17:59:40 <donuts> #startmeeting Tor Browser Release Meeting 2022-04-04
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17:59:50 <donuts> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-browser-release-meeting-keep
18:00:03 <donuts> ping aguestuser/richard
18:00:21 <richard> may I help you? :3
18:01:17 <donuts> release council assemble
18:01:32 <richard> alright you have my full attention
18:02:25 <aguestuser> o/
18:02:25 <richard> erm brb
18:02:37 <donuts> putting things in the pad
18:04:07 <donuts> okay anything else needing discussed today, or just Android?
18:04:20 <PieroV> well, we can briefly discuss desktop
18:04:27 <donuts> I punched the desktop and droid releases from the cal into the pad, but I've got no idea if those are still accurate
18:04:40 <donuts> PieroV: yep sounds good
18:04:52 <PieroV> for desktop we've built and boklm is already signing them
18:04:57 <PieroV> but everything is going as expected
18:05:13 <richard> confirmed
18:05:19 <donuts> \o/
18:05:21 <PieroV> we're also rebasing alpha soon, so nothing really to discuss
18:05:25 <richard> i'm going to start the 11.5a10 rebase today(ish)
18:07:04 <richard> the previously planned combined android+desktop alpha is abandoned as android is currently very silly
18:07:17 <richard> so 11.5a10 will be a desktop-only and then a11 will be android whenver it's ready
18:07:18 <donuts> so what's the deal with android?
18:07:29 <richard> aguestuser^
18:07:31 <richard> :D
18:07:32 <donuts> ah that's why we don't have a separate android alpha in the cal?
18:07:32 <PieroV> the build produces a new artifact
18:07:38 <donuts> b/c it was intended to be combined?
18:07:48 <aguestuser> donuts: put (rough) timeline updates in pad on line 22
18:08:00 <donuts> aguestuser: I see, tuy
18:08:02 <donuts> *ty
18:08:21 <aguestuser> donuts: i don't know where to start with "what's the deal"... it's sort of just like everything breaks when we try to upgrade 3 major versions at once?
18:08:32 <aguestuser> we're tracking things down one by one and fixing them
18:08:39 <aguestuser> but the errors are very opaque
18:08:46 <aguestuser> and require a lot of sleuthing
18:08:52 <richard> (you're doing great)
18:08:55 <aguestuser> and several hours to test each new hypothesis
18:09:10 <aguestuser> but we're hanging in there and trying to figure it out
18:09:26 <aguestuser> with any luck this new build will not exhibit the same crashing behavior we had last release
18:09:33 <donuts> remember you're talking to a UX designer so "because everything breaks" is a totally fine answer :3
18:09:38 <donuts> ha
18:09:45 <PieroV> lol
18:09:49 <aguestuser> (we encountered several other crashing things)
18:10:04 <aguestuser> so: yeah -- "everything breaks" but hopefully not as much very soon!
18:10:13 <donuts> okay ty for the update! good hunting
18:10:20 <aguestuser> and other things might break, but if so... we won't release this time until we fix them first!
18:10:26 <richard> PieroV: what's the current state of the 40773/40774 MR? ready for merge or do we still need a design review of the new bridge card implementation?
18:10:46 <PieroV> I'm finishing with the currently connected bridge
18:11:02 <PieroV> I have a few commits I still haven't pushed
18:11:19 <richard> ok
18:11:22 <PieroV> richard: if you want to review them I can push them now
18:11:54 <PieroV> there are still a few minor details to fix, I've already asked donuts
18:11:55 <richard> is it reasonable to plan on getting those into 91.8 based nightlies around end of next week?
18:12:21 <PieroV> totally, I'd even say we could get them by the end of this week :)
18:12:35 <richard> not in the middle of an alpha release >:[
18:12:44 <donuts> ha
18:13:03 <PieroV> the minor details are like a string to display for vanilla bridges, and a placeholder for when QR codes fail to generate
18:13:23 <richard> ok please create a new 91.8 based review once we have a merge candidate
18:13:23 <PieroV> oh, also the red for the location settings breadcrumb
18:13:23 <donuts> I'm going to sprinkle in some torconnect UX fixes soon but it's not the end of the world if they miss this alpha
18:13:42 <donuts> there's a lightly revised design going into UR for testing today
18:13:52 <donuts> (based on the last round of feedback)
18:13:56 <PieroV> UR? Is it User Review?
