13:59:33 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting April 25 2022
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13:59:37 <nina13[m]> Hi!
13:59:43 <emmapeel> hello championquizzer and everybody!
13:59:45 <championquizzer> o/
13:59:47 <ggus> hi! here's our meeting pad - https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
13:59:57 <ggus> please add your updates and let me know when you're done
14:00:07 <raya[m]> o/
14:00:12 <rhatto> o/
14:00:30 <nah> o/
14:01:08 <ggus> do we have gman999 and kushal here today?
14:01:44 <gman999> sort of!
14:01:50 <gman999> kushal there?
14:02:06 <kushal> yes
14:02:20 <kushal> almost missed the meeting :)
14:04:47 <emmapeel> .
14:05:48 <ggus> alright, let's get started
14:05:54 <ggus> Workshop: Relay Operator SysAdmin 101 - https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/36
14:06:26 <ggus> gman999: kushal: should we run this activity on a saturday? (i think so)
14:06:37 <ggus> do we want people to register on the event?
14:06:47 <gman999> yes and IDK
14:07:52 <kushal> Yes for Saturday and not very sure about registration.
14:08:08 <championquizzer> are we planning to do the workshop as a component of the relay op meetup or on a separate saturday?
14:08:20 <kushal> But, it will be nicer if we know who ever coming in has done some ground work.
14:08:29 <ggus> a separated activity
14:08:46 <kushal> ^^ same
14:09:02 <emmapeel> kushal: maybe you can start with a round in which people says their level?
14:09:31 <gman999> ok... so instead of registering necessarily...
14:09:37 <gman999> we should maybe do a brief survey...
14:09:41 <gman999> even unscientific
14:09:47 <kushal> emmapeel, Yes, but for pre-defined sessions it takes away too much time at the start.
14:10:03 <gman999> just to get sense of the audience.
14:10:11 <ggus> gman999: kushal: i'd like to have a registration. can we do 3 weeks for the registration period, then two weeks to invite everyone?
14:10:18 <gman999> htat's fine...
14:10:26 <gman999> but the pre-event survey matters a lot IMHO
14:10:43 <ggus> yes, do we want to ask which OS they are familiar?
14:10:53 <ggus> and about their sysadmin skillz?
14:10:54 <gman999> yes... problems they have, interesting topics, etc.
14:10:55 <gman999> yes.
14:11:01 <gman999> years of experience
14:11:03 <gman999> etc.
14:11:11 <gman999> shaping it to the audeince is tough
14:12:30 <kushal> ggus, sounds good.
14:12:48 <ggus> ok. i can put together this survey on our nextcloud - nc.torproject.net
14:13:14 <gman999> i think kushal and i should connect offline
14:13:35 <ggus> i will avoid open questions and request the participant email
14:14:03 <gman999> y/n questions are fine.
14:14:06 <gman999> mutliple choice
14:14:22 <kushal> gman999, yup on connecting offline
14:14:28 <gman999> cool.
14:14:30 <emmapeel> is there a limit on the number of attendees?
14:15:03 <kushal> emmapeel, on IRC events, nope :)
14:15:29 <kushal> In the other trainings we did, we had more than 50 participants in a workshop easily.
14:15:31 <ggus> i was thinking about running it on BBB
14:15:31 <emmapeel> hehe kushal but maybe you think YOU have a limit to give a presentation
14:16:04 <kushal> ggus, Okay, still the answer is the same, if we can get a few pair of eyes to look at any error participants will get
14:16:13 <kushal> almost all of them will be for typos.
14:17:19 <ggus> emmapeel: i think max 50 ppl or it will be difficult to handle the Q&A part
14:18:14 <ggus> kushal: gman999: and when you can do this activity? I was thinking after the Tor Relay Op Meetup. Saturday 28, 1900 utc
14:20:05 <kushal> 28 may?
14:20:07 <kushal> or april
14:20:12 <ggus> may!
14:20:14 <ggus> sorry
14:20:24 <gman999> my schedule is booked for 1900.
14:20:29 <kushal> Sounds okay
14:20:32 <gman999> 2022 has some openings
14:20:43 <kushal> gman999, haha
14:20:53 <ggus> gman999 tour!
14:21:07 * kushal will join as the photographer :)
14:21:34 <kushal> going afk
14:21:38 <kushal> will be back later on IRC
14:22:11 <ggus> thank you, kushal and gman999.
14:22:18 <ggus> i will update the ticket later
14:22:24 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/36
14:22:37 <ggus> and i will work this week on the registration form
14:23:35 <ggus> moving to the next topic
14:23:37 <gman999> k
14:23:45 <ggus> * Community member is suggesting to create an "Education" category in Tor forum and a #tor-education channel on IRC (with Matrix bridge): https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40070
14:23:59 <ggus> * Related forum post: https://forum.torproject.net/t/tor-in-education-discussion/911/10
14:24:09 <ggus> do we have kaiod here?
14:24:45 <ggus> hm, i don't think so
14:24:54 <ggus> raya[m]: would you like to introduce this topic to the team?
14:25:02 <raya[m]> for sure
14:25:52 <raya[m]> a while back kaiod suggested creating an "Education" category with the forum, for now we have just a tag
14:26:41 <raya[m]> the idea is to concentrate all discussions that have to do with talking about Tor within educational institutions (like universities and schools)
14:27:22 <raya[m]> kaiod also suggested creating a channel on irc for folks to discuss this topic together in a group chat
14:29:05 <emmapeel> i think that discussion would be on topic on the tor-project channel, but i am not blocking
14:29:33 <raya[m]> would be interesting to have that discussion there
14:29:34 <emmapeel> the creation of a channel implies only to join it. another thing is controlling the channel, moderatoin, troll handling...
