13:59:20 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - May 23 2022
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13:59:24 <ggus> hello everyone
13:59:28 <rhatto> hey :)
13:59:30 <championquizzer[m]> hello o/
13:59:44 <ggus> the community team is starting now
13:59:46 <raya[m]> o/
13:59:52 <ggus> please update the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
14:00:11 <nina13[m]> Hi!
14:00:17 <ggus> we have a long agenda today
14:00:37 <ggus> and next week we won't have team meeting (may 30 is holiday)
14:00:53 <emmapeel> o/
14:05:01 <ggus> it seems people finished to update the pad, let's start
14:05:08 <ggus> * demhack.ru update
14:06:04 <ggus> last week we joined the demhack, a hackathon organized by RKS and privacy accelerator
14:06:28 <ggus> we submitted a project to have a functional getbridgesbot in signal/whatsapp
14:06:49 <ggus> i did the pitch for two teams on saturday
14:07:31 <ggus> but meskio and i only found the code from one team to review. we couldn't get in touch with the other team
14:07:58 <ggus> you can find the code here: https://github.com/ninofiliu/gettor-bot#readme
14:08:49 <ggus> i'm reaching out to demhack organisers to see how to get in touch with the other team
14:09:22 <ggus> you can read more about the hackathon here: https://roskomsvoboda.org/post/demhack-4-final/
14:10:05 <rhatto> ggus, seems like the hackathon results are already released and this project is ranked as 3rd
14:10:23 <emmapeel> nice!
14:10:29 <emmapeel> does it work?
14:10:58 <ggus> rhatto: yes, but i couldn't find the other project
14:11:36 <ggus> emmapeel: it works. it's a solution based on reputation. you only get a bridge if you have a score
14:12:10 <emmapeel> ooooh
14:12:15 <ggus> i installed locally on my computer and i'll share a signal number
14:12:20 <championquizzer[m]> great work! i received a help msg back from the bot on signal over the weekend. what is the '-recommend NUMBER' thing?
14:12:32 <raya[m]> ooh what's the score based on?
14:12:38 <emmapeel> we will be able to identify censors asking for bridges?
14:12:59 <ggus> championquizzer[m]: a user can recommend other to receive bridges
14:13:08 <championquizzer[m]> oh i see
14:13:47 <ggus> https://github.com/ninofiliu/gettor-bot/wiki/Bot-abuse-protection
14:14:00 <emmapeel> and then the bot will have a huge database with a lot of numbers that asked for bridges?
14:14:02 <ggus> raya[m]: their algoritm is based on time
14:15:43 <ggus> emmapeel: yes, but remember this is just a proof of concept, it's not production ready.
14:15:55 <raya[m]> hmm intriguing ggus
14:16:31 <emmapeel> sure
14:17:02 <raya[m]> do we have a model of censor behavior?
14:17:07 <raya[m]> for bridge censorship
14:17:37 <rhatto> one of the maintainers of gettor-bot mentioned on #tor-dev that they would like to keep going with the project, so it would be possible to ask for feature requests to fit the project in what the community needs, as well as addressing any concerns about the current implementation choices
14:17:50 <emmapeel> raya[m]: well, i would think that if every time you give a bridge to a number, said bridge is blocked, then you can say 'that account is being used to find out bridges to block'
14:20:05 <ggus> raya[m]: the bot has some protections like giving the same bridge for the same user for a period of time. a censor probably wants to enumerate a lot of bridges in a short amount of time
14:20:16 <ggus> but, we can discuss more about it in #tor-project
14:20:29 <raya[m]> makes sense
14:21:03 <ggus> i'll jump to next topic
14:21:08 <ggus> * Tor Browser Alpha documentation
14:21:21 <ggus> championquizzer[m]: do you have updates about the TB alpha user docs?
14:22:32 <championquizzer[m]> yes, i have moved my notes for the TB 11.5 doc changes to a collaborative pad last week and plan to start making the actual changes this week
14:22:41 <championquizzer[m]> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tb-11-5-updates
14:22:57 <championquizzer[m]> feedback is much welcome
14:23:06 <ggus> awesome!
14:23:32 <championquizzer[m]> raya asked a very good question on the pad
14:23:52 <championquizzer[m]> i agree with gus that we should wait till making the actual changes for l10n
14:24:10 <championquizzer[m]> there's a potential for a number of changes in strings
14:24:23 <raya[m]> that makes sense! we were wondering with emmapeel
14:24:39 <emmapeel> yes, well, the manual is translated when it is updated. we cannot translate the new strings before
14:25:14 <emmapeel> in practice, once they are updated, we start translating
14:25:41 <raya[m]> for sure
14:25:44 <raya[m]> what's the time estimate for when the manual will be updated?
14:25:46 <emmapeel> what we talked maybe was that we were wondering if the manual will be updated soon
14:25:50 <ggus> emmapeel: i think the question was if we should send the tb-manual now to localization lab or should we wait for the new strings
14:26:01 <championquizzer[m]> raya: i have set the target for end of this month
14:26:14 <raya[m]> yes exactly ggus
14:26:25 <emmapeel> maybe we could compile on the pad urls that we think need updating?
