13:59:46 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team Meeting November 22 2021
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13:59:54 <championquizzer> hello all! o/
14:00:01 <ggus> hello all, we're starting the tor community team meeting now
14:00:05 <ggus> our weekly sync
14:00:16 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2021-keep
14:00:19 <ggus> please add your updates
14:00:30 <kulsoom_z[m]> helloo o/
14:00:38 <championquizzer> hey kulsoom_z[m] !!
14:01:20 <miko[m]> Hello o/
14:03:52 <kushal> Hello
14:05:34 <ggus> alright let's get started
14:05:34 <nah> o/
14:05:43 <ggus> * New open positions
14:06:01 <emmapeel> whohooo
14:06:13 <ggus> we have this open position: https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs/education-communities-coordinator/
14:06:25 <ggus> and soon we will have another one: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/tpo/-/issues/263
14:06:48 <championquizzer> awesome
14:06:50 <ggus> they both will work together with the community team
14:07:15 <kulsoom_z[m]> great news!
14:07:37 <miko> yay!
14:07:50 <ggus> and today Outreachy will announce the new interns (@1600 UTC)
14:08:31 <Shreya[m]> 😥
14:08:41 <ggus> >  Internships run Dec. 6, 2021 to March 4, 2022
14:08:43 <kulsoom_z[m]> All the best Outreachies
14:08:43 <emmapeel> that is in 2 hours
14:09:22 <ggus> yes :)
14:09:31 <miko[m]> thank you kulsoom!
14:09:46 <ggus> Our next topic is about the bridges campaign
14:09:47 <Buchi[m]> ggus: phew.. I'm holding my breath now😬
14:10:12 <ggus> good luck :)
14:10:19 <championquizzer> re. announcement. exciting. ton of good work during the contribution period :)
14:10:48 <emmapeel> yes, all the best to the outreachies
14:11:08 <ggus> last week we launched the Run a bridge campaign: https://blog.torproject.org/run-a-bridge-campaign/
14:11:11 <Buchi[m]> emmapeel: thanks emmapeel
14:11:19 <ggus> it got some (not so cool) media press
14:11:20 <Shreya[m]> thank you everyone. You're all the nicest people :)
14:11:37 <ggus> https://gizmodo.com/privacy-protective-internet-browser-tor-is-running-low-1848095632
14:11:42 <championquizzer> ggus: yeah..
14:11:50 <ggus> https://therecord.media/tor-project-sees-decline-in-server-numbers-will-offer-rewards-for-new-bridge-operators/
14:11:50 <Shreya[m]> ggus: Yeah I saw the link you shared
14:12:04 <ggus> "omg TOR is DyInG"
14:12:24 <emmapeel> oh, damn
14:12:59 <Shreya[m]> That was one convoluted way of framing things lol
14:13:11 <ggus> next time we could add to the blog that it's a common thing (re: asking volunteers to run relays)
14:13:30 <miko[m]> I saw someone quote a different news source that put things,,, very differently
14:13:47 <emmapeel> hehe that was similar to when Tais' website was offline for mayday and people was like 'Tails has been compromised!'
14:14:48 <ggus> haha
14:14:54 <ggus> anyway, but here are some updates
14:15:39 <ggus> I'm seeing 105 new obfs4 bridges
14:16:00 <ggus> 15 new vanilla bridges
14:16:20 <ggus> the goal is 200 bridges till the end of this year.
14:16:22 <Shreya[m]> \o/
14:16:36 <emmapeel> yay!
14:17:00 <kulsoom_z[m]> coool! let's hope to see more
14:17:07 <ggus> 50% of the goal in less than one week sound sucessful.
14:17:46 <ggus> We got 3 (or maybe 4) 'golden gate' bridge operators
14:17:49 <emmapeel> lets hope they stay along
14:17:52 <Buchi[m]> ggus: wow! it does..Great job everyone!
14:18:48 <ggus> in the past days, #tor-relays channel was quite busy with new operators
14:19:26 <ggus> and the forum comments is quite active: https://forum.torproject.net/t/help-censored-users-run-a-tor-bridge/704/42
14:21:27 <ggus> just a reminder that these bridges should stay online for 1 year from now.
14:22:03 <Shreya[m]> But won't you be shipping rewards starting January?
14:22:21 <ggus> yes
14:22:37 <ggus> there's a timeline on when people will get their swag
14:23:02 <ggus> comments? concerns or any other thought about the campaign?
14:23:09 <Shreya[m]> I think for helix and universitiy bridge campaigns, the rewards timeline end in 3 months
14:23:44 <ggus> Shreya[m]: yes, because waiting 1 year to get a tshirt is a lot
14:24:08 <Shreya[m]> Yep, idk just thinking of something
14:24:10 <Shreya[m]> Anyway
14:26:45 <ggus> if people want to check the new bridges, you can easily use this URL: https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#search/type:bridge%20running:true%20first_seen_days:0-5%20
14:27:07 <ggus> Moving to the next topic
14:27:13 <ggus> * Blog migration
14:27:13 <emmapeel> nice url! /me bookmarks
14:27:37 <ggus> Tor Project SysAdmins migrated the blog to lektor
14:28:10 <ggus> and now the blog comments is fully integreated in the new Tor forum
14:28:24 <ggus> integrated
14:28:25 <Shreya[m]> Yay good job championquizzer @_oftc_championquizzer:matrix.org !!
