14:02:23 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - 2022-02-14
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14:02:36 <championquizzer> hello, hello \o/
14:02:40 <emmapeel> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
14:02:57 <championquizzer> please update the pad with your updates^ thanks
14:03:00 <ggus> alright, sorry about that. my client isn't working super smoothly
14:03:07 <championquizzer> np, ggus !
14:04:16 <miko[m]> pad super slow for me today, don't mind me
14:08:33 <miko[m]> done!
14:09:01 <nina13[m]> done
14:09:58 <rhatto> done
14:10:14 <ggus> let's get started :D
14:10:20 <ggus> * Tor docs mirror
14:10:44 <ggus> in the last weeks i have been working on setting up Tor docs mirrors
14:10:54 <rhatto> ggus, perhaps using #topic helps with the meeting logs?
14:11:00 <ggus> no tor browser binaries, just docs
14:11:08 <ggus> #topic Tor docs mirror
14:11:35 <ggus> rhatto: we almost don't use the bots cmds. but let's see how it looks like.
14:12:03 <ggus> _oftc_nina13[m]: i will share with you and championquizzer the new mirrors.
14:12:09 <championquizzer> awesome
14:12:14 <ggus> i have tested in russia and china, and it works
14:12:32 <miko[m]> woo!
14:12:32 <ggus> as long as we only share in private channels, i believe it won't be blocked soon.
14:12:33 <emmapeel> ggus-on-the-shell
14:12:43 <championquizzer> +1 ggus
14:13:08 <ggus> after the meeting i will email you both
14:14:10 <ggus> i will jump to the next topic
14:14:10 <emmapeel> ggus: i want to know if the images are working :D
14:14:22 <emmapeel> let me know if there is any rogue image and ill try to fix
14:14:34 <ggus> emmapeel: last time i checked, only the community portal wasn't working. but that was before your fix
14:15:30 <emmapeel> :thumbs_up:
14:15:46 <emmapeel> how do you change topic now?
14:15:59 <ggus> #topic Forum tags
14:16:06 <ggus> like this i guess :D
14:17:13 <ggus> hm, i can't find discourse tag list
14:17:44 <ggus> https://forum.torproject.net/tags
14:18:04 <ggus> alright, so we have a very small list of tags
14:18:22 <ggus> which is good, imo
14:18:34 <ggus> i was thinking about the process to add new tags
14:18:51 <ggus> thoughts?
14:19:30 <miko[m]> hashtag relays lol
14:19:32 <championquizzer> i think it's a good idea to add some more tags
14:19:40 <emmapeel> on the blog we had a problem because we had too many tags
14:19:57 <emmapeel> i dont know how many tags can we have on the forum
14:20:14 <miko[m]> if we can export all text and turn it into a word cloud maybe more tag ideas will emerge from there?
14:20:38 <championquizzer> i was discussing with donuts when someone had asked 'how can keep track all ongoing surveys' and we thought marking all survey related posts with a specific tag (survey) can be a neat idea
14:20:43 <championquizzer> just an example of course
14:21:05 <championquizzer> interestingly, the tags can be made into RSS feeds which one can easily keep track of
14:21:19 <ggus> yeah, i would create a tag only if we don't have a specific topic/category for that. for example: snowflake, survey...
14:21:33 <championquizzer> example 'tor' https://validator.w3.org/feed/check.cgi?url=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.torproject.net%2Ftag%2Ftor.rss
14:21:43 <ggus> at the moment, only /staff/ can create tags.
14:21:48 <championquizzer> right
14:22:00 <miko[m]> wow tags to RSS sounds massively helpful
14:22:47 <emmapeel> yeah
14:23:14 <miko[m]> sitemap titles can become tags... "support" for example
14:25:04 <ggus> championquizzer: nah used 'research' instead of 'survey' https://forum.torproject.net/tag/research
14:25:35 <championquizzer> i see
14:26:23 <championquizzer> we shoud add the tag to the ongoing https only survey post i guess
14:27:13 <ggus> should we have an open canonical ticket to track tags changes?
14:27:16 <championquizzer> also i agree that we should keep tags at minimum and only for stuff we don't have a different category for
14:27:29 <championquizzer> sounds good, ggus
14:27:51 <nah> survey is a methodology of research, so it would be... a subtag?
14:28:02 <ggus> ack! i will create a new ticket on community/support repo
14:28:07 <emmapeel> there is only one post tagged localization, it seems the post on the category localization dont appear automatically there
14:31:05 <ggus> nah, i will open the ticket, then you can discuss there
14:31:12 <ggus> but overall, we're good.
