16:59:31 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 15th november 2021
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16:59:34 <ahf> Hello hello
16:59:36 <juga> o/
16:59:36 <eta> o/
16:59:38 <ahf> pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2021.1-keep
16:59:41 <mikeperry> o/
16:59:46 <dgoulet> hi
16:59:46 <gaba> o/
16:59:46 <jnewsome> o/
16:59:51 <ahf> dayum people are arriving quickly today
16:59:56 <GeKo> o/
16:59:56 <ahf> everybody is so excited about the meeting today \o/
17:00:02 * ahf giggles
17:00:13 <GeKo> getting past it, yes :)
17:00:15 <nickm> hihi
17:00:25 <ahf> please remember to add content to the pad for our early december report :-)
17:00:28 <ahf> ok, let's get going
17:00:52 <ahf> how are folks' boards looking: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards ?
17:00:59 <nickm> a-ok for me
17:02:06 <ahf> i am down to some of the frustrating s30 tickets but it looks good for me too
17:02:33 * eta is happy with hers
17:03:15 <ahf> dgoulet will be taking charge of the general tor release work (for tor.git)
17:03:22 <ahf> dgoulet: everything is good there right now?
17:03:29 <nickm> (woo)
17:03:51 <dgoulet> yes so far so good
17:04:12 <ahf> perfect
17:04:47 <ahf> i don't see anything from other teams that are blocking them. roger is good at engaging in some of the bridge stability things right now and dgoulet and geko seems to be doing good on the NHT things
17:05:15 <ahf> i don't see any reminders or announcements
17:05:34 <ahf> i think mikeperry can take over with s61 status
17:05:49 <nickm> One a qq: I'd like to take off all Fridays between now and the end of 2021.  Does anybody mind?
17:05:59 <nickm> (procedure requires that i ask)
17:06:09 <eta> sounds luxurious :p
17:06:16 * eta doesn't mind at all, fwiw
17:06:16 <nickm> (everybody please remember to take at least 3 weeks vacation per year)
17:06:17 * ahf is fine with it
17:06:22 <dgoulet> np
17:06:28 <nickm> great, sorry for interrupting
17:06:33 <ahf> no worries at all
17:07:21 <ahf> mikeperry: wanna go?
17:07:34 <mikeperry> ok, for my part, last week was consumed by SOTO prep, tokens, bad relays, attack papers, and planning.
17:08:24 <mikeperry> GeKo: we should be sure to track the date of the bad relay removal, for s61 metrics reporting. along with that October traffic spike issue
17:08:24 <jnewsome> yeah, SOTO ate a lot of my week; worked with hiro a bit on splitting sim results by country
17:08:40 <GeKo> mikeperry: yep
17:08:53 <mikeperry> yeah jim and hiro have been doing good work improving tornettools to split sim results by HK/DE
17:09:59 <mikeperry> I hope to fix up the exit negotiation branch in chutney, but there is also SOTO this weds
17:10:06 <GeKo> i still plan to do a more thorough investigation in that traffic spike
17:10:17 <GeKo> but that's currently on the back-burner a bit
17:11:11 <mikeperry> it looks like onion traffic has plummeted back to pre-october levels
17:11:19 <mikeperry> which is good, I guess..
17:11:41 <mikeperry> thoughtput is improving again but not as much, prob because of the relay removal
17:11:57 <GeKo> might be
17:12:25 <mikeperry> thye advertised BW graphs have not dipped yet
17:12:32 <mikeperry> that is interesting
17:13:35 <mikeperry> jnewsome,hiro: lmk the status on the sim runner and when we can run sims again. I am fine waiting for merge, but if there is downtime during code reveiw, maybe we can get a sim in?
17:14:13 <hiro> I think that's fine and I can also postprocess the graphs you need
17:14:44 <mikeperry> how is sbws world?
17:14:49 <jnewsome> sg. i can also point test runs at my desktop runner
17:15:09 <juga> mikeperry: good, some progress on sbws#40022
17:15:53 <juga> currently putting all the graphs in one single file for network-health/metrics/analysis#33077
17:16:20 <juga> would be great if you could have a look to that last one
17:16:28 <GeKo> mikeperry: you see a raise in bw at the start of the month which is related to those relays
17:16:42 <GeKo> so, i guess the "usual" dip fell together with our removal
17:17:08 <mikeperry> GeKo: oh did they all join in Oct, or do thery just join at the beginning of a month and go away?
17:17:18 <GeKo> the latter
17:17:23 <GeKo> not all
17:17:29 <GeKo> but a large part of them
17:18:01 <GeKo> they are likely responible for https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/network-health/team/-/issues/76
17:18:31 <GeKo> and then often they go away over a month's time
17:21:15 <ahf> anything else? :-)
17:21:26 <mikeperry> ok
17:21:57 <mikeperry> juga: I can look at metrics#33077 but I need to know which are sbws vs torflow
17:22:02 <mikeperry> we can talk later
17:22:10 <mikeperry> otherwise I am good
17:22:10 <juga> mikeperry: ok
17:23:32 <ahf> excellent
17:23:35 <GeKo> mikeperry: dgoulet and i start to look at that dns mystery at our exits
17:23:39 <GeKo> for realz now
17:23:50 <mikeperry> cool
17:23:50 <ahf> \o/
17:23:55 <mikeperry> ok unless anyone has questions, I think we are good for now. hopefully this week will be slighgtly less distraction
17:23:57 <GeKo> given that we have an operator that is giving us an exit relay
17:24:12 <GeKo> so, we can find all the bugs...
17:24:21 <GeKo> that's all from my side i think
17:24:30 <ahf> tor will be bugfree before 2022 happens
17:24:43 <GeKo> right on
17:24:45 <ahf> :-D
17:24:52 <ahf> awesome, let's get back to what we were doing before the meeting
17:24:54 <ahf> thanks all o/
17:24:55 <ahf> #endmeeting