15:59:48 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health 04/11/2022
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15:59:54 <GeKo> okay, let's get started
15:59:58 <GeKo> welcome everyone
16:00:06 <ggus> hello o/
16:00:11 <GeKo> our pad is at http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-nethealthteam-2021.1-keep
16:00:33 <GeKo> please add your updates in case you have some
16:00:42 <GeKo> so we are all on the same page
16:00:54 <gaba> hi!
16:01:02 <GeKo> hiro: juga: ^
16:01:10 <hiro> o/
16:03:20 <GeKo> okay
16:03:27 <GeKo> i've marked one item as bold
16:03:42 <GeKo> i'll be offline a bit starting from wednesday this week
16:03:47 <GeKo> until including next monday
16:04:06 <GeKo> given that day is a public holiday where i live
16:04:20 <GeKo> i expect that this holds for a bunch of other places, too
16:04:32 <GeKo> so, should be just drop the weekly sync next week?
16:04:42 <GeKo> or more it to a different day?
16:04:47 <GeKo> what's the feeling?
16:05:00 <gaba> +1 on droping the meeting next week
16:05:06 <gaba> some other people will be afk too
16:05:13 <hiro> yep sounds good
16:05:16 <ggus> yes
16:05:23 <GeKo> so 04/25 it is then?
16:05:49 <GeKo> i can write an email to tor-project after this meeting
16:06:01 <gaba> ok
16:06:15 <GeKo> nothing else seems highlighted
16:06:45 <GeKo> i think ggus you can go with the relay ops expectation document
16:07:17 <ggus> great!
16:10:09 * GeKo wonders whether ggus is still typing...
16:10:49 <ggus> sorry, i had someone knokcing on my door
16:10:51 <ggus> i'm back
16:10:53 <GeKo> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/18
16:11:06 <ggus> thank you, GeKo
16:11:07 <GeKo> is the ticket for everyone's reference
16:11:26 <GeKo> no worries
16:11:30 <GeKo> how can we help?
16:11:49 <ggus> i think for the version 1.0, we can incorporate some of the suggestions that people made on the comments
16:12:19 <GeKo> yeah
16:12:26 <GeKo> where should that thing live?
16:13:12 <gaba> it would be great to have a place where people can still comment on that version
16:13:22 <gaba> or a link to where people can suggest any change
16:13:42 <ggus> https://community.torproject.org/relay/expectations-for-relay-operators
16:13:45 <GeKo> i agree
16:14:00 <ggus> gaba: people can send a merge request or comment on the ticket
16:14:20 <gaba> ggus: you want that ticket to be open forever?
16:14:27 <GeKo> heh
16:14:33 <GeKo> i was about to ask the same :)
16:14:54 <ggus> people can open a new ticket on web/community
16:15:01 <ggus> like all the other documents
16:15:01 <GeKo> wfm
16:15:06 <gaba> ok
16:15:16 <gaba> let's add a note to the agreement at the bottom saying that
16:15:20 <gaba> where people can make suggestions
16:15:52 <gaba> only the idea of ethernal tickets makes me uncomfortable :)
16:15:53 <GeKo> and we should point that out when announcing that document on tor-relays@ etc.
16:16:34 <GeKo> ggus: how fast do you plan to get this document up?
16:16:47 <ggus> gaba: what's the concern about this document? all the docs in community.tpo can be edited or changes can be suggested on web/community
16:16:56 <ggus> if you scroll down, there is an edit button
16:17:05 <ggus> and it will create a merge request on web/community
16:17:42 <gaba> it would be good that everybody reading that document has a clear idea that it can be commented by the community
16:19:18 <ggus> GeKo: this week i can take a look on the text and then open a merge request next week
16:19:35 <GeKo> okay
16:19:45 <GeKo> i can then look over it next week if you want
16:20:01 <ggus> sounds good!
16:20:21 <GeKo> if there is anything you need from me for that until then it's tricky
16:20:40 <GeKo> as i essentially only have tomorrow to work on it for this week
16:20:50 <GeKo> and tomorrow is already quite packed :)
16:21:04 <GeKo> but let me know regardless and i can try
16:21:30 <ggus> ok!
16:22:01 <GeKo> is there anything else for the relay expectatons doc we should hash out here?
16:22:20 <GeKo> or are we good, ggus?
16:23:19 <ggus> it's good
16:23:27 <GeKo> gaba: seems ggus is good we could chat a bit about Q2 net-health work
16:23:32 <GeKo> okay
16:24:45 <gaba> ok
16:24:48 <gaba> sounds good
16:25:07 <gaba> mostly we need to go over the backlog column and see what we can keep in q2 and what we move forward
16:25:24 <GeKo> could you share the link you are looking at?
16:25:32 <gaba> i see this issues marked as q2 but it seems that it may be q3 by our discussion? https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/network-health/-/issues?scope=all&state=opened&label_name[]=Q2&label_name[]=Roadmap%3A%3AFuture
16:25:45 <gaba> yes, im looking at https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/network-health/-/boards
16:26:46 * gaba wonders if this can be done over text
16:27:08 <GeKo> heh
16:27:23 <GeKo> i can just adjust the tickets in the first link
16:27:42 <gaba> ok
16:28:41 <GeKo> okay, adjusted
16:28:52 <GeKo> there are only three tickets that should move to Q3
16:29:14 <gaba> ok
16:29:17 <gaba> let me see
16:30:46 <gaba> geko: if this is the last topic for the net health meeting maybe we can jump into bbb and discuss those tickets in backlog
16:31:03 <GeKo> yeah
16:31:06 <GeKo> fine with me
16:31:15 <GeKo> do we have anything else on our plate for today?
16:31:43 <gaba> not from me
16:32:08 <GeKo> hearing no one shouting i gonna close the meeting. thanks everyone
16:32:11 <GeKo> #endmeeting