13:59:34 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - May 09 2022
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13:59:37 <ggus> hey!
13:59:46 <ggus> the community team meeting is starting now :)
13:59:51 <ggus> welcome everyone o/
13:59:51 <nina13[m]> hi!
13:59:51 <raya[m]> o/
13:59:56 <championquizzer> hello! o/
13:59:59 <rhatto> hello!
14:00:05 <ggus> and here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
14:00:57 <ggus> i added two topics for discussion
14:00:59 * gman999 is sort of here
14:01:08 <ggus> but please feel free to add other topics that i've missed
14:02:41 <championquizzer> just added a announcement there..
14:02:57 <championquizzer> * TB Alpha Tester badges are now live on the forum!
14:03:23 <championquizzer> https://forum.torproject.net/badges/ (see under 'testing')
14:06:27 <emmapeel> o/
14:06:55 <emmapeel> championquizzer: cool!
14:07:30 <championquizzer> yes! great work by the UX team <3
14:10:04 <ggus> let's wait emmapeel finish her updates, and then we can start
14:10:25 <emmapeel> <3 sorry im late
14:10:37 <emmapeel> something is going on with the pad
14:10:59 <ggus> emmapeel: what's up witht eh pad?
14:11:20 <emmapeel> it was resetting
14:11:28 <emmapeel> i restarted browser and it looks better now
14:12:05 <emmapeel> i am done thanks
14:12:11 <ggus> thanks!
14:12:30 <ggus> * TB Alpha testing + release
14:13:04 <ggus> last week duncan[m] and the UX team published some new text about alpha testing on the community portal
14:13:09 <emmapeel> yes. i need to make a call for translation for the new strings
14:13:31 <ggus> https://community.torproject.org/user-research/become-tester/
14:13:42 <emmapeel> i have added screenshots for translators but i guess we will have some errors
14:13:55 <ggus> for the TB alpha?
14:14:20 <emmapeel> yeah, for the new translations. my fear is that translators will translate without really thinking and the translations will not make sense :D
14:14:34 <ggus> ahh! yes
14:14:43 <emmapeel> i mean, without having experienced the new browser features
14:15:09 <emmapeel> maybe it would be nice to have a link to al alpha for the call for translation
14:15:27 <ggus> agree
14:16:11 <ggus> emmapeel: when are you planning to do this call? should we have the new strings ready for TB User Manual?
14:16:38 <emmapeel> i need to check with donuts and pierov if there are going to be any more changes
14:16:51 <emmapeel> but some of them are already in transifex!
14:16:58 <ggus> nice!
14:17:01 <championquizzer> i believe we are expecting some more changes, yes
14:18:04 <ggus> last week, pierov worked on an offline version of the TB manual - ie, they will bundle the TB user manual in the next release
14:18:13 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/manual/-/issues/122
14:18:42 <emmapeel> i like this!
14:18:56 <ggus> +1 finallythanksgod
14:19:02 <ggus> :P
14:19:43 <ggus> championquizzer: how the TB alpha testing is going? do you have a pad with the changes for the user manual?
14:20:21 <championquizzer> going good! i don't have a pad to share but keeping notes locally..
14:20:25 <championquizzer> i will make a pad
14:20:53 <ggus> nice!
14:21:12 <championquizzer> tracking ticket for expected changes: tor-browser#40887
14:21:42 <ggus> we should check with emmapeel the deadline for sending the new strings for translation
14:21:49 <ggus> (for TB manual)
14:23:03 <ggus> or some languages will have a broken or incomplete offline manual
14:23:20 <emmapeel> i want them soon, but i also want them final. we are sending them very receiving the tor browser strings early enough, but there have also been lots of changes to the strings
14:23:40 <emmapeel> for example we made translators translate a long list of countries, and it never made it to main
14:24:24 <ggus> oh :/
14:25:03 <emmapeel> that makes translators wait a bit when we have new strings
14:25:13 <emmapeel> hehhe
14:25:40 <ggus> it's like when a new debian is released and every sysadmin waits some weeks
14:25:56 <emmapeel> indeed!
14:26:27 <championquizzer> emmapeel: for the changes we might also have to update the screenshots in case there are significant ui/ux updates
14:26:34 <championquizzer> for the translators i mean
14:26:57 <ggus> emmapeel: championquizzer: what about having the manual updates till the end of may? and then emma could send to the translators? does that sound a good?
14:27:20 <emmapeel> wfm
14:27:35 <championquizzer> sounds good to me! my goal is to update the manual asap
14:27:42 <emmapeel> this is the situation with the published locales at the moment> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/manual/-/jobs/129977#L450
14:27:46 <ggus> great!!
14:28:25 <emmapeel> i did some spamming to translators and it got better, but some languages are still missing lots os updates
14:28:43 <championquizzer> spamming hehe
14:28:46 <emmapeel> bn, ca, ga, mk, th
14:29:10 <emmapeel> championquizzer: well, it feels like that :D
14:29:37 <ggus> anything else for the TB alpha release and updates?
14:30:34 <ggus> moving on
14:30:42 <ggus> * Training page
14:30:43 <emmapeel> are we going to host an install party for the alpha testers?
14:30:47 <emmapeel> oh, sorry
14:30:55 <emmapeel> lets move on
14:31:08 <ggus> ah, we can discuss that next week
14:31:44 <ggus> raya[m]: would you like to share an update about the training page?
