13:59:36 <ggus> #startmeeting community team meeting - may 16 2022
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13:59:50 <ggus> hello community team! o/
14:00:00 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
14:00:15 <ggus> please add your updates and items for discussion
14:00:21 <nina13[m]> hi!
14:00:33 <ggus> let us know when you're done updating the pad, so we can start the meeting
14:00:45 * nah is lurking
14:01:11 <ggus> hello nah lurker o/
14:02:00 <nah> :D
14:02:46 * gman999 always lurking since i'm working
14:06:36 <ggus> emmapeel: raya[m]: ping
14:06:44 <nina13[m]> done!
14:06:52 <championquizzer> same
14:07:01 <emmapeel> yo
14:07:14 <raya[m]> yes here! :)
14:07:15 <emmapeel> sorry got distracted
14:07:22 <raya[m]> adding my updates
14:11:12 <emmapeel> pad updated
14:12:37 <raya[m]> updated!
14:13:04 <rhatto> done
14:13:17 <ggus> cool!
14:13:31 <ggus> * Open activities this week
14:13:42 <ggus> this week we will have a bunch of activities
14:13:48 <ggus> - OONI training with Maria (Thursday) in Spanish
14:14:02 <ggus> ^this activity is invite only, lmk if you would like to join
14:14:10 <ggus> - Monthly l10n hangout (Friday, May 20)
14:14:12 <raya[m]> o/
14:14:38 <ggus> ^ emmapeel do you need help with this activity? shall we share on social media?
14:14:39 <emmapeel> i want to join. i can help with the translations
14:14:41 <ggus> raya[m]: ack!
14:14:43 <championquizzer> ggus: timings for the ooni training?
14:14:53 <emmapeel> oh, yes ggus, sharing in scial media would be great
14:15:13 <ggus> championquizzer: today i'll get the correct time, but i believe it's 1400 UTC
14:15:19 <championquizzer> ggus: thanks
14:15:32 <ggus> - Tor relay operator meetup (Saturday, May 21)
14:16:05 <ggus> https://forum.torproject.net/t/tor-relays-event-relay-operators-meetup-may-21-2022-1900-utc/3179/2
14:16:32 <ggus> - Demhack.ru (May 20 - 22)
14:16:56 <ggus> we will have activities in Spanish, English, and in Russian. woooo! :)
14:17:04 <emmapeel> yay!
14:17:50 <ggus> btw, thanks championquizzer, nah, nina13[m], and raya[m] for translating the alpha tester tweet! <3
14:18:07 <raya[m]> :)
14:18:15 <raya[m]> <3
14:18:42 <nah> <3
14:19:18 <ggus> happy to see this week so busy with community activities! :)
14:20:00 <ggus> the other topic that we have for today is the training page revamp:
14:20:03 <ggus> * Training page: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/community/-/issues/265#note_2803104
14:20:29 <raya[m]> so it seems that the filter bar suggestions will need JS :(
14:20:47 <raya[m]> (dropdown and checkbox)
14:21:32 <raya[m]> i'm suggesting for now we move forward with the other changes: changing the layout of the material card, and splitting between training resources and digital security guides
14:22:29 <ggus> sounds a good plan to me
14:23:18 <ggus> for the JS: i think it's okay-ish to have the filters in JS, as long as if you have a webpage that would work in TB Safer level
14:23:31 <ggus> as long as you have*
14:24:14 <raya[m]> okay, as long as it's reasonable
14:24:49 <ggus> for example, https://support.torproject.org/ < the questions here are using JS. but if you disable JS, you still can browse and find the answer
14:25:19 <raya[m]> fair!
14:25:22 <raya[m]> it's a good approach
14:26:21 <raya[m]> i'll update the ticket accordingly :)
14:27:22 <ggus> great! next step is finding when tpa could work on this ticket.
14:28:22 <raya[m]> okay awesome
14:28:26 <raya[m]> i'll ping kez to get an idea
14:29:29 <ggus> cool!
14:29:46 <ggus> so here's the community gitlab board - https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/community/-/boards
14:29:53 <ggus> gaba and i updated it last week
14:30:10 <ggus> please let me know if you're working on something that isn't there
14:32:15 <championquizzer> lgtm!
14:33:13 <emmapeel> same
14:33:36 <ggus> ah! and there's the s123 activities here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/onion-services/-/boards
14:33:44 <raya[m]> cool!
14:34:44 <ggus> and the web board (user docs): https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/web/-/boards
14:35:44 <gman999> i'm not on the pad right now... but have a few quick things.
14:35:52 <gman999> sorry.. juggling $job and this
14:36:07 <ggus> no worries, gman999. you can update the pad later
14:38:53 <ggus> gman999: would you like to share here the updates?
