications will talk about tor browser before and the vpn project after I go
14:20:43 <donuts> my focus will be on TB11's proton-ification & what's next for tor browser, user research and introducing the VPN project before handing over
14:21:06 <donuts> nah: I'll need your help with the user research portion please, although it's gonna be short as I only have 5 mins total to get through _everything_ :)
14:21:12 <nah> great, donuts
14:21:14 <nah> yes, for sure!
14:21:36 <nah> i was playing around with our vpn discovery just before this meeting
14:22:01 <donuts> would you mind compiling a list of the fieldwork that's been done (albeit remotely) this year, and a summary of your fellowship work that happened in 2021?
14:22:04 <donuts> plus anything else you think should be mentioned?
14:22:26 <nah> for sure!
14:22:47 <donuts> thanks!
14:22:48 <nah> and pictures and other stuff that can be useful :)
14:22:57 <donuts> yes please! that would be fantastic :)
14:23:23 <donuts> I'm going to be working on this today
14:24:18 <donuts> also that's great re: the vpn survey!
14:24:27 <donuts> we might be able to sneak in a couple of insights, what do you think?
14:24:51 <donuts> basically, anything that would help support the rational for the project would be particularly useful for this livestream
14:25:36 <nah> yep!
14:25:59 <nah> i can share some findings in the next couple of days if that's ok
14:26:09 <nah> i have some data already, but not very useful
14:26:30 <nah> need some more work on the analysis side
14:26:32 <donuts> yep that will be fine, I'll keep some space!
14:27:03 <donuts> okay any comments/questions/suggestions about the SOTO or shall I move on?
14:27:21 <sweetcurator> nah if I can help with data analysis let me know!
14:27:57 <nah> thanks, sweetcurator!
14:28:12 <donuts> championquizzer's monthly status report can be viewed here: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2021-November/003218.html
14:28:26 <donuts> I've been so busy with TB11 I didn't have the chance to read it yesterday, unfortunately
14:28:32 <championquizzer> yes, AMA!
14:28:42 * donuts is scanning through it now...
14:29:03 <championquizzer> october's focus has been on the Tor Forum! https://forum.torproject.net/
14:29:06 <donuts> are private bridge requests up? or am I imagining things?
14:29:18 <donuts> oh it's because of the article, of course
14:29:23 <donuts> nvm
14:29:34 <championquizzer> donuts: lower than the past month, but quite high than average
14:29:42 <nah> championquizzer: what were these tickets about the vpn survey?
14:30:15 <donuts> I think at least one was after it had been closed
14:30:24 <championquizzer> feedback mostly. I have cc'ed you and donuts, please let me know if it didn't went through! :)
14:30:36 <championquizzer> nah: ^
14:30:38 <donuts> hrm, I think I just got that one email?
14:30:43 <donuts> let me check...
14:30:48 <nah> me too
14:31:23 <donuts> oh there's one from a user offering additional feedback about why they use a vpn
14:32:02 <championquizzer> nah: i will quickly check again
14:32:07 <ggus> (i had a weird dream yesterday, where someone asked me private bridges, and after sharing w them, they were threatening us to publish)
14:32:22 <nah> yes! that's the one i got too! why they use vpn instead of tor sometimes
14:32:23 <donuts> oh no haha, you need a vacation ggus
14:32:28 <nah> oh no!
14:32:33 <ggus> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
14:32:35 <championquizzer> lol ggus
14:32:55 <hackerncoder> Please don't tell me its like arma's dreams, which might actually be true
14:33:31 <ggus> hackerncoder: haha no!
14:33:38 <championquizzer> hackerncoder: the TBA one? haha
14:33:51 <Shreya> take care of your health ggus, it might be because of stress
14:35:20 <donuts> while championquizzer investigates, shall we move on to S30 (was that your addition nah?)?
