15:59:32 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting
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15:59:35 <championquizzer> hello! o/
15:59:42 <donuts> hello UX team!
15:59:48 <nah> o/
15:59:51 <donuts> pad is here, as always: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
16:00:00 <nicob> o/
16:00:02 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss to the agenda while we wait for everyone
16:00:57 <donuts> Otherwise we don't have any announcements this week, although I added geko's network health blog post to the pad because it's definitely worth a read!
16:01:06 <donuts> https://blog.torproject.org/malicious-relays-health-tor-network/
16:02:21 <donuts> okay, let's take a few mins to update the weekly planning section of the pad
16:03:06 <donuts> please also remember to check out what's currently assigned to you in the team kanban, and update the columns/assignees as required
16:03:06 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?scope=all&label_name[]=UX%20Team
16:06:24 <donuts> how are we doing nah/nicob?
16:06:41 <nicob> just finished
16:06:58 <donuts> i see nah's still writing – no rush
16:07:34 <nah> done
16:07:38 <championquizzer> nicob: the graphic accompanying the blog post is v nice!
16:07:51 <donuts> it's awesome isn't it!
16:07:53 <nicob> thanks championquizzer :)
16:08:37 <donuts> πŸ“±πŸ§…βž•πŸ©ΊπŸ‘€
16:08:47 * donuts checks the pad...
16:08:51 <nicob> hehe
16:09:13 <donuts> looks like everyone is busy this month
16:09:56 <donuts> you're doing a great job though!
16:10:11 <donuts> please shout if you need support with anything on your list
16:10:34 <donuts> okay, let's check in with championquizzer
16:10:46 <donuts> oh we have a new bug?
16:11:00 <championquizzer> we received three reports of this new TBA bug..
16:11:08 <championquizzer> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/fenix/-/issues/40216
16:11:28 <championquizzer> seems specific to this particular device (samsung s22)
16:12:01 <championquizzer> i have confirmed with the users that this cannot be reproduced on firefox mobile
16:13:14 <donuts> strange
16:13:25 <donuts> okay I've pinged richard in the ticket
16:13:33 <championquizzer> yeah, very strange
16:13:40 <donuts> getting three reports all at once is a little concerning
16:14:03 <donuts> we're still struggling with team capacity for android I'm afraid
16:14:22 <championquizzer> yep..and i think this particular handset is new in the market, probably released somewhere ~ Feb (i think)
16:14:52 <donuts> ah I see
16:15:26 <donuts> was the third report also using an S22?
16:15:39 <championquizzer> yes!
16:16:52 <championquizzer> I will follow the ticket and try to contact the users if it needs more information to resolve
16:16:56 <donuts> ah okay, in that case I'm going to backlog it for now
16:17:28 <championquizzer> ok
16:18:11 <donuts> thanks championquizzer! are we ok to move on with the agenda?
16:18:13 <championquizzer> that was the only topic from me wrt user support. thanks :)
16:18:19 <championquizzer> yep!
16:19:07 <donuts> thank you!
16:19:37 <donuts> the last item in the agenda is about the release prep & launch date for Tor Browser 11.5 QA
16:20:46 <nah> are there dates for it?
16:20:49 <donuts> (sorry, there's a lot going on over here)
16:21:06 <donuts> yes ha
16:21:15 <donuts> so we were originally aiming for June for a stable release
16:21:15 <championquizzer> badges for alpha testers! woo!
16:21:26 <nah> \o/
16:21:49 <donuts> however I've talked to richard about pushing it back to July to give everyone more time to prep for the release
16:22:07 <donuts> that will also allow us to fit in an extra alpha in June
16:22:30 <championquizzer> sounds good
16:22:36 <donuts> that should also give championquizzer more time to work on the support materials, and the l10n teams more time to translate :)
16:23:06 <donuts> as you know, we're also planning a recruitment campaign for alpha testers to be launched in early May
16:23:17 <donuts> I'm working on it atm and you can follow the progress here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/team/-/issues/6
16:23:27 <donuts> also yep badges for testers!
16:24:05 <nah> good moment to get more testers
16:24:18 <donuts> comms would also like to start pushing out teasers for the release on social media, starting around may-ish too πŸ‘€
16:24:41 <nicob> πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€
16:24:46 <donuts> nah: yep exactly!
16:24:57 <donuts> there's a lot going on but it'll all come together, I'm sure
16:25:12 <donuts> okay any questions/comments about the release/release prep?
16:25:51 <nah> i'm keeping an eye on the ticket. let me know if i can support with anything :)
16:26:00 <donuts> championquizzer: just a thought, but if you're working on the manual would you like to be cc'd into any changes that are requested as a result of the alphas?