18:14:09 <donuts> user research sorry, usability testing
18:14:10 <richard> donuts: only minor additional changes are going to be bale to get into the next alpha
18:14:16 <donuts> yeah that's totally fine
18:14:23 <donuts> it's mostly small stuff
18:14:29 <richard> and only if said patches get merged like, today/tomorrow :)
18:14:41 <donuts> it can all wait too :)
18:14:51 <PieroV> not today, after the meeting I'm going afk :)
18:15:16 <richard> alright changes will have to wait for nightly then
18:15:21 <richard> sorry donuts
18:15:26 <donuts> nope that's all good, ty
18:15:34 <donuts> gives us some time to run the UR anyway
18:16:11 <PieroV> richard: actually the currently connected is quite a minor thing, compared to what we already have
18:16:34 <PieroV> so, if I push things now, is there a chance that they get merged to 91.8?
18:17:04 <PieroV> (pushed)
18:17:41 <richard> they being some minor patches or the whole of 40773/40774?
18:18:11 <PieroV> the currently connected thing is a minor feature, compared to everything 40773/40774 bring
18:18:38 <PieroV> By "currently connected" I mean the badge/label that is shown on the currently active bridge's card
18:18:40 <richard> if it's just some minor stuffs and you create a MR i can see about getting it into 91.8esr alpha
18:19:06 <richard> oh I see
18:19:11 <richard> hmm let me check my calendar
18:19:22 <PieroV> But please notice also that I still haven't created the DTD for localization
18:19:37 <emmapeel> yeah! i was about to ask about that
18:19:59 <richard> you know what fuck it i'm mostly free tomorrow, if you make a new squashed MR i can see about rebasing it and integrating into next alpha
18:20:34 <richard> if it just 'works on my machine' then we'll let it through for this alpha
18:20:46 <richard> no DTD but I assume all strings are read through the TorStrings module?
18:20:53 <PieroV> yes
18:21:22 <richard> that should be fine
18:21:25 <PieroV> (I can do both the squashed MR and the currently connected thing on my morning - so I assume I'll have at least 5-6 hours before you'll be active)
18:21:38 <richard> PieroV: wfm
18:21:45 <PieroV> and also see if I manage to create the dtds
18:21:51 <PieroV> fantastic
18:21:56 <richard> and asap get a DTD in tor-launcher/torbutton going so we can get localization on it
18:22:02 <emmapeel> can i ask something?
18:22:06 <richard> yes please!
18:22:10 <emmapeel> about the countries list
18:22:28 <emmapeel> i thought we decided we will use a mozilla list, but i see that we have strings for translation
18:22:30 <richard> iirc we went with using mozilla's solution to this problem
18:22:44 <richard> yes I need to revert that tor-launcher patch
18:22:58 <emmapeel> ah ok, because we have all this strings for countries now for translation
18:23:01 <emmapeel> maybe we can remove them
18:23:05 <PieroV> yep, I've rolled them back from TorStrings, but it hasn't been merged yet
18:23:11 <PieroV> and I don't know for the dtds
18:23:29 <PieroV> I thought we rollbacked, but it seems I'm wrong
18:24:09 <richard> *ahem* check tor-launcher again
18:24:15 <richard> (just pushed the revert commit)
18:25:31 <richard> so no more countries list in tor-launcher for localization
18:25:45 <emmapeel> thanks!
18:27:07 <richard> PieroV: ok i'll *try* and get tor-browser-91.8esr-11.5-1 up tonight for you
18:27:29 <richard> at least in my repo
18:27:36 <richard> is there anything else?
18:28:04 <PieroV> richard: okay, thanks
18:28:12 <PieroV> nothing from me
18:28:52 <donuts> i'm all good thank you
18:29:15 <donuts> are we done then?
18:29:56 <PieroV> you can call it ;)
18:30:01 <aguestuser> o/
18:30:07 <donuts> lovely, thanks everyone!
18:30:10 * donuts gets back to UR prep
18:30:11 <PieroV> thanks!
18:30:15 <donuts> #endmeeting