14:35:26 <nah> yess
14:35:40 <donuts> I can't believe how soon this one is, time is moving too fast :'(
14:35:43 <championquizzer> donuts: nah: sorry, RT search is not at all good. I will ping you after the meeting
14:35:54 <donuts> championquizzer: no problem at all, ty!
14:36:10 <nah> yes, it's ok, thanks championquizzer :)
14:36:22 <nah> so, s30, i'll be joining ggus in a training in the end of the month
14:36:53 <nah> this training will focus on tor browser and some other tools to circumvent censorship
14:37:18 <donuts> can you remind me roughly how many participants you're expecting at this session?
14:37:38 <nah> ggus ? ^
14:37:47 <nah> i think up to 20, not so sure
14:37:48 <ggus> max 15 ppl
14:37:52 <nah> ok ;)
14:38:23 <donuts> lovely, ty
14:38:42 <nah> i don't think we will have new prototypes to test by then
14:38:57 <donuts> by prototypes you mean nightlies/alphas?
14:39:12 <nah> yes, but more specifically for bridges selection?
14:39:26 <donuts> yep, correct
14:39:54 <richard> (speaking of tor trainings, the slides/assets could be updated to the new proton UI)
14:40:05 <ggus> i was planning to have a censored router, to block tor connections, and see how they would get bridges/connect to tor.
14:40:22 <donuts> richard: good shout
14:40:34 <nah> my current plan is to test users understanding and pain points using and setting up prioritizing onion services and using and setting up bridges
14:40:42 <ggus> richard: soon(tm)
14:41:05 <richard> (just know, you'll have to do the work again when we have new about:torconnect/torpreferences from the auto censorship circumvention work)
14:41:11 <richard> (in like, januaryish)
14:41:15 * richard *awaaay*
14:41:18 <donuts> ggus/nah: so my idea for this one was to build a figma prototype of the planned censorship circumvention features, and use an alpha/nightly with a censored router in a later UR session (i.e. in other countries)
14:41:24 <donuts> hehe thanks richard
14:42:11 <donuts> sorry, I may not have been clear about that
14:42:48 <nah> ok, so we can have a figma prototype for this one?
14:42:53 <nah> that would be great :)
14:42:54 <donuts> yes I'm hoping to
14:43:17 <donuts> it'll not be fully functional obviously, more like a clickable slideshow
14:43:27 <donuts> (well, slightly better than that – but you get the idea)
14:43:35 <nah> no problem, that's great!
14:43:46 <nah> i'll plan the research with that, then
14:43:53 <donuts> lovely, thanks!
14:44:12 <donuts> do you have the link to the designs in progress? I'll PM you them for safekeeping
14:44:20 <ggus> nah: i just read my emails, and we might have more ppl. one organization wants to send 11 ppl.
14:44:33 <nah> wooww
14:44:51 <nah> donuts: ty!
14:45:03 <donuts> one wrinkle is that you'll need to run the prototype with participants 1 at a time in order to record any observations
14:45:29 <donuts> it shouldn't take long though
14:45:38 <nah> donuts: we will have two days, so we can select some participants to do it just after the training
14:45:47 <donuts> okay, fantastic – sounds good
14:46:22 <ggus> how many interviews do you want to do? 5?
14:46:49 <nah> ggus: not plannin on interviews atm
14:47:18 <nah> but it would be good to have at least 5 for this testing
14:47:25 <donuts> it might be good to think of some followup questions to go along with the prototype testing too, just to dig into their thoughts more
14:48:41 <nah> yep! i'm opening a ticket and i'll add the plan there so we can work together on this
14:49:34 <donuts> lovely, ty!
14:49:49 <donuts> okay we're just about done for the day, anything else or shall I close the meeting?
14:50:04 <nah> ,
14:50:11 <donuts> ,
14:50:15 <nah> ops, cat typing
14:50:21 <donuts> haha awww
14:50:40 <nah> haha
14:51:09 <donuts> okay pushing the button in 3...
14:51:11 <donuts> 2...
14:51:12 <donuts> 1...
14:51:15 <donuts> #endmeeting