14:26:29 <raya[m]> chamionquizzer: ooh super!
14:26:37 <raya[m]> championquizzer **
14:27:10 <championquizzer[m]> (i will have to verify once more with ux and applications that no major changes are in works)
14:27:13 <ggus> emmapeel: and we will push the new strings to the alpha branch. we can only merge to main when tb-11.5 is the new stable/ is released
14:28:04 <emmapeel> ggus: ok, once the strings are in the alpha branch i can update them in transfiex from it
14:28:23 <ggus> nice!
14:29:20 <ggus> alright!
14:30:04 <ggus> championquizzer[m]: this week i'm swampped, but next week i can take a look on the pad and review it
14:30:24 <championquizzer[m]> great. thanks, ggus
14:32:01 <ggus> anything else about this topic?
14:32:27 <championquizzer[m]> i'm good :)
14:32:39 <ggus> * cdr.link/zammad migration
14:34:04 <ggus> last week i talked with anarcat/tpa about the current machine that we have the telegram bot
14:34:18 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/team/-/issues/40592
14:34:34 <ggus> i submitted two proposals to the grants team
14:34:51 <ggus> one would be cdr.link hosting and managing the platform for us
14:35:12 <ggus> and the other proposal is using zammad.com
14:36:06 <ggus> i'm waiting their decision, but in both cases we will have some temporary interruption of the telegram bot service.
14:36:33 <ggus> nina13[m]: i'll let you know in advance about that interruption
14:36:45 <championquizzer[m]> (just the user support bot :)
14:37:03 * gman999 busy with $job but now lurking
14:38:04 <nina13[m]> ggus: Yes, thanks
14:38:20 <raya[m]> for the second proposal, would it be for self-hosting?
14:38:51 <ggus> raya[m]: no, tpa can't self-host cdr.link at the moment.
14:40:19 <ggus> and for zammad we would use their business plan
14:41:10 <raya[m]> interesting
14:42:01 <ggus> let me know if you have any concerns about that
14:42:15 <championquizzer[m]> working with zammad/link has been great esp. considering the circumstances we set it all up. looking forward to this
14:42:38 <raya[m]> ggus: oh no it was purely out of curiosity :)
14:43:44 <emmapeel> championquizzer[m]: so, you vouch for zammad?
14:44:17 <championquizzer[m]> err, i was talking about the overall software
14:44:24 <emmapeel> ah ok :D
14:44:55 <emmapeel> just wanted to know what you think as one of its users
14:46:17 <ggus> i'll move to the next topic
14:46:26 <ggus> * relay operator workshop
14:46:44 <ggus> gman999: i'll announce the workshop today
14:46:53 <gman999> cool
14:46:56 <gman999> hope my text was useful
14:47:01 <ggus> let me know if i shouldn't do that :)
14:47:10 <gman999> oh, no... pls do it
14:47:20 <gman999> we need to be better at getting this out on multiple channels
14:47:23 <ggus> thanks for the text!
14:47:25 <gman999> and frequent
14:47:26 <gman999> of course
14:47:47 <gman999> so my $0.02 on it.. when you're ready...
14:48:09 <ggus> cool!
14:48:12 <gman999> k...
14:48:23 <gman999> kushal you me still need to convene to disucss.
14:48:33 <gman999> i have my idea on it.. but there might not be consensus.
14:48:34 <ggus> kushal: ^
14:48:39 <gman999> i dont want to get OS specific
14:48:45 <gman999> kushal ^
14:48:47 <gman999> kushal ^
14:48:49 <gman999> kushal ^
14:48:56 <gman999> ok... that should work
14:49:09 <gman999> i have my own channels to hit for it
14:49:18 <gman999> but also, if it works, reasonably...
14:49:38 <gman999> consider doing every few months maybe?
14:49:44 <gman999> and maybe in es pt ar...
14:49:50 <gman999> as long as we have ppl to lead it
14:49:56 <ggus> yes, let's see how it goes
14:50:06 <ggus> moving to our last topic
14:50:06 <gman999> it could be a good tool to outreach to !en operators.
14:50:09 <gman999> yes.
14:50:14 <ggus> * Hackweek
14:50:15 <gman999> k...
14:50:15 <gman999> done!
14:50:31 <ggus> last year we had an event called hackweek
14:50:57 <ggus> you can read about the last edition here: http://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/hackweek
14:51:03 <ggus> gaba will announce it soon
14:51:46 <ggus> but basically is a week where we don't work on $sponsorX work and we hack together in other projects
14:53:02 <ggus> we don't need to submit a project as the 'community team', but maybe it would be nice to do that
14:53:50 <ggus> you can see the last edition here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/hackweek/-/tree/main/Archived/2021March29
14:53:56 <championquizzer[m]> nice. 'visualize Tor metrics' was the community one last time i think
14:54:02 <ggus> let me know if you have questions
14:54:30 <ggus> or ideas of projects
14:54:58 <raya[m]> this is something between team members?
14:55:18 <raya[m]> or can it include wider community
14:55:35 <ggus> it can include wider community
14:55:56 <raya[m]> cool!
14:57:51 <ggus> alright, anything else for today? :)
14:58:40 <ggus> #endmeeting