13:59:45 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - April 18 2022
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13:59:48 <championquizzer> hello! o/
13:59:51 <ggus> hi community team! o/
14:00:21 <ggus> today many of us are afk or in another meeting
14:00:28 <championquizzer> oh
14:00:30 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
14:02:06 <ggus> nina13[m]: are you around?
14:02:31 <nina13[m]> ggus: yes
14:02:49 <championquizzer> \o
14:03:03 <ggus> great! it's just us today! #GoSupportTeam
14:03:09 <championquizzer> ha!
14:03:56 <ggus> agenda: i added some stuff about TB-11.5 release. but feel free to add other topics too.
14:07:27 <ggus> let me know when you're ready and i will start the meeting
14:07:55 * championquizzer is ready :)
14:10:39 <ggus> * Tor Browser 11.5 release:
14:10:49 <ggus> so, here are some updates about the upcoming release
14:11:02 <ggus> - duncan and UX team will run a campaign to recruit more alpha testers
14:11:11 <ggus> see the plan here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/team/-/issues/6
14:11:51 <ggus> because TB 11.5 release is an important release for censored users, i'd like to have some russian users to test the alpha version
14:11:57 <ggus> and give us feedback
14:12:53 <ggus> duncan will work on a blog post and a twitter thread to get more alpha testers volunteers
14:13:03 <ggus> and would like to have it translated in Russian
14:13:14 <nina13[m]> any criteria? Or can just ask ppl I know?
14:13:23 <nina13[m]> ggus: no problem =)
14:13:29 <ggus> you can just ask ppl you know :D
14:14:04 <ggus> the new alpha release should come out this week and the blog post too
14:15:30 <championquizzer> i am pretty sure we are already aware of this and have this in mind but just a note that it's a super important to inform users (esp. ones under censorship) that the alpha releases might be buggy and is not perfect for regular usage
14:15:55 <ggus> yess
14:16:14 <ggus> nina13[m]: maybe we can also post the translated alpha tester call on ntc.party?
14:16:20 <nina13[m]> we can add this to the posts
14:16:38 <nina13[m]> ggus: 100%
14:16:46 <championquizzer> re. ntc.party. good idea!
14:17:39 <ggus> and it also important to have users testing in different platforms (macOS,windows,linux distros)
14:18:03 <ggus> last time we had some annoying bugs on Windows
14:18:08 <championquizzer> yes, very good point
14:18:19 <championquizzer> ..and macOS! :)
14:18:47 <nina13[m]> we can ask to send the bugs description to our bot on telegram
14:19:21 <ggus> for the russian users, yes
14:20:41 <ggus> alright, so here is what's new on TB-11.5
14:20:44 <championquizzer> also related: wrt tor-browser#11698, this work is now high on our priority list (ref. TB 11.5 docs updates)
14:20:55 <ggus> yes!
14:21:10 <ggus> and we will need to add these changes
14:21:15 <ggus> - connect:assist - it will be available this week on TB Alpha - https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues?scope=all&state=opened&search=torconnect
14:21:36 <ggus> - Connection test (there is a small button that you can test your internet connection)
14:21:51 <ggus> - HTTPS-Only Mode (about:preferences#privacy)
14:22:37 <ggus> ^ it means that some HTTP websites (http://example.com) will show a warning when you try to open it
14:23:00 <championquizzer> yes!
14:23:02 <ggus> - New bridges configuration page
14:23:08 <ggus> - Bridges emoji identification and QRcode
14:23:24 <ggus> we should test all these features in the Alpha release
14:24:22 <championquizzer> yep, that will be the first step i.e. to familiarize ourselves with these new updates
14:24:44 <championquizzer> then update docs:
14:24:50 <championquizzer> TB manual: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/manual/-/issues/119
14:25:02 <championquizzer> support: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/support/-/issues/298
14:26:53 <championquizzer> i will ask duncan by when should we do all of this work so that we make it in time for the 11.5 release
14:26:54 <ggus> as we will ship the an offline version of the tor browser user manual (tb-manual.tpo), we will need to work on these tickets before the release ^
14:27:07 <championquizzer> exactly, yes
14:27:09 <ggus> championquizzer: we will need to talk with emmapeel too
14:27:18 <championquizzer> oh yes..l10n!
14:27:50 <ggus> because tor browser user manual should be localized if we're going to ship an offline version
14:28:02 <championquizzer> yeah
14:29:01 <ggus> championquizzer: i've assigned these user docs tickets (tb-manual and support.tpo) to you. let me know if you need help from others for making the docs
14:29:37 <ggus> i wonder if we will need to create an alpha version of the website.
14:30:16 <championquizzer> ggus: sounds good. I like to update the docs!!
14:33:37 <championquizzer> ggus: re. alpha version of the website. you mean tb-manual.tpo? sorry didn't catch that
14:34:15 <ggus> yes, or how we will publish the new strings before the TB release?
14:34:23 <ggus> maybe we can create a branch called Alpha
14:34:26 <championquizzer> hrm
14:34:29 <ggus> and have an alpha enviroment
14:34:48 <ggus> like we have l10n-staging
14:34:55 <championquizzer> yeah
14:36:20 <ggus> i'll create a ticket about having an alpha env for tb-manual. for the support portal, we can have the merge requests ready and then push when TB-11.5 is released
14:41:02 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/manual/-/issues/120
14:41:31 <championquizzer> v nice. ty ggus
14:42:01 <ggus> alright! i think that's all for TB-11.5.
14:42:15 <ggus> a lot of things :D
14:43:15 <ggus> i have another topic for today
14:43:19 <championquizzer> oh we will also have to update articles on frontdesk and macros on cdr.link, but that's not before the official release :)
14:43:35 <ggus> /o\
14:43:53 <ggus> we should create a ticket on community/support too
14:43:56 <championquizzer> i will file a ticket
14:43:58 <championquizzer> yes..
14:44:06 <ggus> thank you, championquizzer!
14:45:03 <ggus> * Support portal UX improvements: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/support/-/issues/284
14:45:21 <ggus> last week i talked with nah, duncan and gaba about having some light improvements on support portal
14:45:25 <ggus> like a search bar
14:46:15 <ggus> this was part of the UX mockups that antonela did in 2018, but TPA never had time to set up a search server
14:46:42 <ggus> but, a workaround would be to use DDG for that
14:47:12 <championquizzer> like tails docs!
14:47:23 <championquizzer> sounds good
14:47:52 <nina13[m]> oh, to have a search bar would be so so so great
14:48:43 <championquizzer> (disable JS aka safest, ctrl+F is my current workflow ;)
14:48:54 <ggus> haha same
14:49:42 <ggus> if you have other ideas, feel free to add on the ticket
14:51:06 <ggus> anything else for today? :)
14:51:24 * championquizzer is good
14:52:24 <championquizzer> thanks both! have a good week o/
14:52:26 <ggus> #endmeeting