16:59:25 <nah> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting
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16:59:26 <nicob> o/
16:59:29 <championquizzer> hello o/
16:59:30 <nah> hello everyone :)
16:59:46 <nah> and welcome to this week's ux team meeting
16:59:53 <nah> donuts is at another meeting atm
17:00:02 <nah> so i'm done running it today
17:00:11 <nah> how are you all doing?
17:00:31 <nicob> good!
17:00:37 <championquizzer> v nice, ty nah. yourself?
17:00:47 <nah> i'm good too!
17:00:54 <nah> hi sweetcurator ;)
17:01:06 <nah> as usual, the pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
17:01:12 <sweetcurator> Hi
17:01:18 <nah> please add any items you'd like to discuss to the agenda
17:01:28 <nah> let's take some minutes to update it
17:04:00 <nah> in terms of announcements, we had one release in the last week:
17:04:03 <nah> Tor Browser 11.0.9 (Windows, macOS, Linux)
17:04:04 <nah> https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-1109/
17:04:14 <nah> this fixes https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/40802
17:04:16 <championquizzer> \o/
17:06:03 <nah> are we all done with the pad?
17:06:08 <nicob> yep
17:06:13 * championquizzer is done
17:06:36 <nah> cool!
17:07:03 <nah> i see you have one item bold, nicob
17:07:33 <nicob> oh yeah! just wanted to ask how many responses we've gotten on that poll to gauge if I need to send out again
17:07:49 <nah> i was checking the limesurvey for sticker poll just before the meeting
17:07:57 <nah> we have 41 complete responses \o/
17:08:01 <nah> 19 partial
17:08:09 <nicob> oh nice!
17:08:13 <championquizzer> was a tough choice! :)
17:08:19 <nah> i think you can send a reminder, if you want
17:08:28 <nah> the plan is to close it in two days, right?
17:08:44 <nicob> yep that was the plan. Ok i'll prob send out a reminder today then. thanks nah :)
17:08:46 <nah> championquizzer: yep! i'm super curious with the results, ha
17:08:54 <nicob> same!
17:10:32 <nah> ok, so i'll close it in two days and share the results with you on friday
17:10:38 <nicob> sounds good
17:11:05 <nah> hmmm i don't see any other bold items
17:11:15 <nah> championquizzer: do you want to take the floor and share your updates?
17:11:24 <championquizzer> sure, ty
17:11:47 <championquizzer> more user reports of fenix#40212
17:12:17 <championquizzer> and i believe we are blocked on the bug so might be receiving more in the coming weeks
17:12:26 <championquizzer> this is the summary of the bug:
17:12:35 <championquizzer> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/fenix/-/issues/40212#note_2788267
17:12:52 <championquizzer> for users, the workaround generally seems to be working fine
17:13:28 <championquizzer> nothing else of note in the past week
17:14:44 <nah> i see we are waiting for a fix on 11.0.10
17:14:49 <championquizzer> yep
17:16:58 <nah> are we communicating that re-launching is a temporary fix for this in the forum or other places?
17:17:12 <championquizzer> yes!
17:17:18 <nah> oh cool
17:17:34 <championquizzer> https://forum.torproject.net/t/new-release-tor-browser-11-0-8-android/2527/4
17:18:01 <nah> great
17:18:06 <nah> ty championquizzer!
17:18:12 <championquizzer> o/
17:19:05 <nah> anything else for today?
17:19:12 <nicob> all good from me
17:19:27 <championquizzer> same
17:19:36 <nah> this was quick!
17:19:48 <nah> i'm gonna close the meeting.
17:19:50 <nah> thank you all
17:19:54 <nah> #endmeeting