16:00:20 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health 03/28/2022
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16:00:30 <GeKo> hello everyone!
16:00:40 <GeKo> http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-nethealthteam-2021.1-keep is our pad
16:00:54 <GeKo> so we can sync a bit about what is going on in network-health land
16:00:55 <juga> o/
16:01:55 <ggus> hello!
16:02:13 <GeKo> hiro: hey!
16:02:19 <GeKo> what's your plan with https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/network-health/metrics/collector/-/merge_requests/5 ?
16:02:27 <GeKo> i meant to ask that for a while now
16:02:51 <GeKo> i *think* it might be mostly okay
16:02:58 <GeKo> i just had a question and a small nit
16:03:18 <hiro> I had completely forgot about this
16:03:22 <GeKo> so, maybe it's worth it to get this finally fixed and merged this week?
16:03:22 <hiro> I will do it this week
16:03:26 <GeKo> aha
16:03:34 <GeKo> yeah, that would be great i think
16:03:35 <GeKo> thanks
16:03:47 <hiro> thanks
16:04:00 <hiro> I'll test it first
16:04:08 <hiro> I'll make another docker to test it
16:04:12 <GeKo> sounds good
16:04:19 <hiro> thanks for reminding me
16:04:34 <GeKo> hiro: one thing you could start thinking about is the metrics okrs for q2
16:04:42 <hiro> sounds good
16:04:43 <GeKo> we can talk about that on thursday
16:04:54 <GeKo> and we might want to nail down like next week
16:05:09 <GeKo> so we have them this time earlier set in the quarter
16:05:12 <hiro> are these 6 months?
16:05:15 <hiro> or 3 months?
16:05:25 <GeKo> i still think 3
16:05:28 <hiro> ok
16:05:37 <GeKo> because that's what i recall gaba saying
16:05:43 <hiro> I thought we were doing 6 and then adjusting
16:05:51 <GeKo> as it makes things easier for her
16:05:52 * hiro is still confused
16:05:56 <GeKo> yeah
16:05:57 <hiro> ok sounds good
16:05:59 <GeKo> gaba: ^
16:06:00 <hiro> 3 it is
16:06:29 <GeKo> i know at least roadmapping is for the coming 3 months
16:06:40 <GeKo> and i doubt the okrs would be for the coming 6 then :)
16:06:50 <hiro> ok
16:07:04 <GeKo> ggus: you are up
16:07:11 <GeKo> (no one else has marked things bold)
16:07:20 <ggus> yes, so we have a tor relay operator meetup
16:07:22 <ggus> this saturday
16:07:40 <ggus> do we have network health topics for the agenda?
16:08:29 <ggus> last time (in march) we had EOL 0.3.5 removal
16:08:31 <GeKo> maybe "yes, we did it and kicked 0.3.5.x relays and bridges out" and plan to coninue doing so
16:08:41 <GeKo> so, kind of status update
16:08:44 <GeKo> for that item
16:09:07 <GeKo> another thing is overload reporting adjustment
16:09:26 <GeKo> let me find some links for that
16:10:11 <GeKo> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/network-health/analysis/-/issues/27 has the details
16:10:27 <ggus> cool!
16:10:28 <GeKo> there was some spurious overload reported earlier this year
16:10:39 <GeKo> leading likely to a bunch of false positives
16:10:56 <gaba> we talked about doing metrics okrs every 6 months
16:11:07 <gaba> and roadmaps every 3 months
16:11:14 <GeKo> ggus: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40560
16:11:25 <GeKo> is what got fixed on tor's side
16:11:31 <GeKo> and landed in
16:11:43 <ggus> ok! i will add these topics on the agenda
16:12:06 <GeKo> gaba: i think we should have the same okr timeframe for the whole team
16:12:21 <GeKo> not like 3 months for network-health parts and 6 for metrics
16:12:40 <hiro> ah 6 months was just for metrics?
16:12:54 <gaba> yes, okrs every 6 months i think it makes more sense for the whole team
16:12:59 <GeKo> and then i don't understand how one would build okrs for 6 months if the roadmap is set just for 3 months
16:13:07 <gaba> we adjust the roadmap every 3 months continue looking at the same okrs
16:13:44 <gaba> the objectives are the same for q1 and q2
16:13:54 <gaba> are you talking about changing objectives every 3 months?
16:14:03 <GeKo> well, the objectives were planned only for q1
16:14:15 <GeKo> because okrs got only made for 3 months
16:14:27 <gaba> mm, are you ok if we talk about this on the sync on thursday?
16:14:30 <GeKo> at least that was the case kind of 7 weeks ago
16:14:34 <GeKo> sure
16:14:47 <gaba> hiro: we are doing a roadmap sync on thursday
16:14:54 <hiro> would it be ok if I join too?
16:15:01 <GeKo> sure
16:15:05 <gaba> yes!
16:15:23 <GeKo> okay, we got this topic nicely postponed then
16:15:25 <GeKo> good :)
16:15:38 <GeKo> what else do we have in network-health land?
16:15:40 <hiro> ok perfect then
16:15:47 <GeKo> anyone needing some help with anything?
16:16:10 <GeKo> ggus: thanks!
16:16:20 * hiro is groot
16:16:21 <GeKo> i might come up with more but that's unlikely :)
16:16:28 <GeKo> in case it happens i'll ping you
16:16:33 <ggus> ack!
16:16:37 <GeKo> juga: anything up from your side?
16:16:43 <juga> GeKo: i'm good
16:17:05 <GeKo> nice
16:17:31 <GeKo> alright, then no need to drag this sync foreeeeeever
16:17:39 <GeKo> thanks everyone and have a nice week
16:17:41 <GeKo> #endmeeting