16:01:07 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 21 March 2023
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16:01:10 <championquizzer> \o/
16:01:13 <donuts> pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
16:01:17 <sweetcurator[m]> hey
16:01:27 <donuts> please add anything you'd like to discuss today to the agenda, and update your weekly planning sections
16:05:31 <nicob> hi hello o/ apologies for being late!
16:05:42 <donuts> tsk tsk
16:05:47 <donuts> (no worries)
16:05:54 <donuts> (we've just gotten started)
16:06:07 <nicob> hehe alrighty thanks. filling out the pad rn
16:08:28 <donuts> okay, lmk when you're all done!
16:09:30 <nah> done!
16:09:36 <championquizzer> me too!
16:10:21 <nicob> done!
16:10:35 <donuts> okaydokes, excellent
16:11:17 <donuts> Quick announcement: Tor Browser 12.0.4 was released at the end of last week
16:11:59 <donuts> and a fun fact about TB 12.0.4 is that the issue with the not-localized tooltips for bridgemoji should now be fixed, I believe
16:12:11 <donuts> although the ticket only mentions ES, and I think l10n was broken elsewhere
16:12:26 <nah> nice! good to know it's fixed :)
16:12:29 <championquizzer> nice!
16:12:31 <donuts> so someone should doublecheck that to make sure the fix made its way to all locales (it probably did)
16:12:31 <nicob> nice!
16:13:01 <donuts> anyway, here's the changelog: https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-1204/
16:13:14 <donuts> MOVING ON
16:13:24 <donuts> I've added one item to the agenda: Dev meeting planning
16:13:58 <nah> wohoo
16:13:59 <donuts> nah: I'm not sure if you'd like to give us a quick summary of your recent trip to EC too, or we can save that for next week if you're still recovering? ^^
16:14:18 <nah> yes, i would love to
16:14:23 <nah> a very quick summary
16:14:32 <donuts> okay I'll add that to the agenda too, thank you!
16:14:57 <donuts> first thing's first, let's check in with championquizzer :)
16:15:30 <championquizzer> one thing, i had for this week seems related to the latest TB 12.0.4 update
16:15:52 <donuts> oh?
16:15:54 <championquizzer> or maybe the windows update last tuesday
16:16:07 <championquizzer> a short summary: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/support/-/issues/262#note_2886397
16:16:26 <championquizzer> today i got a few more reports of this from windows pro users
16:16:45 <championquizzer> i'm following up with some questions and seeing if basic troubleshooting steps help
16:17:02 <championquizzer> need to file a proper bug report after that if is not fixed
16:17:23 <donuts> interesting
16:17:34 <donuts> okay, good to know – curious to see what the devs say
16:18:09 <championquizzer> i had a brief chat with applications team last week, and pier was unable to reproduce this issue
16:19:11 <donuts> right, because it doesn't seem to occur in VMs?
16:19:16 <championquizzer> yeah
16:19:44 <championquizzer> also for some context, windows pro doesn't out of the box allow installing external apps. only allows apps from MS store
16:20:09 <donuts> sounds similar to MacOS
16:20:24 <championquizzer> yep!
16:20:39 <donuts> one fun thing we discovered recently is that you can no longer open and run unsigned builds at all on apple-silicon powered macs
16:20:56 <donuts> even if you do the usual thing to grant the application permission
16:21:43 <donuts> anyway, thanks for the report championquizzer! is that it from your end?
16:22:07 <championquizzer> donuts: how does it respond when you try to open and run unsigned builds on apple silicon macs?
16:22:10 <championquizzer> any error?
16:22:13 <championquizzer> or nothing at all?
16:22:21 <championquizzer> I'm just asking to add to my notes :)
16:22:39 <donuts> I think you get the world's most generic "can't open this" error
16:22:45 <championquizzer> aha, ok
16:22:47 <championquizzer> thanks
16:22:55 <donuts> but since it only applies to unsigned builds, I doubt it'll come up in user feedback
16:23:11 <donuts> unless someone manages to get their hands on an unsigned nightly or something
16:23:12 <championquizzer> yep, very unlikely
16:23:35 <championquizzer> that's it from me :)
16:23:38 <donuts> awesome, ty!