14:32:31 <raya[m]> Not many updates, I edited the wireframes to make the filter bar simpler
14:32:50 <raya[m]> And waiting to hear if it's going to work with Lektor
14:32:56 <raya[m]> One sec I'll share a link
14:33:47 <raya[m]> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/community/-/issues/265#note_2800299
14:34:59 <raya[m]> I also condensed the number of topics to just 3 to start with
14:35:37 <ggus> last week i searched a bit for lektor examples with filter, and didn't find anything (yet). but i found some docs: https://www.getlektor.com/docs/api/db/types/select/
14:36:25 <raya[m]> Nice
14:36:32 <emmapeel> sorry, i will try and look at the wireframes more closely and give more input
14:36:37 <ggus> we should check with kez this week
14:36:47 <ggus> "The select type works exactly like the checkboxes type but unlike it you can only select a single item."
14:36:49 <raya[m]> I'll ping kez :)
14:37:29 * gman999 afk
14:38:00 <ggus> all wireframes looks good to me
14:38:33 <raya[m]> All feedback welcome!
14:38:39 <championquizzer> yeah. v nice, raya[m] !!
14:38:55 <raya[m]> Thank you :)
14:40:50 <ggus> if everyone is good, i'll move to the next topic
14:41:31 <ggus> ok, and the last item on our agenda today is about the demhack.ru hackathon
14:42:05 <ggus> last week i pinged some of you about this: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/team/-/issues/61
14:43:08 <ggus> tl;dr: roskomsvoboda invited us for running a track on their hackathon that will happen at the end of may (20-22)
14:43:45 <ggus> i thought about having a getbridgesbot+gettor in whatsapp and/or signal would be a nice task for this event
14:43:50 <emmapeel> is that the censorship agency in russia?
14:44:10 <ggus> emmapeel: no, it's the anti-censorship organization
14:44:17 <emmapeel> oh, nice!
14:44:34 <ggus> roskomsnadzor is the ru agency
14:45:11 <nina13[m]> Nadzor is 'supervision' and svoboda is 'freedom'
14:45:45 <emmapeel> thanks :D
14:46:34 <rhatto> ggus, i wonder when the code review and results should happen... during or right after the event?
14:47:14 <ggus> i've asked RKS a bunch of questions. lm paste here
14:47:23 <ggus> 1. We usually reward one best team in one track. But you can make your own rules in your track or tasks.
14:47:30 <ggus> 2. We usually look at commits in parralel with pitch before award ceremony. It's not nessesary do that during hackathon. We want to publish winners 22 at 20.00 (UTC+3) in our tracks, but you can publish winner(s) at 23 of May no prooblem.
14:48:08 <ggus> 3. Teams and individuals will have 2 days of time and access to mentors in thease days.  In the evening of second day will be time for pitches. After this we will publish winners by tracks. Everything is online.
14:49:16 <ggus> meskio can't be online all the time, but can take a look on some commits during the weekend
14:49:23 <ggus> won't be*
14:50:25 <ggus> maybe you could check the contributions one day and then meskio could look at the contributions the next day?
14:50:32 <ggus> so we have the weekend covered?
14:51:05 <rhatto> yeah, that might work
14:51:14 <rhatto> i cannot on the 21th
14:51:31 <ggus> ack!
14:51:39 <rhatto> so perhaps i get the 22th shift
14:52:03 <rhatto> but lets check with meskio first
14:52:14 <ggus> sounds good! i'll be available on 20 and 21
14:52:17 <rhatto> if that arrangement works for him
14:52:28 <ggus> sgtm!
14:52:50 <rhatto> we could sync on the 20th
14:52:54 * meskio is here, but not sure what is the question
14:53:42 <ggus> meskio: re: demhack.ru. we thought about having a shift to review the contributions during the weekend
14:54:41 <ggus> he can do may 22, would you be able to review the contributions on 21?
14:54:41 <meskio> sure, do I have to be around all day? or just checking a couple of times per day for contributions would be fine?
14:54:57 <meskio> yes, I can do 21
14:54:57 <ggus> meskio: i believe just checking a couple of times per day
14:55:09 <nina13[m]> If you need my help you can ping me (not with code evaluation, of course))))
14:55:11 <meskio> sounds good, sign me in
14:55:48 <ggus> great!
14:55:52 <rhatto> ok, just blocked my agenda on 22th an i'm expecting to poll a couple times to look for contributions
14:56:19 <rhatto> about roles... is this mainly code review or also mentoring?
14:56:22 <ggus> nina13[m]: cool! i think i'll need your help for the pitch
14:56:40 <rhatto> nina13[m], meskio, great :)
14:57:11 <ggus> rhatto: good question, i can ask them about how was the last event
14:57:44 <championquizzer> lots of community team activities that week/-end: l10n hangout, demhack, relay op meetup. v nice!
14:57:56 <rhatto> ggus, ok!
14:58:24 <ggus> championquizzer: yeah, v nice!
14:59:01 <ggus> ok! i will stop the bot, but we can chat on #tor-project and update that ticket. there are some logistics to work on (ie, which repo we will use)
14:59:06 <ggus> thanks everyone! o/
14:59:09 <ggus> #endmeeting