14:58:30 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Weekly Meeting 2023-01-17
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14:58:32 <richard> o/
14:58:34 <msim> o/
14:58:37 <dan_b> o/
14:58:41 <richard> meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
14:58:47 <boklm> o/
14:58:52 <PieroV> o/
14:59:09 <ma1> o/
14:59:18 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Hi!
14:59:55 <richard> hello hello everyone
15:00:51 <richard> nothing too major of note this week
15:00:53 <donuts> \o/
15:01:20 <PieroV> I wrote a thing in the cahnnel earlier, but I haven't added it to the pad
15:01:20 <richard> we're all rebased for 102.7-based releases and just have to backport what looks like a single android-specifc issue
15:01:41 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Riseup Pad onion down for anyone else?
15:01:43 * Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m] is having to yolo it and use the non-onion version which works fine...
15:01:54 <richard> so stable and alpha should be out in a timely fashion tomorrow
15:02:19 <PieroV> alpha?
15:02:31 <richard> boklm: are you available to sign stable (desktop+android) tomorrow? I'm going to be afk tomorrow
15:02:46 <boklm> yes
15:02:46 <richard> PieroV: sorry mean this week
15:02:52 <boklm> I can do it
15:03:37 <richard> thanks!
15:04:53 <richard> so with tor browser release mostly handled, that leaves us with the s131 release
15:06:11 <richard> how is progress coming along on the branding and build patches?
15:06:29 <PieroV> richard: I forgot to check reproducibility of HFS yesterday
15:06:36 <PieroV> And remembered only today
15:06:51 <PieroV> And that was my surprise for this morning (I hate how long this kind of thing can take)
15:07:00 <msim> richard: webrtc builds under msvc, but tests fail lol
15:07:01 <PieroV> Anyway, the patch is up for review
15:07:37 <PieroV> And for the branding, I don't know where the resources actually are
15:07:54 <msim> i'm planning on investigating msvc test failures between mingw build attempts since it's highly likely that failing msvc tests will also fail on mingw
15:08:09 <PieroV> I've started creating the branding directory, and planned to run a build with it earlier, but I had the reproducibility problem instead
15:08:09 <richard> msim: makes sense
15:08:19 <richard> hmmm
15:08:36 <richard> donuts: are you around?
15:08:46 <donuts> I am indeed :D
15:09:12 <richard> we need usable assets for the s131 release :D
15:09:18 <donuts> branding resources haven't been exported, but please ping nicob in the relevant tickets and they can make that happen
15:09:37 <richard> got it
15:09:46 <donuts> we're waiting on more from the sponsor, so the current assets should be considered "temporary"
15:09:55 <richard> yeah of course
15:10:08 <donuts> I'll bring this up at the UX team meeting too
15:10:08 <PieroV> donuts: wfm, the alternative is having TBB's assets as temporary :)
15:10:26 <donuts> pierov: I think they're keen to see something, even if it's not final/signed-off by the higher-ups
15:10:42 <PieroV> Or leave the devs create assets B) And I'm not sure you want to do it (at least if I am the dev :P)
15:11:04 <donuts> we just won't sweat the details too much at this stage (i.e. custom tweaking the pixels at various sizes)
15:11:21 <richard> yeah exactly
15:11:31 <PieroV> Yes, no problem for me
15:11:49 <richard> at this point we really just need an export of a hi-res png w/ trasnparent background, and we can imagemagick the various sizes/formats as needed
15:11:54 <PieroV> You can only export the high res version for now
15:13:02 <henry-x> duncan: do you perhaps have complete mockups for tor-browser#41333 as it would appear in tor browser?
15:13:13 <donuts_> bleh, airport wifi kicked me off
15:13:23 <donuts_> anyway, there are various sizes here already: https://www.figma.com/file/WbvkP70jMc10EkIo1SzAZa/Mullvad-Browser-icon?node-id=0%3A1&t=sLB3dAUTgXBYsM6n-1
15:13:30 <donuts_> (just see the other pages)
15:14:33 <donuts_> if you're logged out, you can see the full list of platforms by clicking the "F" in the top left
15:14:40 <donuts_> and browser the other pages that way
15:15:05 <ma1> ah, that bubbly thing is a "F" :)
15:16:07 <donuts> ha yes
15:21:05 <richard> alright, it seems like we're in a pretty good spot then
15:21:49 <richard> the ask for the initial release is literally just branding, so maybe we can get builds going by Friday and have a release next week
15:22:14 <donuts> So would you like us to export just the full size, or each individual asset (but not pixel perfect) for this round?
15:22:23 <donuts> individual shouldn't be much more work
15:22:48 <donuts> providing we've got the sizes right (and each platform's docs are up to date)
15:23:00 <PieroV> donuts: I've written which sizes we need in a ticket
15:23:08 <donuts> have you now
15:23:29 <PieroV> Yep, and I've even put checkboxes! Not sure you can check them though
15:23:33 <donuts> aha yes in the main ticket
15:23:35 <richard> :D
15:23:39 <donuts> great
15:23:44 <donuts> we can crosscheck with your list
15:24:10 <richard> well that's great
15:25:09 <donuts> you can probably expect these tomorrow if that's cool?
15:25:28 <richard> that should be fine :)
15:25:35 <donuts> I'm not sure about packaging them up as .icns and .ico
15:25:39 <donuts> will need to look into that
15:25:50 <PieroV> Np, we can convert them
15:25:54 <donuts> okay awesome :)
15:25:56 <PieroV> Once we have the PNGs we're okay
15:26:06 <richard> :D
15:26:09 <PieroV> Thank you
15:26:12 <donuts> we'll probably save these on nextcloud and give you a link
15:26:15 <donuts> np, thank you!
15:26:23 <PieroV> Attachment on GitLab is okay, too
15:26:36 <donuts> 👍
15:26:54 <richard> msim: can you prioritize tor-browser!460 this week?
15:27:14 <msim> richard: yep
15:27:20 <richard> beyond that it souonds lik eyou're on the right track w/ MSVC vs mingw tests
15:27:38 <msim> tom responded to my req for comment today
15:28:05 <msim> so i'll get through that MR tomorrow
15:28:14 <msim> (or today everyone elses time?)
15:28:47 <richard> ok excellent
15:28:59 <richard> i'd like to get that into nightly after 12.0a2 goes out
15:30:58 <richard> ok that's all from me, does anyone have any points they want to discuss?
15:31:14 <PieroV> I wrote earlier about reviweing the allowed_addons.json cache time
15:31:20 <PieroV> But I'd say it's something with very low priority
15:32:10 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> FYI my funding to work on onion TLS stuff has finally been exhausted
15:32:22 <richard> PieroV: a problem for february then
15:32:45 <PieroV> yep
15:32:59 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Almost all the necessary code is there, but the tiny amount of integration work for ahf's cert code still needs doing, hoping to get some more funding to get that done soon
15:33:30 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Kudos to NLnet for funding all the stuff that got done
15:34:05 <PieroV> Thanks to all sponsors and donors <3 :) And let's hope you get some other ones!
15:34:15 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Indeed
15:34:20 <richard> and lots of thanks to the voluneeters also :)
15:34:28 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> That too
15:34:33 <richard> January has been a good month for volunteer contributions
15:34:37 <PieroV> True!
15:35:35 <richard> ok i'll give you all 23 minutes back to ready yourself for your next meetings
15:35:38 <richard> o/
15:35:41 <richard> #endmeeting