16:58:43 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting
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16:58:47 <championquizzer> hello! o/
16:58:55 <donuts> welcome everyone 0/
16:58:58 <donuts> woops
16:59:00 <donuts> o/
16:59:06 <nah> o/
16:59:08 <donuts> pad is here, I'm just updating it now: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
17:00:20 <donuts> okay let's get started
17:00:23 <nicob> \o
17:00:48 <donuts> no announcements this week, although 11.0.10 for Desktop is expected to be released today (I think?)
17:00:59 <championquizzer> v nice
17:01:09 <donuts> and the next Android alpha hopefully sometime this week
17:01:49 <donuts> 11.0.10 should fix some minor UI fixes that went awol in the last stable desktop release
17:02:13 <donuts> okay let's update the weekly planning section of the pad
17:02:18 <championquizzer> the calendar tells me it's gonna be out by today :)
17:02:26 <championquizzer> 11.0.10 desktop that is
17:02:35 <donuts> haha yes, we were still on track as of yesterday
17:02:42 <donuts> so it's probably still true
17:02:44 <championquizzer> nice!
17:02:58 <donuts> as always, please remember and highlight any items you'd like to discuss in **bold**
17:03:22 <donuts> and check everything that's assigned to you in the team kanban is in the right column etc: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?scope=all&label_name[]=UX%20Team
17:06:58 <nah> i'm done. i don't have anything to discuss today.
17:07:31 <nah> i'm just glad i got to make and schedule more interviews for s9
17:07:43 <nah> and the interviews have great feedbacks
17:07:47 <donuts> 🙌
17:07:50 <donuts> that's excellent!
17:07:59 <donuts> I'm done too, nothing needing discussed on my end
17:08:02 <nicob> ooh nice nah!
17:08:05 <nicob> done as well
17:08:30 <donuts> I'm still working on browser stuff for the next Alpha, and will switch to quarterly activities (reports, roadmaps etc.) soon
17:09:10 <donuts> okay championquizzer, looks like it's over to you!
17:09:17 <donuts> how are you doing?
17:09:18 <championquizzer> yes, ty!
17:10:08 <championquizzer> no major items to discuss from me this week
17:10:24 <championquizzer> still a few reports of fenix#40212
17:10:41 <championquizzer> and one user reported that the workaround is not working for them
17:10:48 <championquizzer> https://forum.torproject.net/t/grapheneos-tor-wont-open/2837/3
17:10:55 <championquizzer> which i have added to the ticket
17:11:17 <championquizzer> i believe we are expecting to have this fixed by 11.0.11 android release?
17:12:38 <donuts> yep that's the plan afaik
17:12:49 <championquizzer> great
17:13:17 <donuts> however the android build process is experiencing some issues atm that the team are working to fix
17:13:26 <championquizzer> oh
17:14:24 <donuts> So the current ETA for 11.0.11 for Android is around 2022-04-11 to 2022-04-13 unfortunately
17:14:46 <donuts> sorry cold hands, I'm typing slowly hehe
17:14:54 <championquizzer> sounds good!
17:14:58 <championquizzer> np
17:15:11 <donuts> concerning to hear the workaround didn't work for someone
17:15:17 <donuts> looking forward to this getting fixed :)
17:15:36 <championquizzer> yep, but it's just this one report that I've seen of the workaround not working
17:16:06 <donuts> got it, hopefully it was a quirk of their setup or user error
17:16:23 <donuts> okay thanks championquizzer!
17:16:43 <donuts> sweetcurator[m]: I just spotted you have an item in bold, would you like to discuss it?
17:16:46 <donuts> also welcome!
17:18:00 <donuts> woops maybe sweetcurator[m] isn't around?
17:18:17 <donuts> let's give it a couple more minutes, but if nobody has anything else to discuss we can close the meeting :)
17:19:49 <donuts> pushing the button in 3...
17:19:54 <donuts> 2...
17:19:55 <donuts> 1...
17:19:58 <donuts> #endmeeting