15:59:25 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health 05/09/2022
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15:59:30 <GeKo> okay
15:59:31 <sysrqb> o/
15:59:51 <GeKo> http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-nethealthteam-2021.1-keep is our pad
15:59:57 <GeKo> juga: hiro: ggus:
15:59:59 <GeKo> ^
16:00:05 <ggus> hola
16:00:14 <GeKo> and anyone else in case there is some net-health thing to discuss
16:01:30 <hiro> o/
16:01:49 <hiro> oi gus
16:02:37 <GeKo> nothing is in bold it seems, great
16:02:52 <GeKo> ggus: is the obfs4 item from your side?
16:03:48 <GeKo> do we know what the problem here is? missing (backported) debian packages?
16:03:52 <GeKo> or something else?
16:04:00 <ggus> which item?
16:04:08 <GeKo> We are seeing a lot of recently updated to bridges with outdated obfs4 :(
16:04:09 <GeKo> (e.g. https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/5A530192F6BF58A20890B5C8A0F86F808A6D3024)
16:04:29 <GeKo> or maybe it's a glitch on the pad
16:04:32 <GeKo> dunno
16:04:53 <GeKo> i just put a "Discussion" over that line
16:05:09 <GeKo> ah, no, maybe someone else just dropped this one
16:05:10 <GeKo> hrm
16:05:19 <ggus> hmm it wasn't me.
16:05:53 <juga> o/
16:05:57 <GeKo> i guess we don't even have data how widespread that issue is?
16:05:59 <GeKo> juga: hi!
16:06:41 <ggus> GeKo: yep, as we don't publish the obfs4 version
16:07:05 <GeKo> then how do we know the outdatedness?
16:07:24 <ggus> good question, idk
16:07:50 <GeKo> it's one of irl's bridges i guess, which is mentioned there
16:07:52 <ggus> there is a ticket about it. one sec
16:08:29 <irl> hmm i wonder where i get obfs4 from
16:09:20 <irl> deb     https://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org $RELEASE main
16:09:34 <irl> where $RELEASE is bullseye
16:10:54 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/11101
16:11:34 <GeKo> nice, just 8 years old
16:11:51 <hiro> I have compiled from source
16:13:01 <hiro> I thought that was the usual practice for obsf4?
16:13:08 <GeKo> okay, i am not sure what we should do here.
16:13:29 <GeKo> i guess we should at first figure out how to get data for that
16:13:52 <GeKo> i think i can ping some a-c folks about that tomorrow
16:14:15 <ggus> if irl is getting his obfs4proxy from deb.tpo and that is outdated, we should also ping deb maintainer
16:14:27 <GeKo> right
16:14:38 <GeKo> whoever that is
16:14:50 <GeKo> okay. i'll figure that out tomorrow
16:15:07 <GeKo> seems to be an important thing to track somehow, like eol tor versions
16:15:32 <GeKo> ggus: how is the upgrade going from your pov?
16:15:44 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/obfs4/-/issues/33736
16:15:52 <ggus> ah sorry, this is also relevant ^
16:16:04 <ahf> 11101 will be in for 0.4.8
16:16:13 <ahf> we already have an implementation of a fix + spec change
16:16:41 <GeKo> nice
16:17:52 <ggus> stats: 3,179 relays running version. 1064 exits of 1514 exits are runnin
16:18:34 <ahf> nice!
16:18:39 <ggus> there are some large families that still needs to upgrade
16:18:55 <GeKo> large as in by bw, right?
16:19:01 <ggus> i've sent an email last friday
16:19:19 <ggus> GeKo: no, as how many nodes they are running
16:20:47 <GeKo> it seems for bridges we have
16:20:49 <GeKo> 934: 0.4.7             [31.92 %]
16:21:36 <GeKo> okay
16:21:51 <GeKo> ggus: do you feel we should just wait and see?
16:22:03 <GeKo> or is there anything we should to make the process faster?
16:23:17 <ggus> last wait another week and then we can think about a new estrategy to ping operators?
16:23:30 <GeKo> wfm
16:23:42 <ggus> and we're just thinking about exits, right?
16:24:07 <GeKo> that's the most important part right now, yes
16:24:07 <ggus> or should we also have a plan for non-exits ?
16:24:11 <ggus> ack!
16:24:37 <GeKo> okay
16:24:42 <GeKo> anything else for today?
16:25:03 <ggus> i forgot to add in the agenda
16:25:09 <ggus> but we will have the meetup soon
16:25:13 <GeKo> right
16:25:21 <ggus> i have a pad for it, should we discuss it now?
16:25:27 <GeKo> on the 21st
16:25:51 <ggus> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-relay-meetup-may-2022-keep
16:26:18 <ggus> hmm, looks like it's in chinese now
16:26:22 <GeKo> yeah
16:26:29 <GeKo> i was about to mention that :)
16:27:18 <GeKo> ggus: what about adding topics to it during this week
16:27:32 <GeKo> and then discussing them next monday if there is anything to discuss?
16:27:46 <GeKo> or is that too late for announcement purposes?
16:27:51 <ggus> 中继操作员聚会 -> Relay Operator Party
16:27:58 <ggus> GeKo: sounds good!
16:28:13 <GeKo> then let's do that then
16:28:23 <ggus> GeKo: i laready started to announce on social media + mailing list
16:28:26 <GeKo> how come that this is in chinese now? o_O
16:28:27 <ggus> already*
16:29:00 <ggus> GeKo: maybe someone visited it with an automatic translator plugin?
16:29:09 <ggus> browser add-on*
16:29:15 <GeKo> yeah
16:29:25 <ggus> it already happened once this year with the community team pad
16:29:42 <GeKo> hrm, first time i am seeing that...
16:29:54 <ggus> maybe CCP is visiting our pads :P
16:29:59 <GeKo> anyway, any last thoughts/questions etc.?
16:30:00 <GeKo> hah
16:30:16 <ggus> all good
16:30:33 <GeKo> thanks everyone then
16:30:37 <GeKo> #endmeeting