12:59:51 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team Meeting - 2022-01-19
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13:00:01 <championquizzer> hello, hello!
13:00:17 <ggus> Hi, we're starting now the community team meeting. :)
13:00:27 <emmapeel> o/
13:00:37 <ggus> here's our meeting pad, please add your updates: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
13:00:53 <nah> o/
13:00:58 <miko[m]> o/
13:05:14 <emmapeel> .
13:08:24 <ggus> done
13:08:42 <ggus> do you need more time or shall we start?
13:09:02 <nina13[m]> done!
13:09:35 <miko[m]> done!
13:09:58 <emmapeel> done
13:10:07 <ggus> i added some discussion points, but feel free to add other topics
13:10:27 <ggus> * (update) Telegram user support channel: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/team/-/issues/40578
13:11:25 <ggus> We're going to setup a telegram user support channel in a new cdr.link instance
13:11:53 <ggus> there was some back and forth with tpa
13:12:05 <ggus> since they weren't expecting hosting a new service
13:12:17 <gaba> tpa will provide the machine after figuring out a few things
13:12:44 <ggus> gaba: see irl last comment
13:13:06 <emmapeel> i like that we host it internally, it seems such a service has access to very sensitive information about our users
13:14:28 <gaba> ok, well. if irl has an alternative until we decide if cdr.link will be the replacement for rt, then it would be fine
13:14:52 <ggus> yeah, me too, but for now there are some adjusments that needs to be done on the setup to fit inside TPA infra.
13:15:15 <emmapeel> understood
13:18:32 <ggus> so, as the support on telegram activity was planned to start in january, we will need to update and plan the public launch again
13:18:36 <emmapeel> i think to take this decision maybe it will be good to have a list of requirements fo rthe new service
13:18:56 <emmapeel> what do we want to have on the new service, what does not work in rt, what will be good to have...
13:19:26 <emmapeel> i didnt understood that cdr.link was a replacement for rt
13:19:59 <ggus> emmapeel: as i pointed out on the ticket, we want to evaluate doing user support on popular chat apps like telegram.
13:20:22 <ggus> emmapeel: it might happen, but right now we're on the early stage of testing.
13:20:23 <irl> you should tell me if you want signal/whatsapp too
13:20:49 <emmapeel> ggus: mabe we could start a list in a wikipage of the things we want? then we can review more apps and see if the have it
13:21:02 <irl> i am in the process of setting up the cdr link instance on the hetzner box, but it probably won't be finished until tomorrow
13:21:05 <emmapeel> if they have what we want. and what tpa or other stakeholders want
13:22:00 <ggus> yes, i think we can start with telegram and then enable other options
13:22:01 <gaba> emmapeel: i think that is a process we should look into after we are done with the rapid response fund project
13:22:11 <emmapeel> understood
13:22:45 <ggus> emmapeel: yes, or a ticket to track down possible RT replacaments
13:23:15 <ggus> it will be important to test some of these solutions
13:23:45 <emmapeel> ggus: yes, what i meant was a step previous to track down the possible replacements: once we have the requirements, it will be easier to evaluate the replacements
13:24:14 <ggus> right
13:25:14 <championquizzer> yes, i can start on that (weighing rt replacement) work and then we can improvise as we setup the cdr telegram support for .ru/.kz
13:25:45 <emmapeel> championquizzer: great! i can give a hand also looking for stakeholders
13:26:07 <championquizzer> ty, emmapeel
13:26:16 <emmapeel> (you are one important one because you are doing user support, but maybe tpa or the money machine also have a say)
13:26:40 <ggus> i will open a ticket on community/support to follow up on this issue
13:26:52 <championquizzer> yeah i am already having so many thoughts on hearing about replacing RT so.. :)
13:27:04 <championquizzer> a ticket sounds good. thanks, ggus
13:27:20 <ggus> i will move to the next topic: * Tor translations in Chinese (S96 work)
13:28:07 <ggus> emmapeel: for s96 work, we will need tor browser user docs (support and tb manual) translated in chinese
13:28:13 <emmapeel> yes. i wonder, which chinese? simplified Chinese that is read in mainland China, or maybe traditional spoken in Taiwan and hong Kong?
13:28:28 <ggus> we should check how many translators we have
13:28:53 <ggus> simplified Chinese
13:29:05 <ggus> we also need the translation status
13:29:25 <ggus> we can discuss on friday this
13:29:31 <emmapeel> simplified we need some more translations on the suport portal but it is released and kinda complete
13:29:36 <emmapeel> same with the manual
13:29:52 <emmapeel> maybe i could contact our translators to make a review
13:30:03 <emmapeel> ok, lets discuss in Friday.
13:30:05 <ggus> great!
13:30:39 <emmapeel> ggus: the new texts on support are hard to translate (relays, etc...) so maybe we need some techie translator help
13:30:50 <ggus> thank you!
13:31:09 <ggus> the last topic on our agenda:
13:31:15 <ggus> * Community Team OKrs, 1:1 and team organization
13:31:50 <ggus> emmapeel: ok
13:33:28 <ggus> last year we did our team OKrs, and you can read it here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/team/-/issues/47
13:33:43 <ggus> we need to do our 2022 OKrs (Q1/Q2)
13:35:13 <emmapeel> how are we going to do it? 1:1?
13:35:28 <ggus> last time i opened a pad and we contributed, but this time i'm thinking about doing 1;1 and filling a pad
13:35:42 <ggus> would that work for you?
13:36:31 <emmapeel> sure
13:36:52 <championquizzer> wfm too!
13:37:55 <ggus> i can put together some sponsor work that we have to do and we review together
13:38:43 <championquizzer> sounds good. next week?
13:39:11 <ggus> yess
13:39:17 <championquizzer> ack
13:39:25 <emmapeel> ok
13:40:46 <ggus> i will ping you both on irc to find a date/time for our sync
13:40:56 <emmapeel> ok
13:41:02 <championquizzer> sure. ty, ggus
13:41:33 <ggus> anything else for today?
13:41:56 <championquizzer> i added something to announcement on the pad after the meeting started:
13:41:58 <emmapeel> ...
13:42:07 <emmapeel> oh yeah!
13:42:14 <emmapeel> this Friday we Hangout!
13:42:24 <championquizzer> this Friday is the Monthly Tor localization hangout!
13:42:41 <championquizzer> starting at 12 UTC with a BBB call at 13 UTC
13:42:49 <emmapeel> first hangout of the year
13:42:57 <championquizzer> oh yes!
13:43:02 <championquizzer> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/l10n/-/wikis/Monthly-Tor-Localization-Hangouts
13:43:35 <ggus> cool!
13:45:09 <ggus> i will remember comms to tweet/toot about this
13:45:14 <ggus> alright i will stop the bot
13:45:14 <emmapeel> thanks
13:45:16 <ggus> thanks everyone
13:45:19 <ggus> #endmeeting