14:31:20 <emmapeel> should i add the tag localization to the posts in the category localization?
14:31:29 <ggus> emmapeel: nope
14:31:43 <emmapeel> maybe i should remove the tag localization and only use the category?
14:32:31 <ggus> emmapeel: sounds good
14:34:03 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40063
14:34:36 <ggus> alrigh, i will move to the next topic
14:34:45 <ggus> feel free to add your thoughts on that ticket
14:35:08 <ggus> #topic * Disabling and archiving dead mailing lists
14:36:03 <ggus> we have some mailing lists managed by the community team that we don't see any traffic in the last months or even years
14:36:13 <ggus> example:     * https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-teachers
14:36:26 * gman999 lurking but working
14:36:52 <ggus> i will create one ticket per list, like this one: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40057
14:37:04 <ggus> so we can disable it and announce for the users
14:38:22 <emmapeel> that tor-teachers sounds interesting for the training section of the community portal, but i didnt knew it existed
14:38:46 <ggus> emmapeel: i decided to not use it.
14:39:20 <ggus> and now i would prefer creating a category for that
14:39:59 <emmapeel> i see
14:42:20 <ggus> i will go ahead and create tickets for archiving these lists. it should be disabled till the end of this Q1.
14:43:24 <ggus> if everyone is good, i will move to the last topic on our agenda
14:43:27 <championquizzer> sounds good
14:43:30 * gaba lurking too
14:44:15 <emmapeel> yes, i am good
14:45:01 <ggus> #topic Outreachy/Gamification project updates
14:45:18 <miko[m]> \o/
14:45:36 <ggus> go ahead, miko :)
14:45:40 <miko[m]> low fidelity mockup is out!!
14:45:43 <miko[m]> https://www.figma.com/proto/aQdKK8BdMs4NQr0ClAwy8Y/Relay-Portal-Mockup-(Copy)?node-id=14%3A264&scaling=scale-down-width&page-id=0%3A1
14:45:49 <gaba> it looks really nice !
14:46:02 <miko[m]> thanks a ton gaba! <3
14:46:31 <miko[m]> we'll start labelling the specifics in this mockup this week
14:46:53 <miko[m]> and work on look and feel (and shiny new badges!!) next week
14:47:10 <emmapeel> i cannot load that page with tor browser :S
14:47:26 <championquizzer> same :/
14:47:30 <miko[m]> emmapeel: mozilla worked for Gus
14:47:48 <ggus> firefox works fine
14:47:57 <miko[m]> Figma tries to track your mouse movement which is likely why it doesn't work with Tor Browser
14:49:14 <championquizzer> looks good! thanks, miko[m]
14:49:58 <miko[m]> the mockup buttons are not clickable atm, but if you hover to the bottom a slider will appear, to let you browse through pages
14:50:07 <rhatto> miko[m], nice mockup :)
14:50:22 <miko[m]> (some pages that look dark are WIPs)
14:50:39 <miko[m]> thanks rhatto !!
14:51:36 <ggus> if you have ideas about bagdes and other stuff, please reach out to miko
14:52:22 <miko[m]> yess! a badge can be anything we want to see more of from relay operators (like OS Diversity)
14:52:39 <miko[m]> or anything fun or engaging in any way
14:52:46 <miko[m]> does not have to be super technical
14:54:17 <miko[m]> I think next week I can share an example badge-set and everyone can share what other badges we can add
14:54:38 <championquizzer> do we have a ticket for this? :)
14:55:13 <miko[m]> I can add one, great idea championquizzer :D
14:55:27 <emmapeel> :)
14:56:12 <championquizzer> thanks, miko[m]
14:56:14 <miko[m]> For the mockup itself, you can share your ideas here https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/37
14:56:38 <miko[m]> I have to update the page list, some of those are not being designed at this stage
14:57:40 <miko[m]> we're still in lo-fi so feel free to reach out with any ideas, we can rapidly incorporate them :)
14:58:22 <ggus> cool! thanks miko for sharing your cool mockups :D
14:58:38 <ggus> alright people, another meeting is starting here in a few seconds
14:58:42 <ggus> i'm stopping the bot
14:58:42 <miko[m]> thank you gus!
14:58:44 <ggus> thanks everyone!
14:58:47 <emmapeel> thanks!
14:58:47 <ggus> #endmeeting