14:29:51 <raya[m]> i personally think that if we broaden the "education" umbrella it could be more useful, to include topics about how to train all sorts of people on Tor, whether they're universities, journalists, activists
14:31:36 <raya[m]> here's the ticket on creating the channel: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40071
14:33:14 <raya[m]> there's lots of ways to go about this :)
14:33:48 <ggus> imo, creating an IRC/matrix channel won't achieve his goal of having such discussion
14:34:23 <emmapeel> i agree with ggus
14:35:39 <raya[m]> agree too
14:35:45 <emmapeel> i feel that a channel is created when there is people working on a topic. but there is not people meeting about tor in education
14:36:31 <emmapeel> and i think that is a welcome discussion to tor-project. i guess tor-project is in matrix?
14:36:42 <raya[m]> yep it's bridged
14:36:59 <raya[m]> will ping kaiod on the forum to kickoff the discussion there
14:37:51 <ggus> for the category creation, i would like to discuss the scope of it.
14:38:13 <raya[m]> agree
14:38:27 <ggus> in our roadmap we don't have any activity with teachers or in universities in the next months
14:38:50 <raya[m]> making it a broad category would be good
14:39:04 <raya[m]> just teaching people about Tor, regardless of who people is
14:39:57 <ggus> yes, and having a category in the forum would be great for replacing the community-team mailing list -> https://community.torproject.org/training/
14:41:30 <emmapeel> yes
14:41:33 <raya[m]> that would be cool
14:42:07 <ggus> cool!
14:42:36 <ggus> instead of just creating the new category, i'd like to have an official announcement and maybe a blog post
14:42:47 <emmapeel> although the point of kaiod of the risks on privacy of students because of GAFAM educational infrastructure does not seem so close to the training section of the community portal
14:42:50 <ggus> maybe after we finish to revamp the training page, raya[m]
14:43:01 <raya[m]> and if we revamp the training resources page to have training resources link back to the forum, it would create more traction as well
14:43:09 <raya[m]> yes for sure ggus
14:43:43 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/community/-/issues/265
14:44:19 <raya[m]> thanks ggus! all feedback welcome :)
14:44:27 <ggus> emmapeel: would be great to have your l10n eyes on that new page
14:44:55 <emmapeel> ok
14:44:56 <ggus> nah: your eyes too ^^^
14:45:24 <raya[m]> would love that emmapeel and nah!
14:45:47 <ggus> the goal is to launch the new training page on this Q2
14:45:59 <nah> gonna have a look! ty
14:46:14 <raya[m]> will update the ticket tonight hopefully with fresh wireframes
14:46:27 <emmapeel> hehehe trying to explain what i do if  i dont write code to my friends the other day, i told them: i get payed for complaining
14:46:36 <championquizzer> one bit about the category on the forum, we should keep in mind the tree structure of the categories that we have in place
14:46:45 <raya[m]> hahahahaha :)
14:46:51 <raya[m]> nice one emmapeel
14:46:53 <championquizzer> so it should be something like community -> education
14:47:05 <ggus> emmapeel: "can you take a look at this page and complain? thanks!"
14:47:19 <ggus> championquizzer: good point!
14:47:28 <emmapeel> i agree with championquizzer, lets respect the tree structure
14:47:35 <championquizzer> along with other potential categories that we gonna replace with mailing list deprecation
14:48:02 <raya[m]> agree championquizzer
14:48:04 <ggus> https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-teachers
14:48:13 <ggus> we should archive this list
14:48:30 <emmapeel> last post april 2018
14:48:46 <ggus> yup
14:48:49 <raya[m]> maybe ping all folks on there that we're moving the discussion to the forum?
14:48:51 <emmapeel> shall i open a ticket?
14:48:58 <ggus> emmapeel: yes please
14:49:46 <championquizzer> also, reading https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40071, just wanted to point that if we decide to have a irc/matrix channel it should be on the same network i.e oftc
14:49:49 <ggus> and there is also - https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-relays-universities but it's another topic
14:50:50 <emmapeel> where should we tell the tor-teachers to talk their stuff now?
14:51:08 <emmapeel> in the forum?
14:51:15 <ggus> yes
14:51:19 <emmapeel> oh, sorry raya
14:51:34 <emmapeel> you gave a solution to my question before i even had it :D
14:51:40 <ggus> i think we can just close the list, imo
14:51:43 <raya[m]> it's all good :)
14:52:06 <raya[m]> should we draft a quick blog post or no need?
14:52:14 <ggus> if you take a look on the mailing list archive, you will see some people that aren't involved in the community anymore
14:52:23 <ggus> raya[m]: no need
14:52:32 <emmapeel> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/team/-/issues/60
14:53:15 <raya[m]> thank you emmapeel
14:53:53 <ggus> so, here's the plan: 1. work on the training page revamp, 2. create the community/education category, 3. write a blog post announcing the new page and new category
14:54:04 <raya[m]> super
14:54:11 <raya[m]> i'll add that to the ticket, and link related tickets
14:54:29 <emmapeel> and what about kaiod's requests?
14:55:03 <ggus> the irc channel? we can tell him that people are welcome to discuss about tor in education on #tor or #tor-project
14:55:08 <ggus> or #tor-south
14:55:58 <championquizzer> fwiw, we have this #tor-research channel as well (which i have been idling in since ages). not sure if it was created with similar goals in mind :)
14:56:19 <ggus> ugh, so many channels
14:56:28 <raya[m]> #tor-research exists? :O
14:56:32 <championquizzer> yep!!
14:56:52 <raya[m]> and here i thought i joined them all :D
14:57:03 <ggus> alright folks, i think that's all for today! :)
14:57:27 <ggus> #endmeeting