16:00:19 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health 01/24/2022
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16:00:28 <GeKo> hello everyone!
16:00:40 <GeKo> let's have some network health sync this week
16:00:50 <GeKo> http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-nethealthteam-2021.1-keep
16:00:57 <GeKo> is the pad
16:01:10 <GeKo> please add your updates so we are all on the same page
16:02:24 <GeKo> hiro: juga: ^
16:02:27 <ggus> hello
16:02:31 <hiro> hello
16:02:33 <GeKo> and others
16:02:35 <juga> o/
16:02:36 <GeKo> hihi
16:02:45 <hiro> I am behind with the pad fu
16:02:58 <GeKo> no worries
16:03:31 <GeKo> i can start babbling
16:03:44 <GeKo> i expect to be back in network-health land later this week
16:03:53 <GeKo> so there is light at the end of the tunnel :)
16:04:19 <GeKo> until then i'll likely only concentrate on s61 reporting and bad-relay work
16:06:27 <GeKo> i spent a bit time replacing old links of the merics-team list in our code bases and the wiki
16:06:41 <GeKo> but that's it for me
16:06:45 <hiro> I need to do s61 reporting too
16:06:54 <GeKo> yeah
16:06:57 <hiro> I started on a okr draft too let's see
16:07:07 <GeKo> let me know if you need anything from me for the s61 stuff
16:07:14 * juga updating pad
16:07:30 <GeKo> ideally indicators etc. should be neatly fitting either into n-h or metrics
16:07:33 <GeKo> but maybe not
16:08:08 <GeKo> hiro: i gonna chat with gaba later this week about okr and roadmapping, after our sync on thu
16:08:32 <GeKo> so we could nail things down by then
16:08:54 <GeKo> and get a better overview over the larger picture
16:11:24 <GeKo> hiro: a link to your planned okrs before thu would be nice. otherwise i guess we can just pick that up during our sync
16:11:29 <GeKo> no big deal
16:11:53 <hiro> it's in the snippets on the pad
16:11:59 <hiro> in the actual section
16:12:08 <hiro> I haven't finished it tho, it's just a draft
16:12:38 <GeKo> ack
16:15:10 <GeKo> okay, anything more for our meeting today?
16:15:28 <ggus> i have two quick updates
16:15:37 <GeKo> let's hear
16:15:43 <ggus> 1. acute submitted her fellowship project to OTF.
16:16:58 <ggus> 1. miko categorized some relay operator quotes from the survey, it's available on nextcloud. she will send a public report soon.
16:17:16 <GeKo> nice
16:17:23 <ggus> you can find the quotes here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/27
16:18:11 <ggus> that's all :)
16:18:20 <GeKo> thanks!
16:18:46 <GeKo> i guess that's all then, seeing nothing bolded on the pad
16:18:56 <GeKo> thanks everyone and have a nice week!
16:18:59 <GeKo> #endmeeting