15:00:18 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2022-02-07
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15:00:24 <sysrqb> o/
15:00:44 <aguestuser> 2o/
15:00:52 <aguestuser> lol, just o/
15:01:03 <boklm> o/
15:03:36 <donuts> o/
15:03:50 <richard> o/
15:07:13 <aguestuser> PieroV curious -- what repos do #40773 and #40774 correspond to? (in your "Week of Feb 7")
15:07:20 <richard> tor-browser ;)
15:07:27 <aguestuser> scrolled up!
15:07:29 <PieroV> The same as above, tor-browser :)
15:07:36 <aguestuser> i am morning
15:07:42 <aguestuser> and i apologize :)
15:07:43 <richard> hello morning
15:07:47 <aguestuser> ;)
15:07:58 <sysrqb> (tor browser is the only 'applications' project that has Issues in the 700s, too)
15:08:10 <sysrqb> but you'll get a feeling for that over time
15:08:42 <richard> ok everyone, looks like we're about finished filing in our little notes
15:09:34 <richard> so first up for me, this week we should be clear sailing for publishing 11.0.6 builds
15:09:55 <richard> and by we I mean boklm, so assuming nothing is currently blocking you
15:10:05 <donuts> \o/
15:10:43 <richard> aguestuser, sysrqb: is pushing another android stable so soon after 11.0.5 going to be a problem?
15:10:59 <boklm> richard: looks like nothing is blocking 11.0.6 signing
15:11:28 <sysrqb> richard: no, it shouldn't be a problem
15:11:34 <richard> I noticed some tails people were asking about release dates/builds being ready over the weekend
15:12:06 <richard> should we be planning some buffer between build and publish to hand off unsigned linux builds to them?
15:12:10 <richard> (for the future)
15:12:13 <aguestuser> richard, sysrqb: by "pushing another android stable" do you mean making 11.0.6 also an android release?
15:12:47 <aguestuser> or rather than we just tagged 11.0.5 (android only) and are going to publish it shortly after doing so?
15:12:51 <richard> aguestuser: yeah potentially, I'm not sure if we actually came to a consensus on that so I built both desktop and android 11.06 over the weekend
15:12:58 <sysrqb> richard: yes, sorry if i didn't make that clear before, the usual schedule where stable packages are available on Friday is mostly for Tails folks
15:13:08 <sysrqb> so they can prep their own release over the weekend
15:13:21 <boklm> richard: I think next time we should remember to decide who will be uploading their unsigned build to people.tpo
15:13:56 <aguestuser> sysrqb, richard: what (on android side) is the delta between 11.0.5 and 11.0.6?
15:14:11 <sysrqb> aguestuser: did you look at the changelog? :)
15:14:18 <richard> I *think* just the go update
15:14:23 <richard> for Android
15:14:38 <aguestuser> k
15:14:43 <richard> but yeah there's a changelog in tor-browser-build/ChangeLog.txt
15:15:05 <richard> boklm: ok i'll update my own process doc/calendar
15:15:36 <aguestuser> yup, aware. didn't know to look at ti b/c was unaware until just now we were contemplating android component to 11.0.6. remembering now this was implicit in our convo about the go oversight tho!
15:15:46 <richard> next up: I'm going to be afk next Monday+Tuesday (and hopefully no longer) as I change timezones
15:15:48 <aguestuser> so... "thought i was unaware" was actually aware. proceed!
15:16:35 <richard> though after that I'll have a more stable mailing address and so I can get in on the hardware token club and join release signing crew
15:17:04 <sysrqb> :)
15:17:19 <richard> aguestuser: if you could run next week's meeting that would be swell
15:17:29 <aguestuser> no prob. :)
15:17:36 <richard> ok, now speaking of docs
15:18:05 <richard> have we come to some consensus after the previous doc meeting + tor-dev followup on our plan for future docs/migrating existing docs/etc ?
15:18:35 <richard> last I saw it looked like the tentative plan was to use the team wiki as the central out-of-code place for future documentation
15:19:37 <aguestuser> we shot out roughly at preferences listed on line 39 here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-documentation-process-meeting-keep
15:19:51 <aguestuser> (assuming "outcomes" above is accurate)
15:20:11 <aguestuser> in other words: yes!
15:20:16 <richard> ok excellent
15:20:24 <aguestuser> with some registered concerns from sysrqb and boklm, who seem okay with trying it out
15:20:43 <aguestuser> (but lemme know if that's a fair capture!)
15:21:50 <richard> ok great
15:22:21 <boklm> should we also move the tor-browser wiki to the team wiki?
15:22:36 <boklm> the wiki currently on https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/wikis/home
15:22:40 <richard> yes I think so
15:24:16 <richard> I'll see about migrating existing documentation and adding my own next week while afk and push/resolve when i get internet again
15:25:03 <richard> once that's good we can have all the existing project wikis point to the new one
15:26:01 <richard> alright that's all i have, aguestuser looks like you have an item under the discussion?
15:26:44 <aguestuser> richard yes, just a check-in for sequencing of desktop and android alpha releases this week
15:27:21 <aguestuser> was shooting to ship android along with desktop for 11.5a4 today, but...
15:27:44 <aguestuser> ... not sure that's realistic?
15:27:57 <aguestuser> so: would staggered releases be okay?
15:28:05 <aguestuser> and: inviting thoughts from you and sysrqb ?
15:28:48 <richard> a3 you mean?
