15:59:17 <donuts> #startmeeting UX Team Weekly Meeting, 4 April 2023
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15:59:43 <donuts> welcome to Q2/April!
15:59:48 <donuts> pad is here, as always: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-keep
16:00:04 <donuts> please continue to update your weekly planning sections and add anything you'd like to discuss today to the agenda
16:04:39 <donuts> all done?
16:04:59 <championquizzer> i'm done
16:05:07 <nicob> done
16:05:09 <nah> i'm done
16:05:49 <donuts> awesome
16:05:54 <donuts> okay I skipped the announcements
16:05:57 <donuts> but there was one big one
16:06:20 <donuts> yesterday Mullvad Browser officially launched!
16:06:21 <donuts> https://blog.torproject.org/releasing-mullvad-browser/
16:06:45 <donuts> massive congratulations to the applications team, nicob and the sponsor for all their hard work on this over the past few months
16:06:55 <nah> that's awesome!
16:06:56 <championquizzer> yep! amazing work
16:06:59 <nicob> woooo \o/
16:07:08 <nicob> great work everyone!!
16:07:15 <nah> congrats! great work!
16:07:28 <donuts> there's a Q&A about the project planned for the all hands tomorrow too
16:08:33 <donuts> secondly, please remember that the 4-day workweek trial begins this Friday!
16:08:59 <donuts> I'm sure someone's going to wake up on Fri and accidentally start chipping away at their emails :)
16:09:25 <nicob> better not be you donuts! hehe
16:09:29 <nah> hehehe
16:09:35 <championquizzer> donuts: easy. schedule all OS updates for friday morning
16:09:41 <donuts> we have already moved the team 1:1s to Thursday, however I have made a fatal error there...
16:09:47 <donuts> championquizzer: lol
16:09:57 <donuts> so I forgot to mention that I'm going to be AFK on Thursday
16:10:14 <donuts> and given I now have a 3-day week, I'm struggling to fit everything in
16:10:27 <donuts> nah/nicob: can we skip 1:1s this week, if that's okay?
16:10:36 <nicob> thats okay with me
16:10:40 <nah> that's ok with me too
16:10:54 <donuts> cool, thank you!
16:11:11 <donuts> I don't see anything else in bold in the pad, so we can move straight to championquizzer next
16:11:59 <championquizzer> yep, so coming back to the mullvad browser launch we worked on some new faqs for the support portal
16:12:02 <championquizzer> https://support.torproject.org/mullvad-browser/
16:12:56 <championquizzer> i am sure we can improve and got some feedback already but let me know if you see anything/ have suggestions
16:13:13 <donuts> I reviewed an earlier draft of this already, but +1 for future improvements
16:13:32 <donuts> I'm sure we'll have ideas for how to improve it based on user feedback/questions
16:13:40 <championquizzer> yep!!
16:14:59 <donuts> one thing that's catching my eye is the inconsistent use of "mullvad browser" vs "the mullvad browser", I caught the instances of "the tor browser" in the earlier draft but wasn't sure what the official style for MB was
16:15:12 <nicob> I noticed what I think is a small grammatical error, is there a process for a suggestion?
16:15:36 <donuts> nicob: you could fix it directly if it's just a little thing, and assign to championquizzer to review maybe?
16:15:46 <nicob> yep :)
16:16:07 <championquizzer> nicob: thanks!
16:16:15 <nicob> np!
16:16:26 <championquizzer> (please feel free to file tickets in the support repo: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/support/-/issues/)
16:16:39 <donuts> thanks championquizzer!
16:17:11 <donuts> we all good for user support updates?
16:17:38 <championquizzer> donuts: re. inconsistent use of MB and the MB. ack
16:17:44 <championquizzer> keeping a note of this
16:17:48 <championquizzer> yep, all good
16:17:53 <donuts> lovely, ty!
16:17:57 * donuts checks the pad...
16:18:26 <donuts> okay so, Tor Browser 12.5 is currently scheduled for May 25ish
16:19:12 <donuts> as promised I'm trying to do a better job of tracking the changes for those of us who aren't in the middle of the applications team development whirlwind 😂
16:19:44 <nah> thank you, donuts :)
16:19:48 <donuts> so we've created a new label for the release in the applications project, and have started tagging issues that are planned for the release there
16:19:52 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser/-/issues/?label_name%5B%5D=12.5%20stable
16:20:15 <nicob> oh awesome
16:20:38 <donuts> there are a couple of things missing still, namely the new onion sites icon (which I should write some kind of email to tor-internal about first)
16:20:54 <donuts> and you'll also notice there are barely any android tickets
16:21:37 <donuts> so tl;dr the S131 project has led to a lot of focus on desktop again since Tor Browser's 12.0 release
16:21:53 <donuts> we're going to fix that by focussing back on mobile for Q3 onwards this year
16:22:29 <donuts> which is sorely needed given the growing number of users on Android in censored countries
16:23:03 <donuts> connection assist for Android will be part of that plan, but probably won't get released until 2024
16:23:12 <donuts> however, we should still try and give Android some TLC in the meantime
16:23:39 <donuts> the problem is the time pressure we're under between now and release day, and we don't want to mess with anything too sensitive due to the lack of alphas between now and then
16:23:59 <donuts> so instead, we've agreed to make a few surgical improvements to the connection screen in Android
16:24:32 <donuts> i.e. fixing the settings link so you can view all settings; fixing any UI issues with Tor logs, replacing the old illustration there; and potentially other misc visual fixes
16:25:17 <donuts> anyway this heads up is mostly for championquizzer's benefit :D
16:25:36 <nah> i also appreciate it, thank you hehe
16:25:44 <donuts> because they're going to have to redo a bunch of screenshots AGAIN D:
16:26:04 <championquizzer> thanks for all the updates, donuts
16:26:07 <donuts> hehe ty nah
16:26:08 <championquizzer> i filed https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/support/-/issues/40113
16:26:19 <donuts> awesome, thanks championquizzer!
16:27:04 <donuts> okaydokes, that's it from me I think
16:27:10 <donuts> anything else anyone wants to discuss this week?
16:27:20 <nah> i'm good, ty
16:27:59 <nicob> good here
16:28:22 <donuts> oh, something I forgot to mention: please remove the ~Q1 label from any tickets that are still assigned to you (unless you literally just need to close it instead), and add the ~Q2 label for this quarter
16:28:49 <nicob> will do!
16:28:56 <donuts> thanks!
16:28:57 <nah> will do
16:28:58 <donuts> okay have a good week everyone o/
16:29:03 <nah> have a good week
16:29:05 <donuts> #endmeeting