18:08:11 <donuts> #startmeeting Tor Browser Release Meeting 2023-04-03
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18:08:14 <donuts> welcome back :)
18:08:18 <donuts> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-browser-release-meeting-keep
18:08:26 <ma1> o/
18:08:35 <PieroV> o/
18:08:40 <dan_b> o/
18:08:50 <donuts> richard: we were just discussing using a Tor Browser 12.5 label to track these issues? Since milestones don't really work when they clash with sponsor milestones (as is the case with S30)
18:08:53 <richard> o/
18:09:04 <richard> yeah I'm totally fine wiht that
18:09:10 <richard> i don't use milestone for anything
18:09:30 <donuts> okay awesome
18:09:42 <donuts> lemme see if I can do it...
18:10:53 <donuts> label is called `12.5 stable`
18:11:01 <richard> the other alternative is to link the issues to the 12.5 releaes prep issue
18:11:03 <donuts> it is purple
18:11:03 <donuts> because purple
18:11:05 <richard> but that is kind of unwieldy
18:11:25 <donuts> ya, I guess the label is a nice mark of intention, but the release prep linkage is FINAL
18:12:46 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/?sort=created_date&state=opened&label_name%5B%5D=12.5%20stable&first_page_size=20
18:13:03 <donuts> currently pilling things in here
18:15:41 <donuts> please go ahead and tag any of your issues with the new label too
18:16:27 * PieroV thinks he's done with 12.5, unless I get new issues
18:17:19 <donuts> richard: what do you think about this one?
18:17:20 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/40552
18:17:32 <donuts> It was originally intended to be done under S30, and thus included in 12.5
18:17:51 <donuts> but _everything_ for S30 needs to be merged by April 17th
18:17:57 <donuts> and dan_b has a lot on their plate already
18:18:30 <donuts> (dan_b feel free to chime in if you think that ticket's doable, or is doable with a reduced scope, or not doable at all by April 17th)
18:18:46 <donuts> if it's not doable, we can move it out of S30 and push it to TB 13.0 too
18:19:04 <dan_b> not for april 17
18:19:18 <richard> probably not doable for 17th but could do for 12.5
18:19:24 <dan_b> i'm gonna try to see if tor-browser#41617 can be squeezed in for then
18:19:40 <donuts> dan_b: ack, can you doublecheck the issues that are currently assigned to you for S30, and just make sure they're all doable (besides this one) for that date?
18:19:49 <donuts> sorry, it's a harder deadline than I initially believed
18:20:14 <donuts> richard: okaydokes, I'll tag it for 12.5 anyway but will probably remove it from S30
18:20:28 <richard> ack
18:21:20 <dan_b> well, 41617 is... I can't garuntee it
18:21:39 <donuts> okay tor-browser#40552 is gone from S30
18:21:49 <donuts> still assigned to dan_b for Q2/12.5 though
18:22:05 <donuts> lemme take a look at tor-browser#41617
18:22:21 <dan_b> do you have ordering preference for the others, like tor-browser#41714
18:23:15 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?label_name[]=Sponsor%2030&assignee_username=dan
18:23:19 <donuts> okay so you've got 5 open atm
18:23:30 <dan_b> yeah, i have a bunch
18:24:01 <donuts> I'd say that the built-in bridges dialog is the top priority in terms of UX things that are good for the project
18:24:05 <dan_b> and "improve security warning when downloading a file" is dragging on a bit, which makes me warry of the rest being fast as well
18:24:14 <donuts> updating the strings at least would be good, it doesn't need to be _fully_ done
18:24:50 <dan_b> which is update the strings?
18:25:08 <donuts> oh it's part of tor-browser#41617
18:25:15 <dan_b> ah k
18:25:59 <donuts> richard: could henry-x take one of these off of dan's hands, by any chance?
18:26:06 <dan_b> well I'm starting that issue this week, but it may be worth discussing start of next week, if i'm not done, weather I shold ship a partial MR then
18:26:08 <donuts> henry has tor-browser#41608 after the circuit display is merged tho
18:26:28 <richard> yeah i think once henry's current MR is done they can start taking off tickets from dan_b
18:26:43 <richard> ah and 41608
18:26:44 <donuts> dan_b: partial is totally fine, so long as the UX isn't half-done if you get me
18:26:54 <dan_b> haha
18:27:16 <donuts> okay we'll just see how far we get then :)
18:27:41 <donuts> in any case, we'll keep these in 12.5 even if we don't finish them for the S30 deadline
18:28:04 <donuts> (the reason for the hard deadline is to leave room for code audits, so leave plenty fun comments for the auditors)
18:29:54 <donuts> pierov: is tor-browser#41564 a 13.0 thing now?
