15:59:37 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting
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15:59:38 <championquizzer> hello! o/
15:59:39 <nah> o/
15:59:44 <donuts> pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
15:59:51 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss to the agenda
16:00:05 <donuts> otherwise, we don't have any announcements today :)
16:03:02 <donuts> okay let's get started
16:03:20 <donuts> please take a moment to update the weekly planning section of the pad
16:03:26 <donuts> and as always, highlight anything you'd like to discuss in bold
16:07:34 <nah> i'm done :)
16:07:53 <donuts> i'll just be 2 mins
16:10:45 <donuts> okay done
16:10:47 <donuts> phew
16:11:20 <donuts> looks like we don't have anything in bold, let's move on with the agenda
16:11:31 <donuts> championquizzer: over to you!
16:11:37 <championquizzer> ty!
16:11:50 <championquizzer> * Update Tor Browser User Manual with TB 11.5 release
16:12:09 <championquizzer> wrt tor-browser#11698
16:12:29 <championquizzer> in the next weeks/month my #1 priority is to have the tb-manual updated
16:13:05 <donuts> fantastic
16:13:27 <donuts> i know there's a question about how exactly it's going to be updated when it's bundled, but we need the devs to look into that first
16:14:03 <championquizzer> yes, i am thinking the workflow to be something like this: testing alphas/familiarizing myself with the new settings/qa + push changes to docs + l10n + manual incorporated in the browser
16:14:31 <championquizzer> so my question by when should I target to have all the docs up to date? :)
16:14:43 <championquizzer> i see the due date on 11698 is may 2
16:15:05 <championquizzer> i want to make sure we have enough time for l10n + other work
16:15:38 <donuts> I think that due date's for the next alpha
16:15:44 <championquizzer> oh ok
16:15:52 <donuts> but it can be updated again prior to stable
16:16:01 <donuts> however best check-in with richard re: timings in the ticket
16:16:11 <richard> i have been summoned
16:16:18 <donuts> hello 👋
16:16:30 <donuts> championquizzer is going to be working on updating the tb-manual for 11.5
16:16:48 <donuts> and needs a deadline essentially (considering the bundling that's happening in tor-browser#11698)
16:17:41 <championquizzer> i'd also stress that we will have to keep a good time margin for l10n
16:18:08 <richard> (we also need a good merging for actually integrating it into the browser)
16:18:16 <championquizzer> yep!
16:18:30 <richard> (I really suspect we're going to be testing this in nightlies)
16:18:38 <richard> but yeah
16:18:55 <donuts> yep
16:18:57 <richard> really asap would be great
16:19:15 <championquizzer> that's the plan :)
16:19:17 <richard> donuts: we should hash out some details in the release meeting re how this is actually getting integrated into tor-browser and the build system and all that nonsense
16:19:31 <donuts> I was just thinking the same
16:19:43 <donuts> let's do that then, and I can circle back to championquizzer with more specifics
16:19:52 <donuts> or we can update the ticket
16:19:52 <championquizzer> sounds good! ty both!
16:19:59 <donuts> (that would be better)
16:20:21 <donuts> richard: release meeting is in 1.5 hours yep?
16:20:32 <championquizzer> i have pasted links to all of the concerned tickets in the pad
16:20:35 <richard> that's what they tell me
16:20:38 <richard> donuts^
16:21:43 <donuts> ahaha ok
16:21:45 <donuts> great, thanks both!
16:22:52 <donuts> okay have added some notes to the pad
16:23:07 <donuts> anything else this week folks? or are we all good?
16:23:21 <nah> i'm good
16:23:44 <championquizzer> oh, nothing much from user support world. Just some concerning fenix#40212 :/
16:24:25 <championquizzer> interestingly a couple of reports similar to the one in the ticket: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/fenix/-/issues/40212#note_2796386
16:25:55 <donuts> richard: since your here, I'm assuming that resolving the build issues we have with fenix (that pierov's currently working on) will unblock us from fixing this ticket?
16:26:19 <richard> yeah basically
16:26:34 <richard> we (so PieroV) is going to rebase to v100 and debug from there
16:26:44 <championquizzer> nice!
16:26:46 <richard> since the issue appears to be present in v99 builds
16:26:47 <donuts> cool okay, in that case championquizzer: pierov is totally on it 😎
16:27:08 <championquizzer> thanks all! o/
16:27:24 <donuts> ty both!
16:27:51 <donuts> okay pressing the button in 3...
16:27:54 <donuts> 2...
16:27:56 <donuts> 1...
16:28:00 <donuts> #endmeeting