16:23:56 <donuts> so: on to the dev meeting planning
16:24:22 <donuts> as a reminder the dev meeting is happening on April 24-29
16:24:42 <donuts> i'm assuming everyone who's coming has booked their tickets? 😜
16:24:48 <nah> yep!
16:24:54 <championquizzer> yep :)
16:25:00 <donuts> optionally, you can also add yourself to the list of attendees here too: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/team/-/wikis/2023-Tor-Meeting-Costa-Rica-Wiki
16:25:31 <nicob> yep :)
16:25:41 <donuts> great!
16:25:46 <donuts> so this week I think we'll be figuring out which sessions are going ahead at the all hands
16:25:56 <donuts> does anyone happen to have the link to the pad from last week? I've lost it
16:26:16 <nah> i wasn't there :/
16:26:23 <donuts> good excuse
16:26:34 <nicob> oops dont think i have a good excuse. was it not the regular pad?
16:27:22 <donuts> oh yeah I think you're right
16:27:25 <nicob> oh i think i found it
16:27:25 <donuts> https://pad.riseup.net/p/TPI-All-Hands-2023-keep
16:27:31 <donuts> so scroll down to line 158
16:27:35 <nicob> oh nice
16:27:48 <donuts> nah: RECAP TIME
16:27:49 <nah> nice
16:27:57 <donuts> we made a big ol' list of potential sessions
16:28:04 <donuts> and +1'd the ones we're interested in attending
16:28:18 <donuts> and then this week I think we're going to try and schedule the successful ones, or something
16:28:53 <donuts> there are a mighty THREE ux sessions in the list of potential sessions right now
16:28:57 <nah> cool!
16:29:04 <nah> trying to find the ux's
16:29:16 <donuts> 1. VPN design/branding workshop (facilitators: donuts & nico, FAO: VPN team)
16:29:28 <donuts> 2. User feedback mapping – documenting how user feedback flows through the org, and who's responsible for what (facilitators: donuts & gus, FAO: UX & Community teams)
16:29:37 <donuts> 3. Planning product release cycles – an opportunity to discuss Tor Browser and the Tor VPN's user feedback, design and development cycles (facilitators: donuts & gaba, FAO: UX & Applications teams)
16:29:47 <nicob> i'm sorry can I ask what FAO stands for
16:30:02 <donuts> For Attention Of
16:30:12 <nicob> gotcha thanks
16:30:23 <donuts> FOR ALL OREOS
16:30:37 <nicob> 🫡🫡🫡
16:30:44 <nah> lol
16:30:51 <championquizzer> haha
16:31:04 <donuts> so nicob and I aren't sure if we'll have time to prep for the first session, but the idea is to quickly brainstorm some ideas for app names and collect rapid in-person feedback while we're there
16:31:34 <donuts> for session 2, gus and I discussed getting UX and Community together to chart how user feedback flows through the org so we can document it properly
16:32:15 <donuts> for session 3, we're going to try and get an early start on planning the improved product cycles we've been ruminating about for S9
16:32:51 <nah> sounds great and exciting!
16:32:53 <donuts> depending on your area of expertise, you'll likely be interested (or facilitating!) some of these sessions, while you can ignore others
16:33:04 <donuts> so: make sure you've +1'd anything you're interested in before tomorrow
16:33:14 <donuts> and let me know if you have any thoughts/complaints etc.
16:33:22 <nicob> sounds gooood
16:33:31 <championquizzer> ack, donuts
16:33:53 <donuts> one rule I'd like to bring to costa rica: let's minimize the amount of prep we need to do in advance
16:34:15 <donuts> i.e. no big fancy presentations (if avoidable), let's try and use the time we have there in the most utilitarian way possible instead
16:34:23 <donuts> because: we're busy 😬
16:34:27 <nicob> +1
16:35:06 <nah> +1
16:35:18 <donuts> so the theme of the meeting from the UX team's POV should be: discussing things, documenting things, and getting feedback on things
16:36:02 <donuts> righto, any Qs or shall we move on?
16:36:15 <nicob> i'm good for now
16:36:25 <nah> also good
16:36:31 <donuts> lovely lovely
16:36:36 <donuts> nah: the floor is yours!