18:31:27 <PieroV> I think it could be feasible for 12.5, if we find a nice UX
18:31:30 <ma1> actually it might stay in 12.5 IMHO, if we're cool with new strings. Half of the work is done (migrating it away from torbutton)
18:31:56 <donuts> yeah I think the blocker here was me finding time for it
18:32:18 <PieroV> donuts: err, not UX from the UX team, a UX that works for the users I meant
18:32:41 <donuts> how about tor-browser#41112 ma1? 12.5?
18:32:52 <donuts> pierov: ha yeah I get you
18:32:53 <ma1> I surely hope so
18:33:03 <donuts> lovely :D
18:33:07 <donuts> added to the pile
18:33:08 <ma1> much more pressing than the resize one
18:33:18 <donuts> yeah, I may bump the resize one
18:33:25 <donuts> but if I find the time we can still do it
18:33:33 <ma1> fine with me
18:33:38 <donuts> ty :)
18:34:23 <donuts> richard: looks like webtunnel is non-urgent now according to tor-browser#41583
18:34:35 <donuts> I'm gonna roadmap::future it for now?
18:34:40 <richard> wfm
18:34:42 <donuts> ace
18:37:03 <donuts> I've totally lost the new-tab page ticket for TB
18:37:43 <richard> did we want to do that for 12.5?
18:37:52 <donuts> yeah it's a nice shiny thing
18:38:06 <donuts> but not the new onboarding
18:38:17 <PieroV> I wanted to try to get its notifications outside torbutton
18:38:17 <donuts> that's a battle for another day
18:38:27 <richard> yeah we can do that for 13.0 with the new new onboarding UX
18:38:42 <PieroV> I mean the interaction with privileged JS
18:39:04 <PieroV> In general, about:tor could use both some backend and frontend love
18:39:40 <donuts> pierov: what are the notifications?
18:40:16 <PieroV> I don't remember if that's the technical term for the mechanism that is currently used to share data between the backend and frontend in about:tor
18:40:25 <donuts> ah okay
18:40:25 <PieroV> But it's a very old thing
18:41:00 <PieroV> New pages use other mechanisms
18:41:07 <richard> should be switched to the same thing used by about:connect ?
18:41:14 <PieroV> Yes
18:41:39 <richard> maybe you can henry could tag-team that for 12.5 vOv
18:42:05 <donuts> found it: tor-browser#41333
18:42:08 <donuts> oh look, it's assigned to me
18:42:38 <donuts> looks like there's some feedback I need to take care of, and then prep the designs for handoff
18:43:10 <donuts> also tagging tor-browser#21218 for 12.5 :3
18:43:21 <donuts> i'm out of control
18:43:32 <PieroV> Uhm
18:43:36 <richard> uhm
18:43:43 <PieroV> that needs indeed backend changes
18:44:17 <donuts> have i gone too far
18:44:31 <donuts> oh wait
18:44:34 <donuts> i didn't read the description
18:45:09 <donuts> I assumed it was "update the search engine on about:tor if the user changes it in about:preferences"
18:45:30 <PieroV> It's further information about:tor doesn't currently have
18:45:39 <donuts> untagging...
18:46:29 <donuts> not sure what components of the a11y audit in tor-browser#41280 will be good to go
18:46:39 <donuts> I'm assuming anything that's merged already, obvs
18:47:19 <richard> I think some were also fixed in 12.5
18:47:42 <donuts> yeah, in 12.0
18:47:45 <donuts> I forgot which
18:48:06 <richard> er yes
18:48:09 <richard> 12.0
18:48:48 <donuts> okay I've tagged a few that were merged into the 12.5 alpha series
18:49:08 <donuts> shall we take a quick look at android issues before we close the meeting?
18:49:42 <donuts> oh pierov looks like you had a discussion item too?
18:50:08 <PieroV> I added it but wasn't sure we needed to discuss it
18:50:17 <PieroV> I think that the list is comprehensive enough
18:50:25 <donuts> can i put tor-browser#41582 in 12.5 richard?
18:50:26 <PieroV> And whatever isn't in the list goes to 13.0
18:50:29 <donuts> pierov: ack
18:51:03 <donuts> also I think there were a couple of android tickets you mentioned in the team meeting earlier richard, what were they again?
18:51:19 <richard> ah geez
18:51:22 <donuts> that crash would should probably be backported, really
18:51:50 <richard> I think i tentatively ok'd the connection screen UX tweaks
18:51:54 <richard> and the updated icon
18:52:07 <donuts> ya, i'll create a new ticket for the connection screen improvements
18:52:11 <donuts> and the icon too
18:52:19 <donuts> not sure if there are any other bug fixes you have in mind though
18:52:32 <richard> i do not no
18:53:10 <donuts> okaydokes
18:53:32 <richard> ok i gtg
18:53:43 <donuts> a'ight let's call it and pick up again next time
18:53:50 <PieroV> ack
18:54:02 <donuts> thanks team o/
18:54:04 <donuts> #endmeeting