15:29:10 <sysrqb> at this point, i'd recommend staggering - let desktop go and you can build android in another day or two, when it's ready
15:29:19 <donuts> android already had an a3 release
15:29:28 <aguestuser> was just double checdking
15:29:37 <aguestuser> yup last android release was a3
15:29:49 <richard> ok sorry one sec
15:29:54 <aguestuser> so richard would do 11.5a4 as desktop only
15:30:01 <richard> ah ok
15:30:03 <aguestuser> then mid-week i'd do 11.5a5 as android only
15:30:15 <aguestuser> seems pretty straightforward but just wanted to touch base
15:30:23 <richard> yes that makes sense to me
15:30:25 <aguestuser> kk
15:30:33 <richard> just so i'm clear here
15:30:48 <richard> I assume an equivalent android alpha has *more* stuff than the same desktop alpha?
15:31:08 <aguestuser> a5 is bumping from fenix v94 -> v96
15:31:10 <richard> ie for desktop we just need to rebase against latest gecko-dev esr, but y'all have fenix and geckoview and friends
15:31:16 <aguestuser> jaja
15:31:20 <donuts> could you update the release schedule with android dates for this and next week too please aguestuser?
15:31:25 <donuts> looks like desktop's already in there
15:31:31 <donuts> (just makes it easy for me to track at a glance)
15:31:35 <aguestuser> donuts: np!
15:31:37 <donuts> ty!
15:32:08 <aguestuser> donuts: apologies, have been heads-down getting the release process under my belt: updating schedule is top of "i have my sealegs" todo list! :)
15:32:16 <donuts> (for ref that's the Tor Browser Release calendar in NC, not the old wiki)
15:32:24 <donuts> aguestuser: no prob!
15:32:26 <aguestuser> ack
15:32:36 <aguestuser> donuts: are you shared on the calendar richard made last week?
15:32:45 <aguestuser> (want to make sure we're talking about the same NC cal)
15:33:03 <donuts> it should be visible to everyone in the TPI (internal) group on nextcloud now, but sysrqb is the owner
15:33:05 <richard> yeah all of TPI should have read-access
15:33:12 <aguestuser> sweet
15:33:14 <richard> ah no there is anotehr one I made
15:33:17 <sysrqb> apparently there is a new one
15:33:19 <donuts> oh lol
15:33:21 <richard> Tor Browser Releases
15:33:22 <donuts> nvm then
15:33:22 <sysrqb> i should delete the Matthew one
15:33:32 <aguestuser> "Tor Browser Release (Richard)"
15:33:37 <richard> NextCloud refused to let me edit the share properties so it just didn't show up for aguestuser
15:33:41 <richard> vOv
15:34:03 <donuts> I see it now, had to hard refresh
15:34:12 <donuts> thanks haha
15:34:36 <donuts> ty for sorting that
15:34:46 <sysrqb> "refresh, it's the new 'reboot'"
15:34:49 <richard> calendars
15:34:51 <richard> not even once
15:35:12 <richard> ok
15:35:26 * sysrqb unshared my calendar with TPI
15:35:32 <richard> PieroV: are you blocked on anything w/ regards to tor-browser#40773 ?
15:35:46 <PieroV> I'm waiting for some icons
15:35:49 <richard> I have convos spread out regarding that ticket all over gitlab, but I think they're mostly all linked back to that issue
15:35:58 <PieroV> the rest is almost done, I'd say
15:36:08 <PieroV> if you consider only 40773
15:36:19 <PieroV> I don't know how you prefer for me to go on
15:36:24 <richard> have you added support for the various the new Moat APIs meskio made for us?
15:36:40 <donuts> I'm going to recruit nicob to help with the icons today
15:36:42 <richard> not sure if that convo was easy to find or not vOv
15:36:48 <PieroV> I must have missed that ones, are they in that ticket?
15:36:49 <donuts> otherwise I'm going to be less available than usual on torconnect for the next few days as I need to focus on S101 (VPN) and get the UX team roadmap ready for Wed
15:37:01 <donuts> should be back on it with a vengeance on Thu/Fri though
15:37:06 <PieroV> np donuts
15:37:09 <donuts> ty :)
15:38:02 <PieroV> tor-browser#40773 is mainly about the UI
15:38:04 <richard> PieroV: maybe, I'll find the relevant anti-censorshp ticket after the meeting and forward it to you
15:38:26 <PieroV> I see an anti-censorship#40043 as related
15:38:35 <richard> ah thats' probably it
15:38:52 <richard> ok, does anyone have anything else that needs discussing?
15:38:59 * sysrqb does not
15:39:03 <PieroV> yeah, actually I wanted to ask
15:39:15 <PieroV> #40773 and #40774 are actually quite close
15:39:43 <PieroV> so, how do you want to proceed for review?
15:40:11 <PieroV> would you like to keep them distinct, or since I am working on both, can I start integrating the changes needed from 40773 on 40774?
15:40:31 <sysrqb> tor-browser#40773 and tor-browser#40774
15:41:59 <richard> i don't mind having them in one review, though the varous changes should be fixups! of the appropriate components if possible
15:42:30 <PieroV> yes, that was my plan, for the branch to create the MR
15:42:49 <richard> yeah in that case I don't mind having them all together
15:43:24 <richard> it seems like we have a plan for tor-launcher!18 so I'll see about getting that updated and merged this week
15:44:12 <richard> the English country strings in TorStrings.jsm should match the ones we add in tor-launcher, so please keep an eye on that
15:44:20 <PieroV> ack
15:44:43 <richard> ok sounds good
15:44:48 <richard> anything else?
15:44:49 <PieroV> in case I have to wait on something, can I start with https-only mode, or is there something with higher priority?
15:45:15 <richard> i would say documentation first, then https-e :)
15:45:27 <sysrqb> we will need rebasing geckoview onto version 98 soon
15:45:38 <sysrqb> but that is not needed immediately
15:46:10 <PieroV> okay, just ping me in case :)
15:47:05 <sysrqb> thanks
15:47:29 <richard> alright going once
15:47:37 <richard> twice
15:47:42 <richard> #endmeeting