17:59:21 <donuts> #startmeeting ux weekly sync
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17:59:30 <championquizzer> hello o/
17:59:32 <donuts> Hello and welcome to this week's UX Team meeting :)
17:59:36 <nah> o/
17:59:39 <nicob> helloooo
17:59:46 <donuts> The new pad is located here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
17:59:57 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss to the end of the agenda
18:00:11 <donuts> hey championquizzer!
18:00:48 <donuts> I'm going to fire through the announcements real quick
18:01:19 <donuts> the 11.0.4 release went out a few hours after our last team meeting, and I've not observed any major issues there
18:01:44 <donuts> 11.5a2 should be released soon too for wider testing
18:02:00 <likeanushkaa> Hello everyone!
18:02:13 <donuts> note that the missing features bug won't make it into that alpha, but should get circulated as part of 11.5a3 (whenever that is)
18:02:32 <donuts> this one, for ref: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/40679
18:02:40 <donuts> hi likeanushkaa, welcome!
18:03:11 <donuts> next: we're glad to announce that brand designer nicob is the newest addition to the ux team! welcome nicob!
18:03:30 <championquizzer> woo! welcome to Tor, nicob \o/
18:03:33 <nah> yay, welcome nicob! :)
18:03:37 <nicob> hi everyone! thanks for the warm welcome! :)
18:04:15 <donuts> okay let's take 5 minutes to update the weekly planning section of the pad
18:04:48 <donuts> please also take the opportunity to quickly review any tickets assigned to you on the team kanban too, and shift any that need shifted
18:04:52 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?scope=all&label_name[]=UX%20Team
18:08:04 <donuts> As a reminder, please highlight anything you'd like to discuss in the weekly planing section in **bold**
18:08:48 <donuts> brb, grabbing some tea real quick – so you've got an extra minute!
18:09:07 <likeanushkaa> Thankyou donim I'muts... (full message at https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/DeGyTnnnLUEnQBbrdDmejjcg)
18:11:39 <donuts> we're glad to have you back likeanushkaa! what kind of contribution do you think you'd be best placed to help with? i.e. UX design, brand design, user research etc.
18:11:42 <championquizzer> likeanushkaa: hey! wb!
18:12:37 <josernitos> hola :)
18:12:39 <donuts> nicob, nah: can you look over my planned list for this week and let me know if anything needs added there so I'm not blocking you?
18:12:46 <donuts> hey josernitos! welcome back too!
18:13:12 <donuts> otherwise, looks like everyone's done with the work updates
18:13:14 <nah> all good on my side, donuts
18:13:24 <nah> hola josernitos
18:13:30 <nah> hi likeanushkaa!
18:13:30 <nicob> looks good to me donuts
18:13:56 <donuts> fantastic
18:14:02 * donuts checks the agenda...
18:14:09 <nicob> hi josernitos, hi likeanushkaa!
18:14:17 <donuts> oh looks like you have an item highlighted nicob
18:14:22 <likeanushkaa> donuts: I consider myself a design generalist, but I would like to contribute more towards UX research and design, the primary areas of interest for me right now.
18:14:24 <donuts> would you like to chat about that first, before we move on?
18:14:28 <nicob> sure
18:14:43 <josernitos> good to be back. o/ donuts, nah, nicob
18:14:52 <likeanushkaa> championquizzer @_oftc_championquizzer:matrix.org: hey hi! Thanks for the welcome:))
18:15:05 <donuts> likeanushkaa: great, thanks for confirming! feel free to catch up on our processes and documentation on both the pad and team homepage for now, and we can find a task for you to contribute to at the next team meeting :)
18:15:13 <likeanushkaa> Hello everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome too!
18:15:23 <donuts> I think I linked to everything in my last email, but let me know if you need them again!
18:15:50 <donuts> nicob: feel free to go ahead!
18:16:04 <likeanushkaa> Sure, thankyou so much for all the help donuts !
18:16:12 <donuts> I replied in the ticket last night, I think the concepts look great
18:16:31 <nicob> just wanted to check on timeline, I knot it gitlab it had a deadline of today. I have to log off by 2100 UTC today and I know we're still waiting to hear back from other folks on concept direction. Should I just get started on #5?
18:16:35 <donuts> I'd like to let Comms have a say too, so I've looped in al and isa
18:17:01 <donuts> nicob: yeah feel free to disregard the due date for now, it looks like the draft post isn't final yet anyway
18:17:10 <donuts> let's take a quick look at your kanban...
18:17:15 <nicob> okay, sounds good!