16:26:09 <donuts> ones that may alter strings or the UI, I mean?
16:26:21 <championquizzer> sure! that'd be great
16:26:25 <donuts> thank you nah!
16:26:28 <nicob> should I still expect to be working on some graphics for alpha tester recruitment this week?
16:26:35 <donuts> championquizzer: great, will do!
16:26:51 <donuts> nicob: yep, I'm a little behind though (predictably)!
16:27:06 <donuts> I'm currently writing an outline for this ticket: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/community/-/issues/269
16:27:07 <nicob> okay all good! let me know if you need any support
16:27:21 <donuts> which we can then use to inform the messaging and creative here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/operations/communications/-/issues/64
16:27:52 <donuts> what will probably happen is that i'll have my parts ready for thursday, and we can chat about it at the comms meeting together with al
16:28:18 <donuts> so the actual artworking will most likely be Thursday/Friday/into next week
16:28:58 <nicob> okay, sounds good. thanks for the update!
16:30:22 <donuts> championquizzer: so my plan is to update /user-research/become-tester/ with more detailed onboarding for new community testers
16:30:36 <donuts> and then crosspost this into the Alpha Feedback category description on the forum
16:31:06 <championquizzer> awesome. sounds great
16:31:13 <donuts> I was also wondering about what to do with alpha release posts, which get added to the blog
16:31:17 <championquizzer> let me know how i can be useful :)
16:31:21 <donuts> and then scraped into the News category
16:31:59 <donuts> one idea is that they'll include a "what to test" section in future, so it makes sense to have them crossposted into the Alpha Feedback category too
16:32:09 <donuts> what do you think?
16:32:49 <nah> 'what to test' will be always alphas?
16:32:57 <championquizzer> hrm, I think discourse wouldn't allow a post to have multiple categories. A 'tag' here can be useful
16:33:06 <donuts> nah: yeah, that's the plan
16:33:12 <nah> got it
16:33:23 <donuts> nah: at minimum (if there's nothing specific to test) we'll have a placeholder linking to a wiki page with a list of generic manual tests
16:33:37 <donuts> there's a very old list of manual test (for example) here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/wikis/Quality-Assurance
16:33:51 <donuts> championquizzer: ah of course
16:33:53 <donuts> hrmmmmm
16:34:19 <championquizzer> so, yeah, crossposting seems like a good idea
16:35:37 <donuts> and then we should lock down the comments in one
16:35:42 <donuts> idk, it sounds a little messy
16:35:46 <donuts> i'm open to suggestions here
16:36:00 <championquizzer> yes, i am trying to think it through
16:36:07 <donuts> I guess we could ask tpa to amend the script so alpha release posts go straight into the alpha category instead of news
16:36:22 <donuts> perhaps based on some combination of categories, or a new flag in lektor
16:36:53 <championquizzer> one problem: where should the user comment? on the blog post aka 'news' or in 'feedback'? and should we monitor and move comments back and forth?
16:37:19 <donuts> yeah exactly, that's what I mean by needing to lock the comments somewhere
16:37:24 <donuts> I think ideally we'd just have one post
16:37:30 <donuts> and it should really be in alpha feedback
16:39:08 <donuts> maybe I should open a new ticket for this in community/support and look ggus in too
16:39:13 <donuts> *loop
16:40:59 <nah> the problem i see is that news seems to be consolidated as the place to publish the alphas
16:41:43 <nah> so crossposting sounds like a better idea initially, at least
16:42:03 <nah> loop me in the ticket too, pls!
16:42:16 <donuts> yeah, it just gets into the problem championquizzer has highlighted – although we could close the comments in News and only keep them open in Alpha Feedback
16:42:19 <donuts> nah: okay will do!
16:42:27 <donuts> let's move this convo into a ticket then
16:43:25 <donuts> I'm going to close this meeting unless anyone has any final comments?
16:43:36 <donuts> (I've added some brief notes to the pad too)
16:43:48 <nah> i'm good, thank you, donuts
16:43:59 <championquizzer> donuts: re. locking comments in news ..but then, I wonder how will 'comment from the blog post' user workflow will work out
16:44:23 <donuts> championquizzer: ah yes, good point
16:44:37 <donuts> okay, I'll add that note to the ticket too
16:45:04 <donuts> thanks everyone, will pick up about this in gitlab instead
16:45:06 <donuts> have a great week!
16:45:11 <championquizzer> thanks donuts! we will figure out something! :)
16:45:15 <championquizzer> thanks all o/
16:45:18 <donuts> #endmeeting