13:59:12 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting 2022-01-24
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13:59:26 <nina13[m]> hi!
13:59:29 <nah> o/
13:59:38 <emmapeel> o-
13:59:40 <ggus> welcome everyone, here's our meeting pad https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
13:59:40 <emmapeel> o/
13:59:41 <miko[m]> hi everyone!
13:59:51 <championquizzer> hello! o/
14:00:02 <ggus> please add your updates and feel free to add topics on the discussion section
14:03:21 <ggus> let us know when you finish to update the pad
14:03:58 <championquizzer> (done!)
14:04:06 <emmapeel> same
14:04:30 <nina13[m]> done
14:06:28 <miko[m]> done!
14:06:51 <ggus> great! let's get started
14:07:05 <ggus> our first topic is about the gamification project
14:07:11 <ggus> * Gamification project update and next steps
14:07:11 <miko[m]> o/
14:07:30 <ggus> miko: would you like to share an update about it with the team? :)
14:07:54 <miko[m]> yess
14:08:07 <miko[m]> there's new resources on this ticket now: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/27
14:08:27 <miko[m]> there will be a detailed insights report soon
14:08:50 <miko[m]> but the gist of it is that the relay operator community largely isn't motivated by money
14:09:01 <miko[m]> (but tshirts and hoodies)
14:09:26 <miko[m]> the gamification project will be built around to reflect that
14:09:40 <miko[m]> ^ all of this is up for discussion and feedback
14:10:31 <miko[m]> this week i am compiling my own ideas and waiting for everyone else's ideas. i will share a report that contains a pad link where i can gather all that
14:11:23 <miko[m]> i will put all my ideas up for voting within the Tor community - anyone who is building the system (not the operators)
14:11:53 <miko[m]> that's all!
14:11:57 <ggus> great!
14:12:00 <ggus> thank you, miko!
14:12:07 <miko[m]> please take a look on the new resources there's some fun insights there hehe
14:12:10 <miko[m]> thanks gus!
14:12:55 <ggus> fyi: on the ticket #27, some reports has quotes from the participants, and that's why they are not public.
14:13:02 * gman999 lurking, sort of
14:13:19 <ggus> but people like gman999 can access it if they request access.
14:14:11 <championquizzer> thanks for the updates, miko[m]
14:14:21 <miko[m]> added #27 to the pad - and yes the resources are not public because they're direct quotes I kept intact for brand/voice reasons
14:14:37 <miko[m]> thanks championquizzer !
14:15:10 <ggus> alright, i'll move to the next topic.
14:15:20 <ggus> * User support/Telegram soft launch
14:15:58 <ggus> last friday we started to work on the new user support chanel in telegram
14:16:20 <ggus> you can read about our plan here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40059
14:16:23 <miko[m]> yay!
14:16:34 <emmapeel> is this support channel only for russian users, or for every language?
14:16:45 <championquizzer> russian users
14:16:59 <ggus> today, we will send an announcement and promote it to community partners that speaks russian
14:17:23 <nina13[m]> great!
14:17:30 <ggus> emmapeel: only russian at the moment
14:17:52 <emmapeel> thanks
14:18:11 <ggus> this week is a soft launch
14:18:54 <ggus> we will need to adjust some user support workflows
14:19:13 <ggus> for example, maybe we should use different bridges instead of using the same bridges from frontdesk
14:19:55 <ggus> if the soft launch goes well, we can promote it on tor social media channels
14:20:39 <championquizzer> sounds good, ggus
14:20:59 <ggus> after the meeting, i will start sending these emails in russian, thanks nina13 for translating it!
14:21:52 <nina13[m]> gus: I'll send you some phrases to set auto replies
14:22:20 <ggus> ok!
14:25:06 <ggus> so, our next topic is also related to user support
14:25:14 <ggus> * RT backlog
14:25:16 <championquizzer> will take this one
14:25:37 <ggus> we have now ~380 new tickets
14:26:10 <ggus> i wonder how we can triage it
14:27:01 <championquizzer> yeah, a quite a few in the 'open' queue as well. partly because a bunch of them fell through the cracks during the .ru censorship event + holidays :)
14:27:56 <championquizzer> this is my priority for this week and I hope to make more progress
14:28:36 <miko[m]> power to you championquizzer !
14:28:44 <championquizzer> re. triage. I can manually assign tickets (i have already put a few on nina13[m]'s plate)
14:29:19 <ggus> championquizzer: maybe we can talk about it tomorrow. for example, for old Tor Browser issue, we should point users to the forum.
14:29:56 <nina13[m]> no problem =) championquizzer I can offer my help but I often just don't know what to answer
14:30:40 <championquizzer> ggus: yes good idea. By the Tor Browser issues you mean ref. TB 11 release? because it's mostly from folks who are yet to update
14:31:20 <ggus> not just TB11, i see we have tickets from 10.5, 10.x
14:31:50 <ggus> so saying "hey there is an update, please try it, but we also have this amazing new forum where you can find answers"
14:32:17 <championquizzer> ah, yes. I see your point. I shall update the template we have for this
14:32:24 <championquizzer> miko[m]: thanks!
