16:59:24 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting
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16:59:25 <championquizzer> hello! o/
16:59:36 <donuts> welcome everyone, pad is here as always: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
17:01:49 <donuts> nah are you around?
17:02:20 <donuts> let's get started anyway :)
17:02:30 <nah> i am!
17:02:33 <donuts> oh hello!
17:02:33 <nah> :)
17:02:38 <championquizzer> o/
17:02:42 <nicob> o/
17:02:46 <donuts> so firstly, I'd like to move the UX team meeting 1 hour earlier
17:03:05 <championquizzer> oh nice :)
17:03:18 <donuts> (sponsor 96 is eying up this slot, and it's LATE for championquizzer atm)
17:03:23 <donuts> is that okay with everyone?
17:03:24 <nah> that works for me
17:03:28 <nicob> sounds good!
17:03:30 <donuts> *eyeing
17:03:34 <championquizzer> wfm too
17:03:49 <donuts> great, I'll send an email to the list – thanks team!
17:04:02 <donuts> second bit of news, 11.0.10 for desktop is out
17:04:10 <donuts> nothing too exciting about this release really
17:04:11 <donuts> https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-11010/
17:05:04 <donuts> 11.5a10 which includes the first iteration of connection assist and the new connection settings designs should be live sooooon too
17:05:17 <championquizzer> nice!
17:05:27 <donuts> okay let's take a couple of minutes to fill out the weekly planning section of the pad
17:05:34 <nah> yay!
17:05:49 <donuts> please remember to bold any items you'd like to discuss, or add them to the agenda
17:08:25 <donuts> are we all good?
17:08:32 <nicob> yep
17:08:34 <nah> yess
17:08:38 <donuts> lovely tyyyy
17:08:40 <championquizzer> yes
17:09:03 <donuts> okay I've got a quick bold item, then it's on to championquizzer
17:09:25 <donuts> gaba and I reviewed the UX Team kanban last week and it should be fully up to date for the quarter
17:09:32 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?scope=all&label_name[]=UX%20Team
17:09:55 <donuts> anything that's in the backlog or higher should be labelled as "Q2"
17:10:06 <donuts> which means it'll go on the roadmap for Q2 :)
17:10:30 <donuts> anything for Q3 onwards is now in the Roadmap:Future column
17:11:02 <donuts> given this, I wonder if it makes sense to maintain the separate roadmap in figjam anymore? thoughts?
17:11:07 <donuts> it could just be more top-level
17:11:29 <donuts> nicob/nah ^
17:11:50 <nah> I'm mostly checking gitlab lately
17:12:09 <nicob> hmm yeah I haven't been referencing it regularly, not sure how much time its taking to manage it on your end
17:12:58 <nicob> it is beautiful :') but I think would also make sense to make it more top-level
17:13:08 <nah> ^+1
17:13:19 <donuts> I think it's only useful to provide a visual aid for what's on our plate at the beginning of the quarter
17:13:34 <donuts> sort of like a glorified version of the checklists other teams add to their team pages
17:14:06 <donuts> originally it helped to differentiate what tickets were scheduled for this quarter vs the next, but gaba's new system works better for that
17:14:47 <donuts> okay sounds like we're in agreement about making it super high level maybe?
17:15:10 <nicob> +1 from me
17:15:18 <nah> yes! i agree.
17:15:28 <donuts> lovely, okay over to you championquizzer!
17:15:35 <championquizzer> ty
17:16:09 <championquizzer> report for march 22: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2022-April/003338.html
17:16:34 <championquizzer> thanks to the weekly check-ins we have already discussed some of the topics in the report
17:17:18 <championquizzer> i am happy to report that we are seeing a good amount of traffic on our telegram support channel for users in .ru
17:17:34 <championquizzer> last month we resolved more than 1500 unique requests
17:17:42 <nicob> amazing!
17:18:17 <donuts> oh wow
17:18:24 <donuts> great job
17:18:30 <championquizzer> and we have definitely branched from helping users looking to circumvent Tor censorship to folks who are completely new to the Tor ecosystem
17:18:39 <championquizzer> and curious how all of it works
17:18:48 <nicob> thats so cool
17:18:58 <championquizzer> yes!
17:19:09 <donuts> interesting, that's great
17:19:27 <championquizzer> we saw a record number of unlisted obfs4 bridge requests = 72
17:19:57 <championquizzer> this was something i was expecting as a majority of the pvt bridges we were sharing went offline at the end of feb
17:20:16 <championquizzer> (briefly touched on this topic in the pprevious report as well)
17:20:38 <donuts> yep
17:20:53 <championquizzer> 7 RT Tickets - How to circumvent geo-based restrictions with Tor?
17:21:19 <donuts> like the blocking of visitors from specific countries?
17:21:28 <nah> interesting...
17:21:41 <championquizzer> this topic has been in discussion since the war
17:22:19 <championquizzer> major ru websites blocked in some places and a lot of websites blocked within .ru
17:22:43 <donuts> right
17:22:55 <championquizzer> 8 RT Tickets- How to change the default SE and add a new search
17:22:59 <championquizzer> engine to Tor Browser?
17:23:38 <championquizzer> pretty much this https://forum.torproject.net/t/custom-search-engine-in-tor-browser/2574
17:23:53 <donuts> yep I saw that on the forum too
17:24:09 <championquizzer> some users shared with me: https://mashable.com/article/duckduckgo-search-engine-russian-disinformation
17:24:14 <donuts> are you seeing this request moreso from specific regions?
17:24:25 <donuts> ah right yes of course
17:24:32 <championquizzer> i won't say it's region specific
17:24:33 <donuts> I forgot about the DDG decision
17:24:33 <championquizzer> yes
17:25:18 <championquizzer> we have already discussed the fenix bug a few times ;)
17:25:31 <championquizzer> 5 RT Tickets - Help with setting up a Tor Bridge.
17:25:34 <championquizzer> \o/
17:26:08 <championquizzer> so that's about it for the highlights from last month :)
17:26:21 <donuts> kind of surprised at the number of tickets about the SE issue actually, Search is pretty prominent within about:preferences
17:26:39 <donuts> it's all Firefox UX anyway I guess, so we shouldn't worry about it much
17:26:51 <championquizzer> yeah
17:27:08 <donuts> okay thanks very much for your report championquizzer!
17:28:02 <donuts> I think you're now looped into the bundled tb-manual and tor-qa conversations too championquizzer, we can chat specifics about both once I've organized myself :)
17:28:22 <championquizzer> yes! sure thing
17:29:02 <donuts> I think that's everything for this week, unless there's anything else to discuss?
17:29:45 <nah> i'm good, thank you donuts
17:29:49 <donuts> okay i'm pushing the button! thanks everyone!
17:29:49 <donuts> #endmeeting