15:59:07 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting
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15:59:09 <championquizzer> hello! o/
15:59:11 <donuts> hi everyone!
15:59:15 <nicob> helloo
15:59:17 <nah> o/
15:59:40 <donuts> pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
15:59:50 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss today to the agenda
16:00:35 <donuts> quick announcement: 11.5a9 for desktop is finally out and contains the first iteration of connection assist and connection settings, although both will get a significant update in the next alpha too
16:00:52 <championquizzer> woo
16:01:05 * championquizzer did some testing last weekend
16:01:15 <donuts> we're still in the midst of planning the community QA campaign too, and it's planned launch is next week
16:01:20 <donuts> championquizzer: oh great!
16:01:52 <donuts> I have a ticket with all the amends attached for the next alpha somewhere...
16:02:27 <donuts> tor-browser#40887
16:02:29 <donuts> there it is
16:03:05 <donuts> okay feel free to update the weekly planning section of the pad, if you haven't already!
16:03:12 <donuts> and remember to update the team kanban too pls :)
16:03:27 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?scope=all&label_name[]=UX%20Team
16:04:02 <nah> ok, done!
16:04:47 <nicob> done
16:05:09 <donuts> great, me too!
16:05:17 <championquizzer> same
16:05:25 <donuts> no bolds except me?
16:06:00 <nah> i just bolded something
16:06:00 <donuts> okay I'll be afk next week, but will be on signal if anyone needs me
16:06:10 <nicob> okay good to know
16:06:21 <nah> enjoy your time offline, donuts :)
16:06:30 <donuts> my todo list this week is short-ish in the hope I can actually get through it all before leaving
16:06:35 <nicob> yes, enjoy that little holiday :)
16:06:53 <donuts> thank you!
16:07:16 <donuts> I will be mostly gardening and dog-walking
16:07:27 <donuts> alright, over to you nah!
16:07:29 <nicob> sounds amazing
16:07:32 <nah> that's a good plan :)
16:07:37 <championquizzer> yeah v nice :0
16:07:42 <championquizzer> *:)
16:07:56 <nah> ok, so, sweetcurator[m] and i reviewed the interview script for the tor powered vpn a couple of times last week
16:08:02 <nah> and also yesterday
16:08:33 <nah> the goal for this study is to go deeper on the understanding of privacy and features and users needs of features
16:09:02 <nah> sweetcurator[m] did a pilot interview yesterday
16:09:22 <nah> and we are aiming to do at least to other to make sure we got good questions
16:09:43 <donuts> excellent!~ how did it go?
16:10:18 <nah> we couldn't catch up on this yet
16:10:30 <nah> s/to/two
16:10:47 <donuts> oh okay
16:11:06 <nah> one of the things we want to be attentive is that we are looking for tor power users and/or vpn power users (i.e. ppl that use either tor or vpn at least once a day)
16:11:07 <donuts> I've also added it to my to-do list to do a last review too
16:11:23 <nah> so, i was wondering
16:11:48 <nah> if it is a good idea to invite someone from tor-internal for a pilot interview
16:11:52 <nah> this week
16:12:22 <nah> or
16:12:28 <donuts> hrm, why just power users?
16:12:46 <nah> we review it once again and send it to the vpn mailing list to get feedback
16:13:07 <nah> donuts: to get understanding of the features taht we already have
16:13:28 <nah> first time users, for instance, won't likely know what is a new circuit OR new identity
16:13:57 <nah> it's important to know if they know what it is and if they use it -- and it is important for them to have it
16:14:55 <nah> does it makes sense?
16:15:05 <donuts> oh aboslutely
16:15:19 <donuts> but I think you have some questions that a general user would be able to understand too
16:15:46 <donuts> and I'm not sure you need to limit the participants to power users exclusively
16:16:11 <nah> yes, so, it's tor user and vpn power user OR tor power user and vpn user OR power users in general
16:16:49 <nah> one side of 'power users' will have a sense of features that they use and don't wanna miss
16:17:16 <nah> hmmm
16:17:51 <donuts> do you have the link to the script handy nah?
16:18:15 <nah> https://pad.riseup.net/p/uBkNj9bLU5ueXre-Rfdg
16:18:21 <donuts> ty!
16:18:57 <donuts> So I think the majority of the questions are fine to ask a general user of either Tor or VPNs
16:19:16 <donuts> and I don't think we need to limit participants to being a power user of one or the other
16:19:47 <donuts> I'd be a little worried that may skew the results towards more technically savvy users if we did that
16:19:56 <nah> so i think the pilot interview will help us get a better understanding on this as well
16:20:00 <donuts> sure
16:20:23 <nah> and maybe, if it is not good, then just explaining better the features will server to any user
16:20:42 <nah> make sense to any user
16:20:53 <donuts> new identity is the exception, but I think that question is okay if the participant doesn't know what it is
16:21:00 <donuts> *okay to skip, sorry
16:22:20 <nah> ok, that sounds good
16:22:39 <nah> i'm gonna make sure to make one interview in the next couple of days
16:22:49 <donuts> another pilot you mean?
16:22:52 <nah> so we can validate these questions
16:22:52 <nah> yes
16:22:55 <donuts> got it
16:22:57 <donuts> sounds good!
16:23:10 <nah> in the meantime,
16:23:26 <nah> do you think we can do another review and then send it to the vpn mailing list?
16:23:30 <nah> for feedback
16:24:15 <donuts> yep that's a good plan, I can do another review tomorrow and then you could post it in the ticket and circulate?
16:24:38 <nah> yes
16:24:39 <nah> perfect
16:24:43 <nah> ty, donuts!
16:24:47 <donuts> awesome, thanks nah!
16:25:05 <donuts> okay championquizzer, you're last!
16:25:11 <championquizzer> ty!
16:25:27 <championquizzer> just one quick update from me wrt fenix#40216
16:26:00 <championquizzer> had a conversation with one user, and i think we have the potential reason for that bug: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/fenix/-/issues/40216#note_2799350
16:26:18 <donuts> oh yes I see your comment
16:26:29 <donuts> still only on that one samsung device?
16:26:39 <championquizzer> yep
16:27:07 <championquizzer> this was tested on TBA alpha
16:27:20 <championquizzer> i mean the change with the about:config setting
16:27:23 <donuts> yep
16:28:31 <donuts> I've shifted it back into the next col, and will bring it up with the devs this week
16:28:36 <donuts> thanks championquizzer!
16:28:40 <championquizzer> awesome
16:28:51 <championquizzer> i will post any updates i get to the ticket
16:29:01 <donuts> perfect, ty!
16:29:19 <donuts> are we all good then team?
16:29:34 <nicob> all good here
16:29:48 <nah> all good
16:30:04 <donuts> great, thanks everyone and have a good week!
16:30:05 <donuts> #endmeeting