15:58:30 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 28 February 2023
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15:58:39 <donuts> IT'S TIME
15:58:43 <nah> hello!
15:58:44 <donuts> pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
15:58:54 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss today to the agenda
15:59:00 <sweetcurator[m]> hi
15:59:11 <donuts> welcome welcome
15:59:17 <nicob> o/
15:59:34 <donuts> let's take 5 mins to update our planning sections before we get started
16:01:54 <nah> i'll be afk next week - taking 3 days off before going for in-person activities in the other week
16:02:13 <nah> in which i'll be mostly afk, but i'll try to connect as much as it is possible
16:02:51 <donuts> nah: is it in the afk calendar?
16:03:09 <nah> yes, it is!
16:03:20 <nah> it's also in tor-internal mailing list :)
16:03:32 <donuts> yeah I remember you told me already too :)
16:03:38 <donuts> but I can't see it in the cal, strangely
16:03:42 <donuts> maybe my client's bugging out
16:03:48 <nah> it's the afk calendar
16:04:39 <donuts> oh yeah I see it on Nextcloud, just not in my desktop app
16:04:41 <donuts> weird
16:05:21 <donuts> okay thanks for the reminder nah! hope you enjoy your days off ^^
16:05:22 <donuts> is everyone finished adding their updates?
16:05:40 <nicob> yep!
16:05:48 <nah> ty!
16:05:56 <donuts> awesome
16:06:34 <donuts> so our whatsapp user support channel is now public public! \o/
16:06:36 <donuts> https://blog.torproject.org/meeting-you-where-you-are-we-added-whatsapp-user-support/
16:06:49 <donuts> congrats to the community/user support team :D
16:07:06 <nicob> \o/
16:07:11 <nah> wohooo
16:07:21 <donuts> also thank you nicob for supporting the launch
16:07:36 <nicob> yeah ofc
16:08:28 <donuts> The only other topic I had planned for today was to give a quick update about the product designer recruitment efforts
16:09:21 <donuts> We have around 16 more LinkedIn applications to triage, but the rate of applications has definitely slowed down
16:09:46 <donuts> So I think we should start considering other places to post the job
16:10:12 <donuts> The first place I'd like to try are tech-focussed remote job boards
16:11:01 <donuts> do you have anywhere in particular you think would be good?
16:11:27 <nah> also the digitalrights.community board
16:11:48 <nah> https://www.digitalrights.community/job-board-form
16:12:07 <nicob> https://civictechjobs.codeforamerica.org/
16:13:31 <donuts> I'm not sure we count has civic tech, but +1 to the team community board
16:13:47 <donuts> Erin has an existing list I'm assuming it's on, but I'll double-check
16:14:21 <donuts> I'm not really sure what the procedure is actually (i.e. whether I'm expected to post the job on these boards, or HR will) so I'll check-in and find out
16:15:06 <nah> nice, ty donuts!
16:15:44 <donuts> given how busy you are nah, what week would be best to schedule the first interviews (assuming we have a candidate)?
16:15:58 <donuts> like in three weeks' time, perhaps?
16:16:46 <nah> between March 19th and April 11th
16:16:51 <donuts> ack
16:17:00 <nah> sorry, it's the opposite
16:17:08 <nah> March 11th and April 19th
16:17:40 <donuts> aren't you gonna be in EC from march 11th?
16:18:47 <nah> yes, i'll be
16:19:01 <nah> sorry
16:19:20 <nah> march 19th and april 17th < these are the right ones
16:19:28 <donuts> aha right, that's what I thought!
16:19:31 <donuts> great, ty
16:20:17 <nah> :S
16:20:30 <donuts> okay I'll ping you two on signal once I have a selection of candidates to progress
16:20:43 <donuts> and/or when that folio is back online for your review
16:20:49 <nicob> sounds good!
16:21:12 <donuts> is there anything else for this week? or shall I get back to shoveling snow lol
16:21:39 <nah> hehe i'm good! ty, donuts!
16:22:26 <nicob> just wanted to know if you need any more support with download page for now donuts?
16:22:49 <donuts> nicob: the icons look great, thanks! I don't think I need anything special for iOS for now
16:23:04 <nicob> ok!
16:23:23 <nicob> good luck with snow shoveling 😬
16:23:24 <donuts> we can still update the illustrations at any time this week too, if you want to keep exploring those
16:23:26 <donuts> haha ty
16:23:30 <nicob> noted
16:24:29 <donuts> okay thanks for coming everyone! hope you all have good weeks
16:24:33 <donuts> #endmeeting