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13:59:51 <ggus> hello all
13:59:52 <championquizzer> hello! o/
13:59:58 <ggus> welcome to the community team meeting
14:00:09 <miko> hello o/
14:00:13 <ggus> here is our meeting pad - https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2021-keep
14:00:18 <ggus> i added a few topics to discuss
14:00:37 <ggus> (emmapeel isn't around for the meeting)
14:00:51 <ggus> please add your updates and then we can start
14:03:42 <miko> im done!
14:04:58 <ggus> ok, let's start :)
14:05:09 <ggus> * Bridge campaign
14:05:41 <ggus> Things are going well. I'm tracking the new bridges + operator contact on a spreadsheet
14:05:56 <miko> yay!
14:06:01 <championquizzer> awesome
14:06:49 <ggus> the goal was 200, but i believe we have more than 400 new bridges. let me check that very quickly
14:07:27 <championquizzer> https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#search/type:bridge%20running:true%20first_seen_days:0-18
14:08:03 <ggus> thanks championquizzer
14:08:08 <championquizzer> 431!!
14:09:13 <ggus> yeah, but some of them dont have obfs4 protocol
14:09:21 <championquizzer> yeah
14:09:24 <ggus> but yeah, it's a huge success :)
14:09:57 <miko> yay!!!
14:10:23 <ggus> stats: 384 obfs4 bridges, 431 new bridges (obfs4 + vanilla)
14:11:53 <ggus> in 2019, we did a similar campaign, but the rewards was 10 tor tshirts for random new operators
14:12:22 <ggus> we got 99 bridges, but many dropped off when they didn't get the tshirt
14:13:33 <ggus> here's 2019 retrospective: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/outreach/-/issues/30777#note_2560560
14:14:38 <ggus> championquizzer: did you add the RT template in the comment of the operators' emails?
14:15:28 <championquizzer> ggus: not yet, i shall do it this week
14:15:44 <championquizzer> ggus: i will also cross check with the spreadsheet
14:16:14 <ggus> kk
14:16:49 <ggus> anything else about the bridges campaign?
14:17:17 <miko> in the future if we want to make more merchandise as rewards, i'll be happy to design some
14:17:39 * ggus love this idea
14:17:51 <miko> yay!
14:18:10 <ggus> miko: i heard that volunteers would love to have a tor socks as reward
14:18:17 <miko> awwww
14:18:31 <championquizzer> ha!
14:18:36 <championquizzer> tor-socks ;)
14:18:44 <miko> *looks up sock design templates*
14:19:03 <ggus> hah
14:19:38 <championquizzer> ggus: i don't remember quite precisely, but someone actually did email us about it! ;)
14:20:54 <ggus> yeah :)
14:21:01 <ggus> let's move to the next topic
14:21:18 <ggus> * Some isps in Russia are blocking Tor
14:22:06 <ggus> this event started last week and we're getting russian users on IRC, frontdesk and social media
14:22:07 <ggus> asking for help
14:22:15 <championquizzer> ggus: ty for the template on RT!
14:22:15 <ggus> how to bypass censorship
14:22:45 <ggus> it looks like that only https and email bridges are working. all other options are currently blocked. :S
14:22:52 <championquizzer> yeah
14:24:15 <ggus> https://metrics.torproject.org/userstats-relay-table.html
14:24:41 <ggus> i hope they don't move to a national tor block in russia :/
14:25:06 <ggus> or we will need (waaaay) more bridges
14:26:30 <ggus> i also posted the instructions on the forum - https://forum.torproject.net/t/tor-blocked-in-russia-how-to-circumvent-censorship/982/3
14:27:11 <championquizzer> i really liked the idea of localizing this
14:27:50 <ggus> and the translators were super fast
14:28:37 <ggus> other than that, what else we can do (from user support perspective)?
14:28:52 <championquizzer> yes! in fact, one of my long term goals for our templates on RT is to localize them in different locales (based on the queries we receive from the various parts of the world)
14:29:30 <championquizzer> i was also wondering how we can reach more people in the specific country when incidents like this happen (re. your question)
14:30:11 <ggus> we should ping people on IFF/mattermost [ru] channel
14:30:59 <championquizzer> ggus: i think investing more time in exploring new platforms like telegram and so on for user support is a feasible idea (i say telegram because I believe it is quite popular in russia)
14:31:08 <ggus> we should keep an eye on this thread as users are reporting if tor is working: https://ntc.party/t/ooni-reports-of-tor-blocking-in-certain-isps-since-2021-12-01/1477/2
14:31:28 <ggus> championquizzer: that's a good idea.
