15:58:44 <nah> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 17 January 2023
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15:58:59 <championquizzer> hello! o/
15:59:01 <nah> hello hello :)
15:59:17 <nah> as usual, new year, new pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
15:59:58 <nah> let's give it a couple of minutes for anyone else to arrive :)
16:02:27 <nah> alright
16:02:50 <nah> i think it will be just us, championquizzer o/
16:03:00 <nah> donuts has an unstable internet today
16:03:25 <nah> but as an announcement, their availability will be back to normal tomorrow :D
16:03:30 <donuts> AND is in two meetings at once D:
16:03:34 <donuts> yes lol, thankfully
16:03:37 <championquizzer> :P
16:03:38 <richard> :D
16:03:49 <nah> heheh
16:04:55 <nah> all right, then! one quick thing: it's time to quarterly reports!
16:05:18 <nah> so this week i'll take sometime to check on user research for the reports :)
16:05:51 <nah> also, we have two trips planned for this semester: Ecuador and Mexico
16:05:58 <championquizzer> v nice
16:06:18 <nah> where we'll we performing user research: usability testings, interviews, and other activities
16:06:35 <nah> to investigate the use of bridges in tor browser for desktop and for android
16:06:48 <nah> yes, very exciting
16:06:57 <championquizzer> yeah!!
16:07:05 <nah> we're coordinating this work with the community team, ha!
16:07:38 <nah> i think this is it for my updates
16:07:53 <nah> i'm gonna hand it over to you, championquizzer
16:08:02 <championquizzer> great
16:08:43 <championquizzer> so our user support activities right now much focussed on users in ir, china, ru
16:08:55 <championquizzer> and mostly post-TB 12 user support work
16:09:45 <championquizzer> re. TB 12, a heads up that i saw two tickets from the weekend about this on windows
16:09:53 <championquizzer> https://share.riseup.net/#eyAMtRZ-eEfXsGO6TVuVrg
16:10:18 <championquizzer> i am following up with the users as i am not sure about their setup and then eventually file a bug report if necessary
16:10:32 <nah> so, they are not being able to install it, right?
16:10:37 <championquizzer> but if you see anything about this, let me know!
16:10:42 <championquizzer> nah: yeah
16:11:09 <championquizzer> nah: and both of them reported of this same error which i couldn't find info about
16:11:17 <championquizzer> and with 12.0.1
16:11:36 <nah> yeah, it would be good to see the bootstrap logs
16:12:15 <nah> well, let me know if you find new information
16:12:28 <championquizzer> sure thing
16:12:35 <nah> or if we can help with seomthing - i haven't seen anything similar
16:12:48 <nah> any news about connection assist in cn?
16:14:04 <championquizzer> nah: not much specific to connection assist, unfortunately
16:14:22 <championquizzer> although i have confirmation that our private bridges that we share is working
16:14:32 <championquizzer> but bootstrapping is slow
16:14:32 <nah> that's good news
16:14:42 <nah> hm
16:14:55 <nah> how much slow?
16:15:21 <championquizzer> looking at some logs ranging from 15-25 minutes even
16:15:30 <nah> i saw it lasted at least 3 minutes in some testings in the past
16:15:34 <nah> oh no
16:15:40 <nah> 15-25 it's very slow
16:15:44 <championquizzer> ytep
16:15:47 <championquizzer> *yep
16:16:34 <nah> we are hoping to restart the testings with users in the region to have a better understanding of this
16:16:44 <nah> ty championquizzer
16:16:50 <championquizzer> that's great
16:17:11 <nah> anything else?
16:17:17 <championquizzer> oh one thing
16:17:59 <championquizzer> the reason why weren't hearing from a lot from users in cn has been this: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/team/-/issues/41016
16:18:49 <championquizzer> tl;dr our email replies weren't reaching users
16:19:13 <championquizzer> the issue is resolved now
16:19:58 <nah> yeah, i was reading it - good to know it was solved
16:20:21 <nah> i was also wondering if having a backup email contact for users in specific regions (like cn) could be an option?
16:20:44 <nah> of course, this is probably a discussion for the community team anyway :)
16:21:06 <championquizzer> hmm, i think we can promote our telegram support channel, etc as well
16:21:19 <nah> yep, good point
16:22:39 <championquizzer> nah: we have discussed in community team meeting to work on this in the following months
16:22:39 <nah> alright, any last thoughts?
16:23:07 * championquizzer is good :)
16:24:06 <nah> i'm gonna wait a couple of minutes to see if donuts has something to share too
16:24:15 <donuts> I'm all good, thank you nah!
16:24:25 <championquizzer> ty nah
16:24:27 <nah> ok, then!
16:24:33 <nah> have a great week, folks!
16:24:35 <championquizzer> have a good week everyone o/
16:24:40 <nah> #endmeeting