14:32:29 <emmapeel> for users of old version of tor browser, it is very importantt that they update and check if the new issue is still existing with the new version
14:33:11 <championquizzer> emmapeel: for sure. This is generally what we do i.e ask to update and ask to report back if the issue persists..
14:33:36 <championquizzer> but as ggus mentions, we can also gently point to the forum along with that
14:33:45 <emmapeel> also they may be running a version with widely known vulnerabilities, so it is important to educate users about updating because it is safer
14:35:28 <championquizzer> agreed
14:36:02 <nina13[m]> good point
14:37:39 <championquizzer> i can see we will run into this issue more and more with macOS users on older versions of the OS
14:38:32 <ggus> championquizzer: maybe we could create a topic on the forum and point users to that.
14:39:01 <championquizzer> regarding the macOS issue?
14:39:11 <ggus> yep
14:39:22 <championquizzer> https://forum.torproject.net/t/version-of-tor-browser-compatible-with-macos-10-11/1038
14:39:34 <emmapeel> minds alike!
14:39:45 <championquizzer> maybe we can add a pinned topic in Support/TB
14:41:48 <ggus> championquizzer: great! we could have that information organized like a support entry.
14:42:05 <ggus> so users don't need to read the full conversation
14:42:52 <miko[m]> ^ good ux
14:42:54 <championquizzer> sounds good. We can create a knowledge base of sorts for issues like this
14:43:49 <emmapeel> 'hot topics'
14:44:35 <ggus> we can discuss this tomorrow
14:44:37 <ggus> championquizzer
14:44:44 <emmapeel> well, there is the known issues on https://tb-manual.torproject.org/known-issues/ - maybe we should decomission this page or update it
14:44:47 <ggus> i will for our last topic
14:44:58 <championquizzer> ack, ggus
14:45:08 <emmapeel> yes, next topic
14:45:11 <ggus> emmapeel: we should keep it update because it's the only resource localized
14:45:19 <ggus> with tb issues
14:45:22 <emmapeel> oh, good point!
14:46:04 <ggus> * Run a bridge campaign retrospective
14:46:16 <ggus> alright, who wants to start :)
14:46:36 <emmapeel> it was awesome, you did a great job! thanks to everyone involved
14:47:02 <ggus> i added some notes here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/24#note_2770670
14:49:44 <championquizzer> yes, this has been a great campaign! the response during the .ru censorship event was absolutely amazing
14:50:00 <championquizzer> thanks for all the work, ggus
14:50:14 <ggus> i trully believe that having miko's illustration helped here :)
14:50:31 <championquizzer> oh yeah!
14:50:36 <ggus> yes, the timing to launch this campaign was perfect!
14:50:38 <emmapeel> :D i got many comments about them!
14:50:48 <miko[m]> im humbled! looking forward to doing more of these
14:50:52 <emmapeel> 'cool graphs!'
14:51:18 <miko[m]> aww
14:51:31 <miko[m]> im ALWAYS down to draw more onions
14:52:05 <emmapeel> i have mentioned this already, but a friend that had run bridges before and thought they were not useful, after the campaign started running bridges again and asked me if they were really necessary... so i think it was not clear for some likely bridge-relay mantainers that they are useful
14:52:10 <ggus> +1111
14:52:41 <emmapeel> it was after the campaign, i think
14:52:50 <ggus> emmapeel: i believe many operators doesn't know about the bridge-stats thing
14:53:00 <ggus> where you can see how many people are using your bridge
14:53:05 <ggus> and from which country
14:53:21 <miko[m]> yeppp - so many in the survey suddenly found them a great way to contribute (if not use) at least
14:53:35 <emmapeel> yeah, that may be a part. but also, a better communication about the needs of the network, i mean, for people 'on the internet'
14:53:52 <miko[m]> a lot of our latter entries are from bridge running folk who came from the bridge campaign
14:54:23 <ggus> right, like informing operators what's going on and what's we needed
14:55:10 <emmapeel> yeah, like: people, we need more middle nodes
14:55:34 <miko[m]> emmapeel re: "needs of the network" i completely agree
14:55:43 <emmapeel> and then the sysadmins will think 'oh, i can run one of those'
14:55:52 <emmapeel> 'at work'
14:55:53 <ggus> emmapeel: we should discuss this with network health feat. anti-censorship team.
14:56:12 <emmapeel> sure!
14:56:53 <miko[m]> theres so much interest but people don't know HOW to contribute, if it is within their abilities, if they can afford it
14:57:21 <ggus> yess
14:57:42 <emmapeel> miko: community.tpo was meant to solve this issue
14:57:44 <ggus> alright folks, i will stop the bot
14:58:16 <championquizzer> thanks all! have a good week o/
14:58:20 <miko[m]> emmapeel_: oh! hope i can help in my own ways too
14:58:25 <miko[m]> thanks all!
14:58:30 <ggus> #endmeeting