14:32:23 <ggus> some weeks ago, nathan (the guardian project) offered an account on 'link' platform. we could start thinking how to use it
14:32:55 <ggus> one idea would be sharing tor bridges over telegram
14:33:41 <championquizzer> yeah, i think we were discussing about this a few months back!
14:34:20 <championquizzer> and if the community team agrees we can actually put this on our roadmap and prioritize this
14:35:10 <championquizzer> ggus: i am not sure about 'link' but would love to learn more! :)
14:35:50 <ggus> you were on the meeting with josh. link is the name of their help desk tool
14:36:01 <championquizzer> aha!
14:36:03 <ggus> https://docs.digiresilience.org/link/
14:36:17 <championquizzer> yes, i remember now!!
14:37:11 <ggus> FWIW, this resource has 2.6k views - https://forum.torproject.net/t/tor-blocked-in-russia-how-to-circumvent-censorship/982/2
14:37:38 <ggus> and the RT templates helped 9 users
14:37:48 <ggus> *template
14:38:00 <championquizzer> nice!
14:38:15 <ggus> so, focusing on public resources seems a good answer how to escale
14:40:21 <ggus> alright, so the next steps is to check with josh and nathan about cdr.link helpdesk and how we could use Telegram
14:40:58 <championquizzer> sounds good!
14:41:53 <ggus> let's move to the last topic of our agenda
14:42:03 <ggus> Outreachy internship kick-off: "Mapping values and motivations of the tor networks"
14:42:15 <ggus> welcome, miko!!!
14:42:18 <championquizzer> \o/
14:42:36 <miko> \o/
14:42:44 <miko> im so excited xD
14:42:46 <ahf> ohh, welcome miko!
14:42:59 <miko> hi ahf!
14:43:03 <ggus> this week miko is starting "Mapping values and motivations of the tor network" project
14:43:40 <miko> :D
14:43:56 <ggus> miko: after the meeting, last chat about our 1:1 weekly meeting and outreachy tasks (blog posts, feedback, etc.)
14:44:13 <miko> yess sounds good!
14:44:58 <ggus> for the project, i think you can open new tickets on https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/ assign to yourself, and add your notes and your research
14:45:28 <ggus> i will change your permission on gitlab, so you can assign tickets to yourself
14:46:22 <miko> yess works, i will review my tasks for this week and plan accordingly
14:46:29 <championquizzer> very interesting project! lmk if i can be useful in any way :)
14:47:39 <miko> yes i'll definitely need your insights on relay operators championquizzer!
14:49:03 <ggus> alright!
14:49:29 <ggus> ops, i forgot to link the project
14:49:44 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/team/-/issues/46
14:51:34 <ggus> anything else about this project? :)
14:51:56 <ggus> miko: for meetings, i believe you will need to attend community team meetings and maybe some network health meetings too.
14:52:13 <ggus> to discuss with GeKo
14:52:35 <ggus> but we can talk more about this on our 1:1 meeting
14:52:44 <miko> are there any rooms i should join?
14:53:27 <miko> yes let's discuss this then :D
14:53:54 <ggus> #tor, #tor-dev and #tor-relays
14:53:57 <championquizzer> miko: #tor, #tor-project, #tor-relays
14:54:08 <ggus> tor-relays would be the most important one
14:54:42 <miko> im on all of those :D except tor-project XD
14:54:58 <miko> joining now xD
14:55:19 <ggus> tor-project is where you will be notified when anarcat reboot the servers :P
14:55:22 <ggus> jk
14:55:31 <ggus> it's the official channel
14:55:40 <ggus> for non-tech discussions
14:55:43 <championquizzer> ha! and the dir auth updates ;)
14:56:25 <ggus> alright, anything else for today?
14:56:28 <miko> hahaha i joined
14:56:48 <ggus> next week we could review the forum categories
14:57:03 <championquizzer> good idea
14:58:00 <ggus> i will stop the bot, because there's another meeting here
14:58:03 <ggus> thank you! o/
14:58:06 <ggus> #endmeeting