16:59:09 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting, 2nd may 2022
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16:59:11 <ahf> hello hello
16:59:16 <dgoulet> hello
16:59:18 <nickm> hihi!
16:59:24 <ahf> pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2022.1-keep
16:59:27 <mikeperry> o/
16:59:38 <ahf> eta and Diziet is AFK today and there is no s61 part of this meeting since we had that sync earlier
17:00:10 <ahf> remember that this is the week where i would like us all to put items we want to discuss on the thursday meeting to the pad so we have an idea about what to talk about at the next meeting
17:00:17 <ahf> after a bit of a wave of meetings where we all met for no content 8)
17:00:45 <ahf> are your boards looking good: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards ?
17:00:55 * nickm doin' ok
17:01:24 <ahf> there is a few things missing Q2 in Doing and Next, but i'll deal with that
17:01:27 <ahf> otherwise it looks OK to me
17:01:40 <dgoulet> thumbs up
17:01:46 <ahf> 👍
17:01:58 <ahf> dgoulet: want to talk about release status?
17:02:30 <dgoulet> not much except stable last week and seems pretty smooth so far!
17:02:38 <dgoulet> we've branched out to 048 dev now
17:03:02 <dgoulet> so main is 048 and maint/release-047 is a thing
17:03:02 <ahf> very nice
17:03:27 <dgoulet> making progress on that support/release policy change also, I meet with community + health people (gus and GeKo) tomorrow
17:03:29 <dgoulet> that is about it
17:03:52 <ahf> have we gotten any critical bugs on this? i saw we got a sandbox on arm/aarch64 unit test bug
17:03:56 <ahf> cool!
17:04:05 <dgoulet> that is the one I know...
17:04:26 <ahf> ok nice, that seems like something we can handle
17:04:35 <ahf> very cool that already 2k relays have updated - that is much faster than i thought :o
17:04:47 <ahf> i think that also supports a bit the conversation we had in the meeting on thursday
17:04:48 <dgoulet> yeah 600+ Exits!
17:04:58 <dgoulet> out of like 1k
17:05:19 <ahf> yes, really nice
17:05:57 <ahf> okay, i see you udpated the wiki for CoreTorRelease too
17:05:59 <ahf> very nice
17:06:07 <dgoulet> yah
17:06:07 <ahf> ... and also nice with the other cleaning up on that wiki, dgoulet
17:06:16 <dgoulet> yeah net team wiki is not super clean and up to date :)
17:06:26 <ahf> ya
17:06:39 <ahf> ok, backport list looks reasonable, one ticket that still needs some brewing
17:07:07 <ahf> for the team issues, i know dgoulet is working on core/team#26 and core/team#20
17:07:18 <ahf> err, sorry, not both. only #26
17:08:21 <ahf> i wonder if the 0.4.8 deferred MR in tor!446 is going to help for the arm issue
17:08:21 <tor> Uhm, which one of [tpo/core/debian/tor, tpo/core/tor] did you mean?
17:08:24 <ahf> ugh..
17:08:30 <ahf> core/tor!446
17:09:53 <nickm> there seem to be some related issues in my MRs: tor!571, tor!574...
17:09:53 <tor> Uhm, which one of [tpo/core/debian/tor, tpo/core/tor] did you mean?
17:09:53 <tor> Uhm, which one of [tpo/core/debian/tor, tpo/core/tor] did you mean?
17:10:00 <nickm> ugh.
17:10:11 <nickm> core/tor!571 and core/tor!574
17:10:26 <ahf> yeah
17:10:36 <ahf> ok, interesting
17:11:03 <ahf> i don't see anything in the incoming tickets that looks like we need to dive into it right away
17:11:56 <ahf> hm, i don't have anything else
17:12:08 <ahf> anything else from any of you?
17:12:29 * dgoulet is good
17:13:49 <ahf> i take the silence as people are good
17:13:51 <ahf> thanks all o/
17:13:54 <ahf> #endmeeting