16:37:03 <nah> alright
16:37:46 <nah> last week i joined the community team in Ecuador -- while they did 6 trainings during the week, i also conducted 5 usability testings
16:37:49 <nah> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/issues/107
16:38:05 <donuts> 6(!!!!)
16:38:08 <donuts> so many
16:38:14 <nah> for Tor Browser, 3 (4) usability testings for Orbot
16:38:27 <nah> and supported emmapeel with 4 usability testings for Tails
16:38:35 <nah> fund and intense week
16:38:52 <nicob> wow!
16:39:02 <nah> the audience was very diverse! and during the trainings i collected feedback and notes that will support us on doing the personas for S30
16:39:42 <nah> next month we will travel again to Mexico to do trainings and more testings :)
16:39:55 <nah> next week i'll have proper numbers and feedback to share with you all
16:40:03 <championquizzer> very nice!
16:40:07 <donuts> awesome, thanks nah! great work!
16:40:17 <sweetcurator[m]> 👏
16:40:17 <nicob> awesome nah!!
16:40:48 <nah> thank you all :)
16:40:53 <donuts> so in time for Mexico we should have _everything_ on this milestone completed from a dev pov: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/milestones/29
16:41:08 <donuts> much of which is in progress already
16:41:52 <nah> awesome!
16:42:14 <donuts> I think everyone's familiar with many of the fixes/improvements already, but providing they test well in MX they should be launching in TB 12.5 around June-ish (I forget exactly when)
16:43:01 <donuts> championquizzer: I'm going to do a better job of shortlisting anything that involves a UI/UX change this time around, so your life's a little bit easier
16:43:11 <championquizzer> awesome
16:43:14 <championquizzer> sounds good
16:43:39 <donuts> one small change I've made so it's easier to track UX improvements is to pull them all into a single Figma file pertaining to the release
16:43:40 <championquizzer> i think i won't be able to start the pre-release documentation/user support work before may
16:44:08 <donuts> e.g. https://www.figma.com/file/RS584DcR4emXrw1F8g3l5x/Tor-Browser-12.5?node-id=166%3A18924&t=x23OpeSJXuoBnfK2-1
16:44:16 <donuts> (see the multiple pages within this file, organized by ticket number)
16:44:19 <donuts> championquizzer: ack
16:44:53 <donuts> if you're logged out of figma, you can access the other pages using the "F" menu
16:45:50 <donuts> ✅ pages have been handed off to dev, 🚫 aren't ready for handoff yet, and 📝 are being reviewed
16:46:31 <nah> great work, thanks donuts
16:46:53 <donuts> okay do we have anything else for this week team?
16:46:56 <donuts> or shall I close the meeting?
16:47:02 <donuts> (ty nah :))
16:47:11 <championquizzer> this is indeed very nice, donuts
16:47:17 <nah> i have one question about the new circuit toolbar
16:47:25 <donuts> nah: go for it
16:47:29 <nah> they are two buttons?
16:47:54 <donuts> are you asking about tor-browser#41607?
16:48:47 <nah> yes and about the figma link you just posted
16:49:05 <nah> ahh ok
16:49:13 <donuts> right so the second icon is the new circuit button, which can be added to the favorites toolbar optionally
16:49:26 <donuts> we're just updating the icon to reflect the new circuit display icon
16:49:45 <donuts> barely anyone uses it however, you need to customize your toolbar and add it manually
16:50:11 <donuts> right now it looks like the refresh icon with a half-onion inside it
16:50:47 <nah> yep -- thank you for explaining!
16:51:01 <donuts> no prob!
16:51:12 <donuts> nicob: talking of icons, I haded over the icon audit spreadsheet to you yesterday
16:51:30 <donuts> if you have the time between things today/tomorrow to fire some PNGs in, it would be much appreciated!
16:52:23 <donuts> I still need to review your most recent iterations of the press release image for S131, but I'll try and get round to that later :)
16:52:35 <nicob> donuts yep I have that on my list for today :)
16:52:40 <donuts> lovely!
16:52:58 <donuts> okay we're nearly out of time, i'm gonna press the button
16:53:05 <nicob> re press release, pavel said it would be ideal for us to have it out by thursday, just for reference
16:53:22 <donuts> nicob: ack, okay i'll definitely feed back this avo then!
16:53:30 <donuts> #endmeeting