16:59:15 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 10 January 2022
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16:59:17 <ahf> hello hello
16:59:23 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2022.1-keep
16:59:44 <nickm> hi all
16:59:55 <Diziet> Hi
16:59:56 <eta> o/
17:00:12 <ahf> yo
17:00:19 <ahf> hope everybody got into 2022 nicely
17:00:24 <ahf> and welcome to the first meeting to Diziet!
17:00:43 <ahf> these meetings are usually run a bit like a bit checklist of things but people are welcome to bring anything up that we run into
17:01:10 <ahf> we add per project items on the pad when we have time, most people do it a bit before the meeting, and then at the end of a month we publish it on our forum for the community to see what the teams are up to
17:01:28 <ahf> which makes me want to remind people to remember to add anything you did in december to the pad since i will need to write that update soon'ish
17:01:34 <ahf> already saw that someone added a few arti items there
17:01:38 <ahf> ok!
17:02:07 <dgoulet> o/
17:03:11 <ahf> it does seem like our boards are fine, looking mostly like december which is good
17:03:54 <ahf> dgoulet: i'd think we have nothing to talk about re. releases today. we have some follow up to talk about regarding communications, but we can take that outside of the meeting. it's related to emails and what goes where and why and we should write that down into the release documents
17:04:01 <ahf> this was something we spoke about in the middle of december
17:04:08 <dgoulet> correct!
17:04:15 <dgoulet> yeah we need to straighten that
17:04:38 <ahf> ya, maybe you and i can chat at the end of the week on that? it's on my todo list so i can just poke you there?
17:05:14 <ahf> backport state looks fine
17:05:25 <ahf> team tickets looks unchanged
17:05:46 <ahf> we don't have anything coming in from other teams
17:05:55 * nickm hand-up wrt board: we should do some prioritization and triage of 0.1 arti tickets some time, but that doesn't need to be now.  Maybe we can do that at the wednesday arti meeting?
17:06:05 <ahf> yes
17:06:26 <ahf> i was thinking we can look into the arti roadmap stuff on wednesday in a bbb sync so Diziet also is on track with what is going on with this
17:06:35 <Diziet> sgtm.
17:06:36 <ahf> Diziet: have you gotten access to nc.torproject.org (our nextcloud instance) yet?
17:06:55 <Diziet> I don't think so.  Erin sent me some docs there using their account.
17:07:23 <ahf> okay, i'll figure out how to get you signed up there, but in that calendar you can see the meetings and their BBB URL's and such
17:07:30 <nickm> ahf: +1
17:07:38 <Diziet> Cool.
17:07:43 <ahf> the meeting on wednesday is at 15:00 UTC
17:08:04 <Diziet> Right.
17:08:05 <ahf> oh, and these meetings are recorded so founders and other people interested in arti can keeptrack of it
17:08:11 <Diziet> Noted, ta.
17:08:21 <ahf> ok!
17:08:27 <ahf> i have a lot of announcements and things we need to do
17:08:28 <ahf> but
17:08:32 <ahf> we are not in a rush with any of it
17:08:48 <ahf> and please add things on my plate if i am missing something that i should be saying now that i have forgotten
17:09:06 <ahf> 1. nickm and ahf needs to follow up on Pulls report from December (maybe together with mikeperry?)
17:09:58 <nickm> ack; let's open a confidential ticket and a public TROVE ticket for that for that on gitlab.
17:10:15 <ahf> 2. we need to get some more email aliases created for CI reporting. i am currently thinking we need two aliases here: one for "tor" (tpo/core/tor) and one for "arti" (tpo/core/arti) where we get reports on all the different automated things that happens right now such as coverity, tor-win32-ci, david's autobuilding things, and such
17:10:18 <nickm> (And +1 on getting mikeperry's help, if he can)
17:10:47 <ahf> i am going to follow up on that unless people have a better idea than just creating those two aliases. it's purely so people can filter on the incoming email alias in their mail clients
17:11:22 <ahf> as part of this we also need to update our oss-fuzz email list in google's github repo to email here so we can keep track of this
17:11:47 <ahf> dgoulet: these things is largely something we win things on with tpo/core/tor. arti is doing a lot better in this regard already as they use gitlab for code review more than we do
17:11:48 <mikeperry> yeah I have additional thoughts wrt that report
17:11:53 <mikeperry> I suppose I will just comment on the ticket
17:12:05 <ahf> nickm: are you up for creating the confidential ticket?
17:12:17 <dgoulet> ahf: very much +1 on this
17:12:40 <nickm> ahf: yes okay; I can make both.
17:12:48 <ahf> nickm: awesome \o/
17:13:18 <ahf> dgoulet: as part of this you and i probably need to look at coverity and oss-fuzz state and see if there are tasks we need to split but we can do that over january
17:14:04 <ahf> 3. at CCC rc3 we had a relay ops meeting. ipv6-only bridges was requested. i will follow up with anti-censorship team on that as it was only roger that was present there to figure out what timeline that is in
17:14:05 <dgoulet> ahf: agree, I'm very much pro this idea of an alias so I can get those reports filtered and not forgotten especially before a release!
17:14:35 <ahf> also if it would help with the current situation in russia and kazakhstan, but it seems like the anti-censorship team has that under control
17:14:42 <ahf> dgoulet: ya
17:14:46 <ahf> ok! and the last item
17:15:22 <ahf> 4. we need to start having regular 1:1's in the team. it's not anything from the side or something new that have created this but the team is starting to be so large (that happened already last year) that it's needed again and i promised Isa this a long time ago 8)
17:15:53 <ahf> so during this week there will be an email out where people can pick timeslots on mondays where we can chat. these meetings are mostly to hear how things are going and where i can be helpful in unblocking things for you :-)
17:16:06 <ahf> it will be every 14th day for now, so i can split half the team in on one monday and the other half the next monday
17:16:10 <ahf> OK!
17:16:13 <ahf> that was all the items
17:16:16 <ahf> and a wall of text
17:16:25 <ahf> does people have something they wanna add? :-P
17:16:42 <dgoulet> nope
17:17:03 <Diziet> Just hello!  I've been waiting ~3 months to start here and I like it so far :-).
17:17:07 <jnewsome> nope
17:17:20 <dgoulet> \o/ Diziet
17:17:22 <jnewsome> Diziet: yay! welcome!
17:17:24 <ahf> awesome, so good to hear Diziet -- we have been looking forward to you starting as well! and it's nice to see all the interaction happening already
17:17:24 <mikeperry> yay
17:18:03 <ahf> Diziet: on thursday when we are in bbb, i'll let people talk a bit about what they are hacking on and doing in tor
17:18:07 <ahf> it always feels weird to do on irc
17:18:18 <Diziet> Sure
17:18:22 <ahf> but people are working a bit pairwise right now on different things. only arti is right now a triplet 8)
17:18:31 <Diziet> haha
17:18:34 <eta> (yay it's not just me and nickm now!)
17:18:59 <ahf> and you will also get to talk a lot with gaba who is doing a ton of project management stuff in tor and making sure we do our reports to sponsors and such on time. she helps keeping us all organized
17:19:18 <ahf> okay folks, if we have not much else to talk about, then let's return to our normal non-meeting life
17:19:27 <ahf> thanks for checking in and good to see you all again <3
17:19:29 <dgoulet> o/
17:19:32 <eta> o/
17:19:34 <jnewsome> o/
17:19:34 <mikeperry> o/
17:19:35 <Diziet> ttfn here
17:19:36 <ahf> o/
17:19:37 <nickm> peace all
17:19:38 <ahf> #endmeeting