14:29:03 <Shreya[m]> sorry Emma idk if you're a sysadmin or not 😅
14:29:18 <championquizzer> for what? :)
14:29:43 <Shreya[m]> ggus: O.o
14:29:44 <emmapeel> hehehe i identify as a sysadmin but i am not part of the sysadmin team on the Tor Project
14:29:51 <championquizzer> TPA is a different (and brilliant) team :)
14:30:12 <Shreya[m]> Aah, good job anyway lol
14:30:53 <ggus> alright that is all have for today. emmapeel, do you want to go next?
14:31:49 <emmapeel> yes thanks. regarding updates
14:32:16 <emmapeel> the migration to gitlab is doing mostly ok, but i haven't been able to recreate the setup for the translation previews yet
14:32:24 <emmapeel> i will work on that this week
14:32:50 <emmapeel> and the process to decide on translation terms is moving forward there are several decisions proposed
14:33:06 <emmapeel> although the process is not totally refined (nor documented) yet
14:34:00 <emmapeel> https://forum.torproject.net/t/language-accords-style-and-other-decisions-about-translations-for-each-language/88 for more information
14:35:17 <ggus> emmapeel: for the translation previews the idea is to sunset lektor-staging.tpo?
14:35:50 <emmapeel> ggus: in the practice it is already sunsetted, as the websites are not updating anymore when there are new translations
14:36:15 <ggus> hmm right
14:36:53 <emmapeel> and i now have this previews, https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/translation/-/environments , that do get updated, but they are cumbersome to browse because you have to add manually index.html at the end of the URLs, otherwise you get a 404
14:38:32 <ggus> right, i don't know a good solution here
14:38:36 <ggus> maybe tpa can help you
14:39:06 <emmapeel> yes, i have been in talks with them about this
14:39:32 <ggus> emmapeel: and how are we sending the lektor strings to transifex?
14:39:39 <emmapeel> (https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/gitlab/-/issues/114)
14:40:31 <emmapeel> ggus: transifex looks twice per day to the contents.pot files on the translation branches in gitlab (i changed them to point to gitlab when we moved out of gitolite)
14:41:33 <ggus> oh nice
14:41:40 <emmapeel> ggus: i was thinking on moving these files to the l10n repository, as i am not building this file with the translation branch anymore: now i checkout the main branch and overwrite the configuration with more languages
14:42:08 <emmapeel> this configuration files are on the l10n repo, so maybe i could add the contents.pot file there as well
14:42:43 <ggus> which files?
14:42:43 <emmapeel> or also start committing it to main, which makes me unsure because i fear we may push a version that is not suitable enough
14:43:36 <emmapeel> the files to change languages are: configs/i18n.ini, databags/alternatives, .htaccess sometimes, and the .lektorproject configuration files
14:43:54 <ggus> hm right
14:44:10 <emmapeel> for example for the support portal, i have: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/l10n/-/tree/main/configs/support
14:44:32 <emmapeel> and to build the translation preview, i pull support/main and overwrite with those files
14:45:14 <emmapeel> is better than before, where i will manually see if there were changes to the content and merge from master to translations branch, and build
14:45:30 <ggus> we will need to update the website docs
14:45:57 <ggus> it seems it didn't update after the gitolite -> gitlab-ci migration
14:46:01 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/wiki/-/wikis/Compiling-a-local-version-of-the-website
14:46:14 <emmapeel> yes. i will, but the setup is not cristallized yet, because i am trying stuff and i havent found a good solution
14:46:25 <emmapeel> maybe those environments are not the way to go
14:46:54 <emmapeel> ggus: i think this instructions only need the main repository to be updated
14:47:09 <ggus> and all the website workflow
14:47:12 <emmapeel> maybe https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/wiki/-/wikis/How-to-enable-a-new-locale also needs updates
14:47:38 <ggus> emmapeel: but we will also need to update all the web README.md too
14:49:13 <emmapeel> ok
14:49:13 <championquizzer> and the contributing.md doc?
14:49:55 <ggus> also that
14:50:17 <ggus> championquizzer: could you open a ticket in web/team so we can track that?
14:50:44 <championquizzer> how (if!) has the gitlab ci migration affected our workflow with github PRs?
14:50:50 <championquizzer> ggus: sure thing
14:51:18 <emmapeel> oh, i need to open another ticket about changing the link for 'edit this page' to point to gitlab.tpo
14:51:32 <ggus> championquizzer: i feel miserable merging github PRs
14:51:44 <ggus> because you need to send a MR in gitlab
14:51:52 <championquizzer> right!
14:54:17 <ggus> alright i think that is for today.
14:54:21 <ggus> it*
14:54:41 <ggus> #endmeeting