14:39:27 <gman999> sure...
14:39:29 <gman999> just a few things.
14:40:02 <gman999> we have the 'sysadmin101 for relay ops' june 4 1900 UTC
14:40:08 <gman999> i wrote up the announce text
14:40:15 <ggus> yay!
14:40:17 <gman999> reached out to a prof at RPI
14:40:24 <gman999> i'm very productive in the bar :)
14:40:38 <gman999> and kushal you and i still need to chat on bbb or something
14:40:44 <gman999> but let's see how it goes...
14:40:50 <gman999> i'm thinking if it works...
14:41:01 <gman999> it could be replicated in es, pt, ar, whatever.
14:41:29 <gman999> oral translation would be tough so we need speakers in that language
14:41:47 <gman999> i will be putting up my announce text in the ticket hopefully later.
14:41:52 <gman999> been swamped.
14:42:08 <gman999> but we should also be picking out individuals we chat with to bring them in.
14:42:14 <gman999> whatever level of experience
14:42:29 <gman999> that's it!
14:42:32 <ggus> it would be nice to have it in german, french.. as we have a huge relay op community in these two languages
14:42:54 <gman999> yes.. .but it's also an opportunity to get outside of the usual locales
14:43:06 <ggus> gman999: sounds great! send me the announcement asap, and i'll share with others
14:43:09 <gman999> i realize most sysadmins read en due to documentation.
14:43:12 <gman999> ok...
14:43:18 <gman999> i'll put it in the ticket
14:43:29 <raya[m]> happy to translate into ar
14:43:44 <gman999> we would need ppl to lead the session in ar
14:43:50 <raya[m]> i know a couple of folks (not many!) interested in running relays here
14:43:55 <gman999> nice...
14:44:09 <gman999> ppl who are more than decent sysadmins... linux,bsd
14:44:28 <gman999> you should attend raya to get a sense.
14:44:35 <emmapeel> maybe we can make a howto from the workshop, and translate that
14:44:44 <raya[m]> interpretation of the june 4th session or a totally different session
14:44:50 <gman999> that's a great idea emmapeel
14:44:57 <gman999> ? raya?
14:45:03 <gman999> i mean, june 4 is in en...
14:45:14 <gman999> and maybe you'll get some ideas about implementing in ar?
14:45:17 <gman999> just a thought
14:45:44 <raya[m]> yes will definitely be there gman999
14:45:50 <gman999> wonderful.
14:46:32 <ggus> gman999: should i join the workshop prep meeting with you and kushal?
14:46:38 <gman999> i think so ggus
14:46:55 <gman999> i could do this session ad lib with my eyes closed...
14:47:00 <gman999> but i dont want it to be that.
14:47:08 <ggus> hah
14:47:15 <gman999> this is what i do in life :)
14:47:25 <gman999> but we need a collective dump on it
14:47:55 <raya[m]> sorry seems like my internet connection today is very slow, the other messages are just loading!
14:48:07 <raya[m]> will attend and take notes on june 4th
14:48:14 * gman999 is compulsive about running boxes securely and correctly on the internet for a very long time.
14:48:16 <gman999> cool.
14:48:30 <ggus> great! i will ping you and kushal then
14:48:51 <gman999> wonderful;
14:48:55 <ggus> if kushal is overloaded with other stuff, we can try to find another linuxer sysadmin
14:49:01 <gman999> that's fine.
14:49:11 <gman999> honestly, idk if we really need a linux admin...
14:49:25 <gman999> i want to keep it general, and there will be other ppl to approach i hope.
14:49:34 <gman999> but would always be nice to have kushal of course
14:49:53 <gman999> maybe some riseup person not in tpo even
14:49:57 <ggus> right, a system agnostic sysadmin
14:50:06 <gman999> yes.. that was my initial though
14:50:08 <gman999> t
14:50:19 <emmapeel> they dont exist!
14:50:31 <emmapeel> all sysadmins are fanbois of a distro
14:50:51 <gman999> we dont have distros in bsd land!
14:50:59 <gman999> best practices is really the point.
14:51:02 <emmapeel> or os or something
14:51:11 <emmapeel> ok, i agree
14:51:20 <gman999> and that's what i want to avoid emmapeel
14:51:23 <ggus> alright, let's wrap up the meeting. we can discuss this on #tor-relays :D
14:51:26 <gman999> cool.
14:51:28 <gman999> i'm done
14:51:40 <ggus> thank you gman999!
14:51:42 <gman999> and need to go afk
14:51:44 <gman999> ty ggus
14:51:51 <championquizzer> thanks gman999!
14:51:55 <ggus> thanks everyone! o/
14:52:04 <ggus> #endmeeting