18:17:48 <donuts> okay I have a couple of other tasks I can assign over in the interim
18:18:39 <donuts> please feel free to chip away at anything in the backlog too :)
18:19:05 <nicob> okay! I was planning on getting started on some moodboarding/exploration for comms visual direction
18:19:09 <donuts> there's no real priority there, so whatever catches your eye
18:19:13 <donuts> sounds great!
18:19:40 <donuts> your welcome likeanushkaa, thanks for being here!
18:19:50 <donuts> next up: UX mailing list deprecation
18:20:44 <donuts> following the conversation that's happening around moving tor-talk to the forum, I've proposed we do the same for the UX mailing list
18:21:04 <donuts> please feel free to review the plan and add your opinion to the ticket too: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/team/-/issues/73
18:21:38 <donuts> Nah has made a good point that we'll need to decide _where_ in the forum we post to instead of the UX mailing list
18:22:50 <donuts> I think it would be useful first to create a list of the kinds of topics we'd like to engage the community on?
18:23:08 <donuts> for example, product feedback, calls for participation in user research, team meeting minutes etc.
18:23:13 <donuts> anything else?
18:23:36 <nah> volunteering to the ux team
18:23:58 <donuts> like a periodic call for volunteers?
18:24:18 <donuts> here's the link to the forum for anyone who's not familiar: https://forum.torproject.net/
18:24:47 <donuts> The UX team currently monitors release posts and the Tor Browser feedback categories, plus dips in and out of the support and general discussion categories
18:25:28 <nicob> would this be an appropriate space to add a topic for users to give feedback on visual design?
18:25:43 <nah> hmm i was actually thinking about a place where ppl would try to find more information about how to volunteer
18:26:19 <donuts> nicob: If we wanted to open something up to community feedback, for sure! although there are pros and cons to doing so in unstructured sessions
18:26:36 <nah> another topic: publishing public reports, sharing research (from other gruops/academic) about tor
18:26:46 <donuts> nah: would that not be the community portal (re: volunteering)?
18:26:52 <donuts> although we could do a sticky somewhere pointing to it
18:27:37 <donuts> I wonder if we need something between news and general discussion
18:27:52 <donuts> for like, team updates etc.
18:28:00 <nicob> donuts: absolutely. maybe not the right venue for unstructured feedback, but would love to figure out a way to include users more in the future for brand evolution
18:28:32 <donuts> nah: at the moment, it seems like other teams are using general discussion actually
18:28:34 <donuts> see this for reference: https://forum.torproject.net/t/anti-censorship-team-updates-from-september-and-october-2021/630
18:28:40 <nah> currently, we instruct volunteers to join our weekly meeting and the mailing list to inform where they want to volunteer
18:28:44 <donuts> and: https://forum.torproject.net/t/updates-from-the-network-team-october-2021/442
18:28:45 <nah> ah!
18:29:07 <championquizzer> i'm not sure how replicating the mailing list should be done (as we haven't done this yet) but i think it would be good to have just one new category (say, 'UX') and welcome everyone to post there
18:29:13 <donuts> maybe we could do monthly updates that rolls some of this stuff together?
18:29:27 <championquizzer> rather than segragating into multiple categories..
18:29:36 <championquizzer> much like how it was on the mailing list
18:29:45 <donuts> nicob: yep! last time I think this was done with a mass-audience was for the Tor Browser app icon
18:30:01 <nah> monthly updates looks good, donuts
18:30:32 <donuts> championquizzer: yeah that's the other option, although I wonder if it's necessary
18:31:01 <donuts> let's maybe start with calls for research/participation within feedback, and general team updates within general discussion?
18:31:54 <nah> sounds good to me
18:32:12 <nah> and if it becomes too much we can always discuss again
18:32:32 <donuts> great, I'll update the ticket – we can shift our approach over time too, and I'll continue to send meeting minutes to the mailing list in the meantime
18:32:46 * donuts checks the agenda...
18:33:06 <donuts> looks like that's the last item on the list, is there anything else anyone would like to discuss today?
18:33:44 <donuts> I'm hearing crickets
18:34:17 <donuts> In that case, feel free to add your view to the Deprecate UX mailing list ticket :)
18:34:25 <donuts> otherwise, I'll see you all elsewhere on IRC
18:34:33 <josernitos> hehe no, all good, thanks donuts and team!
18:34:39 <donuts> have a great week everyone!
18:34:44 <championquizzer> thanks all! have a good week
18:34:52 <nah> thanks donuts!
18:34:57 <nah> great week to everyone
18:35:00 <donuts> #endmeeting