16:58:42 <ahf> #startmeeting Network team meeting, 6 February 2023
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16:58:45 <ahf> hello hello o/
16:58:49 <Diziet> o/
16:58:51 <gabi> hello!
16:58:54 <mbeth> o/
16:58:58 <Emil[m]> o/
16:59:08 <nickm> hihi!
16:59:22 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2023.1-keep
16:59:27 <dgoulet> o/
16:59:49 <Diziet> (oops, wrong year)
16:59:49 <ahf> today we don't have the s61 meeting as part of this meeting, since it's first monday in the week, which means it happens in bbb in ... 60 min
17:00:01 <ahf> Diziet: good thing our pads are like a padchain!
17:00:37 <ahf> okay, first thing: welcome to gabi who have her first day here at tor today!
17:00:50 <ahf> gabi will be working with dgoulet and mbeth on onion services!
17:00:54 <ahf> very nice to have you here
17:00:56 <dgoulet> welcome gabi!
17:01:19 <ahf> i added an announcement item related to that: [ahf 2023-02-06] Please prioritize joining the Thursday sync on 2022-02-09 to welcome Gabi.
17:01:19 <gabi> thanks -- hey everyone! :)
17:01:32 <ahf> so let's try to get everybody in bbb on thursday for our weekly bbb sync
17:01:45 <Diziet> gabi: Hi :-)
17:02:31 <ahf> okay, let's get this meeting done so we can go back to something more fun
17:02:44 <ahf> are folks alright with their boards: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards ?
17:03:13 <Diziet> I think I cleaned up my board last week
17:03:15 <ahf> dgoulet: you wanted to pass roger's pt patch to me for review, right?
17:03:18 <ahf> Diziet: nice!
17:03:22 <Diziet> nickm: I am *determined* to finish arti!999 today and I think I will manage it
17:03:40 <dgoulet> ahf: yes if you can
17:03:49 <dgoulet> it is on nickm actually now
17:03:50 <Diziet> Apologies for the time it's taking.  However, I think the cold temperature here today is helping my brain not melt so much, so good?
17:03:52 <nickm> ahf: I wanted to pass it to _somebody_; I think it's currently on me :)
17:03:56 <mbeth> i have still not really been interacting with the board, should i be? my current thing is trying to understand causes of CPU load in c-tor better
17:04:08 <ahf> nickm: can you bounce it to me?
17:04:16 <nickm> Diziet: no worries: I am currently fine on arti#525
17:04:25 <ahf> mbeth: i think that is fine - i don't think we have a ticket for that right now, so maybe create one to track what your analysis yields?
17:04:26 <nickm> ahf: like, assign it to you?
17:04:29 <ahf> nickm: yep
17:04:31 <mbeth> ahf: will do
17:04:32 <ahf> assign codereview to me
17:04:39 <ahf> mbeth: very nice
17:04:57 <nickm> ahf: done
17:05:06 <ahf> very nice
17:05:29 <nickm> mbeth: If you have a profile that you want analyzed, dgoulet or I could both help walk through what the functions do, if you want
17:06:33 <mbeth> nickm: thanks, i'll ask when i get there. i went on some tangents trying to get a reliable test case set up, and then i also got distracted by looking at the real-world load seen by a router advertising 25 MB/s, and i'm seeing a mix of general and specific worries :)
17:06:47 <ahf> i see one new ticket that have entered triage-bot as assignee, but nothing troublesome there, just parked there it seems
17:07:26 <ahf> our team issues is still only the security guidelines, sounds like there is some org work happening on that maybe this week and next, so we can safely keep that parked still
17:08:12 <ahf> nothing new incoming from any teams. tor#40689 should probably get rid of its ~Q4 label, but we can look at that when we go over C tor tickets soonish
17:08:12 <tor> Uhm, which one of [tpo/core/debian/tor, tpo/core/tor] did you mean?
17:08:17 <ahf> ugh..
17:08:21 <ahf> core/tor#40689
17:08:45 <dgoulet> yeah... no date on that :S
17:08:54 <ahf> then we have an announcement from nickm:
17:08:55 <ahf> [nickm 2023-02-06] Nick will be AFK the week of 21 Feb
17:09:10 <dgoulet> oh hey lol... same ^
17:09:17 <dgoulet> forgot to do an annoucement :(
17:09:40 <ahf> i am going to be afk during the non-late-evenings-utc in that week too very likely. sarah's niece is visiting us so we'll be playing VR games the entire week i think
17:09:55 <mbeth> :D
17:09:55 <ahf> not entirely sure when it'll be tho
17:09:57 <Diziet> Sounds fun :-)
17:10:34 <ahf> okay, so we are done with the list it seems
17:10:45 <ahf> please join the meeting on thursday on bbb at the usual time
17:10:49 <ahf> anything else we need to discuss here?
17:11:50 * nickm adds those Afks to that announcement. :)
17:12:09 <ahf> cool, remember to update nextcloud when you are sure about the dates and such
17:12:25 <ahf> okay, that was a short meeting folks. there is s61 sync with mikeperry in ... 45 min in the bbb on nextcloud i think
17:12:33 <ahf> thanks all o/
17:12:40 <nickm> I had a problem with nextcloud with that; see #tor-internal
17:12:45 <ahf> ah!
17:12:46 <mbeth> o/
17:12:47 <ahf> no worries then
17:12:50 <ahf> #endmeeting