15:59:08 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health 01/23/2023
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15:59:24 <GeKo> hello everyone!
15:59:36 <GeKo> our pad, as usual: http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-nethealthteam-2021.1-keep
16:00:06 <hiro> o/
16:00:07 <juga> o/
16:00:19 <GeKo> it seems nothing is marked as bold, good
16:00:24 <GeKo> hiro: wb!
16:01:03 <hiro> tk
16:01:05 <hiro> ty
16:01:52 <GeKo> juga: i'll leave the s61 stuff for the next meeting in abuot 1h
16:02:06 <juga> kk
16:02:09 <GeKo> but i am confused as to who is working on rdsys#143 and when :)
16:02:21 <GeKo> i thought meskio would pick that up
16:02:37 <GeKo> but maybe not?
16:02:37 <juga> yes, but if he doesn't soon, i can pick it
16:03:04 <GeKo> k, that's good to know
16:03:15 <GeKo> so for the s112 part
16:03:35 <GeKo> we don't have ggus today as he is out at a conference week
16:03:47 <GeKo> but we made progress last week on o2
16:04:07 <GeKo> we went over the feedback for o2.1 we got from drl and i am addressing that this week
16:04:41 <GeKo> and i might get the o2.2 write-up i am working on done this week
16:05:05 <GeKo> that's https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/55
16:05:20 <GeKo> we'll see
16:05:43 <GeKo> is there anything from your side we should discuss/chat about?
16:06:34 <GeKo> hiro: i like "Onionperf clients archive" being the first item for this week :)
16:06:47 <GeKo> we should update our wiki pages afterwards too
16:07:17 <GeKo> going over the still running instances making sure the tor versions/tgen versions etc. match reality as well
16:08:26 <GeKo> seems we are fine then :)
16:08:35 <hiro> Yeah that’s what I am going
16:08:54 <GeKo> good, good
16:09:12 <GeKo> okay, that's all of now then i guess
16:09:23 <GeKo> thanks everyone and have a nice week o/
16:09:25 <GeKo> #endmeeting