14:59:10 <richard> #startmeeting Tor Browser Meeting 2023-02-07
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14:59:12 <richard> nailed it
14:59:14 <richard> first try
14:59:15 <ma1> o/
14:59:35 <richard> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-tbb-keep
15:00:45 <richard> alright hello everyone
15:01:53 <richard> if you haven't already, please take moment to update your gitlab boards re: the Doing,Next,etc labels
15:03:55 <richard> Things seem to be no track for the next s131 release, which will be coming in a few weeks after the next tor-browser alpha
15:04:41 <richard> we seem to have tags already for 102.8, so I'll do the rebase for stable most likely tomorrow
15:05:15 <PieroV> I think I could do the rebase for alpha, since I have worked on many pieces that will need some work to get squashed
15:05:25 <richard> we'll delay on alpha a bit for (at the very least) PieroV's patch for system+portable installation support
15:05:32 <richard> PieroV: that would be appreciated :D
15:05:40 <richard> but we can wait on that until next week
15:05:49 <richard> and then the next 131 alpha after that
15:05:52 <PieroV> richard: the MR for that is up, I only have to check the Windows testbuild
15:06:01 <richard> yeah I had a quick look through
15:06:05 <ma1> good, I hope to cram more window sizing hacks there then
15:06:13 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> richard: oh cool, does that mean Base Browser will soon support installing to `/usr/` ?
15:06:25 <richard> richard: in theory
15:06:26 <PieroV> Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]: it does :)
15:06:27 <richard> er um
15:06:30 <richard> jeremy: in theory
15:06:39 <PieroV> But you'll have to add a file to make it understand so
15:06:50 <PieroV> I didn't want to add the same logic we have for macOS
15:07:06 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Nice! I'm going to be a big fan of that feature, as will the Kicksecure guys.
15:07:14 <richard> yeah, p good approach there, existing installs will continue existing as portable installs
15:07:23 <richard> and in the future we will be able to support system installs/packages
15:07:25 <PieroV> You'll need a magic system-install adjacent to firefox
15:08:34 <richard> henry-x: we ran into some weblate people over the weekend and they seem positive about the pending improved fluent support :D
15:08:35 <PieroV> I think you'll want to move the files to some place like /usr/lib/base-browser, and then link a /usr/bin/base-browser to /usr/bin/base-browser/firefox (or you could even set the variable to avoid having the firefox name and use base-browser, instead)
15:08:48 <richard> hm what else
15:09:14 <PieroV> And Moz people probably appreciated your work :D
15:09:34 <richard> ah some of you (henry-x+dan_b) have probably noticed I've been assigning various UX patches
15:09:44 <dan_b> yes! thanks!
15:09:44 <PieroV> emmapeel asked the pontoon guy to improve Fluent for translation-toolkit, and another guy answered that it already supported it
15:10:05 <PieroV> And then told her that you added it :D
15:10:39 <richard> it is less than ideal timing w/ Sponsor 131, but we need the UX changes for Sponsor 30 user-testing after the 12.5a4 release (March)
15:11:05 <richard> (Nightlies after that date would also work)
15:12:16 <richard> since they are for user testing it's 'ok' for any associated backend changes/refactors to be a bit hacky if necessary
15:12:35 <richard> and we can fix in subsequent patches before 12.5
15:12:54 <henry-x> nice about weblate :)
15:13:01 <richard> +1
15:13:24 <richard> and we of course ran into various happy Tor Browser users at FOSDEM
15:13:35 <richard> the happy users are at least happy with the UX these days
15:13:39 <ma1> \o/
15:14:03 * Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m] is mildly jelly, I wanted to go to FOSDEM but logistics said no
15:14:06 <dan_b> woo
15:14:38 <richard> msim: please prioritize updating/rebasing/squashing/etc your MR this week before continued test/build work
15:14:51 <richard> it would be nice if we could get it into the s131 build this month :)
15:14:54 <msim> on it :)
15:14:58 <msim> running builds on tb-build-05 atm
15:15:08 <richard> :D
15:15:09 <msim> which i'll check back on in the morning likely
15:15:12 <richard> music to mears
15:15:15 <msim> heh
15:15:16 <richard> my ears*
15:15:22 <richard> let's see
15:15:29 <richard> i don't think there was anything else I wanted to bring up
15:15:59 * Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m] notes that Robert is very close to having SOCKSification of TCP connections working.
15:16:09 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Hoping it'll be ready within a week
15:16:12 <richard> gitlab should be organized/priortized correctly so per usual if you need tasks grab from them from ~Next (priortizing S131 or S30)
15:16:15 <PieroV> great progress!
15:16:40 <richard> with that i'll cede the floor to anyone else that has things to discuss :)
15:17:16 <PieroV> I don't have any
15:17:23 <msim> nothing from me
15:17:24 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Nothing else on my end
15:17:34 <boklm> nothing else for me too
15:18:43 <ma1> ... in case you're wondering I'm good, too :)
15:18:49 <richard> ok then
15:18:58 <richard> have a good week everyone :)
15:19:00 <Jeremy_Rand_36C3[m]> Thanks!
15:19:04 <msim> o/
15:19:09 <richard> #endmeeting